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Classifieds:NEST Seeks Volunteer to Help Administer the Crowdfunding Platform

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by Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan

Pure Energy Systems News

March 7, 2013

Today, in our weekly meeting with the Directory:New Energy Systems Trust (NEST) (NEST), we settled on a launch date of March 20, 2013 -- Vernal equinox -- for our new crowdfunding platform for exotic free energy technologies.

Anyone who wishes to have a project featured there should contact NEST President, Ray Jennings, at []. We're presently in beta prior to launch on March 20.

The site has essentially been ready since December, but we've all been busy with other things, and haven't been able to give this project the attention it deserves.

With so many new crowdfunding free energy projects coming along -- around 7 in the last week alone (see our list at News:Fundraisers) -- we decided that we just have to launch this.

We're able to move forward with this with the people we presently have involved, but what we would really like is to have a volunteer come along who could administer the project.

Your tasks would include:

Help screen incoming applicants for their suitability for the "Exotic Free Energy" label that we focus on. (Conventional technologies can get plenty of help elsewhere.)

Help vet the technologies to make sure that they warrant attention.

Help applicants build their campaign page.

Help applications spread their message.

Help improve the support documentation on the site.

Help run the site.

Help answer questions that come in to the site.

While this is a "volunteer" position to start out, it is conceivable that as these Exotic FE technologies come into vogue by a fully vindicated technology finally making it to public awareness, that services like this could become a career type of position and I would hope this would be sooner than later. I've been waiting for that to happen for nearly 11 years, but from my vantage point, this mother is awfully pregnant.

Also, Ray has a Real Estate related crowdfunding site he would like to launch, which you could help out with. Between these two projects, hopefully one or both will be financially sustainable quite soon.

The Free Energy crowdfunding hosting service we will be providing will retain 3% of the revenue raised. However, we also have monthly hosting costs, so the site will need to do quite well for it to be a feasible source of income for someone supervising its administration.

[ Contact] Ray Jennings if you would like to be considered for this position.