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Classifieds:Original EV Gray Motor Available for Right Lab

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: March 20, 2013 11:14 AM Update:

: Hello Sterling,

: There has been a change of plans, and I must notify you that the gold/brown #2 ema motor and cart is no longer for sale. I am going to use the cart and other parts to mount ema #4 and get it running.

: Kind Regards.

: Alan Francoeur

- - - -

by Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan

Pure Energy Systems News

January 30, 2013

Today I spoke on the phone with Alan Francouer of BC, Canada, who has been doing research and development in electromagnetic overunity systems for maybe a couple of decades.

We've got a page about his Directory:Alan Francoeur Interference Disc Generator here at PESWiki.

He was very excited because he has figured out that the trick of the Directory:EV Gray motor may actually be in the controller, not in the motors themselves.

He said something about "standing waves" or "rogue waves" from the harmonics of combining natural waves into killer waves (using the ocean analogy for the electrical phenomenon), and being able to control that process for energy generation.

He's in process of reverse engineering an EV Gray motor controller that he was able to obtain, but needs to get some funds to complete this process.

Over the years, he has acquired three of the original motors used by Edwin V. Gray. He is willing to let go of one of these in order to get the funds to complete his project. (Doesn't include the controller.)

He called it the "Original Brown / Gold Motor" (if I heard correctly). He said $35,000 was paid to purchase the motor, and $3,000 in NOS (New old stock) GL-7171 ignitrons, and $5500 for 12 bran new identical 5kw 50uf original replacement capacitors. "The cost of the capacitors is cut in half to $2750, as six capacitors will go with the gold motor and six will remain here for the other two ema motors I have." It would probably be best if you picked it up from him in BC rather than having him ship it to you.

He gave me permission to make a recording of our conversation available to interested parties. I sent him a copy of that, so you can get that from him if you wish.

He probably would not appreciate me saying this publicly, but I found it interesting. Supposedly, Wilhelm Reich tells of having visits by what appeared to be extraterrestrial craft. Recently, now Alan says he has had such visits, and got one of them photographed.

Image:Francoeur UFO 047 300.jpg
Image:Francoeur UFO 044 300.jpg

(Click image to enlarge.)

Here is what Alan wrote about this on January 29, 2013 9:58 PM [GMT-7] (slightly edited)

: Hi Sterling,

: Here are two pictures of the UFO my wife Jan photographed on our property, and many others were taken but these are the best two of the batch.

: We were standing there in complete amazement and awe and excitement during the entire event that took place while we were looking at the night sky on April 19, 2011.

: The first one clearly shows how these crafts can rapidly move in and out of our realm, while leaving behind what appears to be an ionized plasma trail displaying repeated colors that seem to reflect which direction the craft maneuvers. The second picture shows the craft just before it disappeared, which also has many different colored orbs. This was an absolutely amazing experience for us.

: If you zoom in close while also looking through at all the darken areas of the photograph, you will see a white orb, red orb, green orb and blue orb.

: We also eye witnessed many very strange and large fast moving zig zag orange colored orbs with very strange rapid pulsating deep black geometry patterns inside of them, while looking toward the south high in the night sky very shortly after the UFO in the photo disappeared.

- - - -

On 01 Feb 2013 13:06:35 -0700, in response to a comment below: "It's not a UFO. Neighbor kids are flying their RC helicopter or airplane with LED lights on, what they got for Christmas present. YouTube is full of similar videos of RC 'UFOs'." Alan wrote:

: Hello Sterling,

: What we witnessed was no slow or fast moving RC helicopter with LED lights (where are the blades and helicopter shape?), it was also not a balloon, it was not an airplane, it was not a satellite or Venus, it was not swamp gas or a fire fly or the space shuttle or the space station or even shaking hands on a stationary light during photo taking.

: What we witness and photographed was a genuine ufo that dropped in from space, moved with incredible speed. And right after the photos were taken, there were many incredible rapidly (zig zag) moving orange colored orbs that suddenly appeared (first they were small then grew very large or got closer to us) with deep black colored strange geometry shape patterns, that also pulsated at a very high rate before they also disappeared. And the event was then over leaving us standing there in awe wondering what the hell we just witnessed. I don't know how else to explain what we both witnessed with our naked eyes.

: I appreciate his opinion but in this very small town where everyone knows everyone, no one here has any RC helicopters or airplanes or anything else for that matter that can maneuver like that.

: Zoom in and observe the object real close and you can clearly see the 3d shape of the disc. I think the glowing tail could be some sort of light apparition effect from it's propulsion system generating the ionizes plasma trail, but you can also see what appears to be a shadow cast on it, suggesting there may be something tangible there. The appearance of a tail is also not visible on the last photo just before it disappeared, and the ufo also moved that much distance all in the short snap of the camera shutter, with no long exposure time. And the other pictures, that turned out blurry because the trees were in the way and the camera focused on the trees, also show this very rapid speed and glowing trail it left behind.

: Absolutely amazing craft.

: Sincerely

: Alan Francoeur

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Image:Alan-Francoeurs 006 sq 95x95.jpg
Latest / There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] > Directory:EV Gray > Directory:Alan Francoeur Interference Disc Generator > Classifieds:Original EV Gray Motor Available for Right Lab - Alan Francoeur of BC, Canada, has been doing research and development in electromagnetic overunity systems for maybe a couple of decades. He has three of the original Edwin V Gray motors, and recently acquired one of the original controllers, which he thinks may be where the secret is found. He's willing to sell one of his motors to help finance his reverse engineering project. (PESWiki January 30, 2013)


Alan Francoeur

BC, Canada

phone: +1 (250) 424-5423

email: ['s%20EMA%20motor%20mentioned%20at%20PESWiki]