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Expired Requests for Proposals via Classifieds:Energy RFPs:NineSigma Requests For Proposals.

This list is to give you an idea about what kinds of energy-related RFPs have gone through the NineSigma system.

Expired RFPs

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Image:Energy harvesting 95x95.jpg

Seeking Novel Energy Harvesting Technologies - A Fortune 500 manufacturing company invites proposals for the identification and development of cutting edge energy harvesting technologies. [Deadline: December 12, 2008]

Light Emitting Black Plates - A Global 500 Company invites proposals for developing flat plates that appear black when the power is off but emit diffuse white light when the power is turned on. [Deadline: December 05, 2008]

Solvent-Resistant Sealants for Dye Solar Cells - NineSigma, representing a global electronic equipment manufacturer, invites proposals for solvent-resistant sealants or adhesives that are watertight and have excellent gas barrier properties, in order to seal electrolytes of dye-sensitized solar cells. [Deadline: December 01, 2008]

Electric Power Grid Compliant Power Conversion Systems - BP Alternative Energy seeks proposals for high-power grid compliant Power Conversion Systems. [Deadline: December 05, 2008]

Outdoor Generator Equipment Leveraging Natural Energy - A major ICT company with sales in the multi-billion dollars invites proposals for outdoor generator equipment using natural energy (solar, wind, rain, snow, geothermal) that can be set up in a space of 10 m2. [Deadline: November 14, 2008]

Improved Efficiency of Luminescent Solar Concentrators - A Leading Global Chemical Company invites proposals for new technologies for planar Luminescent Solar Concentrators (LSCs) with improved performance. [Deadline: October 31, 2008]

Image:Wireless illustration 95x95.jpg

Wireless Power Transfer Technology - A global automotive parts manufacturer invites proposals for joint development partners for wireless power transfer technology for stationary objects. [Deadline: October 24, 2008]

Magnetic Materials with Extremely High Magnetic Flux Densities - A multi-billion dollar automotive parts manufacturer invites proposals for joint development partners for magnetic materials with extremely high saturation magnetic flux densities. [Deadline: October 24, 2008]

Artificial Photosynthesis Technologies Using Catalysts - A multi-billion dollar global automobile manufacturer invites proposals for Artificial Photosynthesis Technologies Using Catalysts. [Deadline: October 15, 2008]

Dual Fuel Nozzle - A Global Supplier of Services to the Power Generation Industry invites proposals for the development of dual-fuel nozzle designs. [Deadline: September 19, 2008]

Voltage Gauge for Small Appliances - A Fortune 500 Corporation invites proposals to develop a voltage monitor for low power electrical systems. [Deadline: September 19, 2008]

Image:Battery icon 95x95.gif

High-Voltage Cathode Materials with Large-Capacity for Lithium Ion Batteries - A multi-billion dollar automobile parts manufacturing group invites proposals for high-voltage cathode materials with large-capacity for lithium ion batteries. [Deadline: September 12, 2008]

Energy Harvesting from Light, Heat and Vibration in Daily Living Environment - A multibillion dollar electronics manufacturer seeks Technologies for Energy Harvesting from Light, Heat and Vibration in Daily Living Environment. [Deadline: August 29, 2008]

Joint Development Partners for Power Generating Microcombustors - A multi-billion dollar electronics manufacturer invites proposals for joint development partners for power-generating microcombustors, of size < 1 cm2, and output > 10 W. [Deadline: August 29, 2008]

Desulfurization for Diesel Fuel Powered Solid Oxide Fuel Cells - A Fuel Cell Development Company invites proposals for desulfurization of diesel fuel or reformate for use in mobile solid oxide fuel cells. [Deadline: August 29, 2008]

Energy Harvesting Generator - A multi-billion dollar electronic parts manufacturer invites proposals for an energy harvesting generator which could eventually be made less than 20 mm angular, using environmental input such as vibration, heat, electromagnetic wave or light, generating with a power density greater than 1 microwatt per cm2. [Deadline: July 28, 2008]

High-Power, High-Capacity Energy Storage Devices for Cell Phones - A multi-billion dollar communications company invites proposals for high-power, high-capacity energy storage devices for cell phones. [Deadline: July 22, 2008]

Seeking Global Suppliers of Purified Cellulose - Aqualon Division of Hercules Incorporated, a $2.1 Billion Company with plants located worldwide, is seeking suppliers of purified cellulose. Opportunity Type: Rapid evaluation and commercialization of materials. [Deadline: June 06, 2008]

Alternative Flameless, Odorless, Smokeless Solid Fuel - A Global 500 company invites proposals to adopt or develop a solid fuel that is easy to ignite and is flameless, odorless, and smokeless. [Deadline: May 30, 2008]

Solar Power in Automobiles - A fortune 100 company invites proposals for using solar power to recharge an electric vehicle battery system. [Deadline: May 9, 2008]

Local Subsea Power Generation - An Energy Company seeks proposals for remote local power generation systems for seabed applications. Possible outcomes are research, pilot testing, and possible multiple applications. [Deadline: April 25, 2008]

Technologies for Making Thin Film Sheets of Ceramic Materials for Use in Lithium Ion Batteries - A multi-billion dollar materials manufacturer invites proposals for technologies for making thin film sheets of ceramic materials for use in lithium ion batteries. [Deadline: April 21, 2008]

High Pressure Electrolyzer - A major multinational automotive company invites proposals to design and build a high pressure electrolyzer to generate high pressure hydrogen gas. Any practical electrolyzer technology may be used including PEM, alkaline, or solid oxide. [Deadline: April 16, 2008]

Wavelength Selective Emitting Materials for Improved Incandescent Light Efficiency - A Global Lighting Company seeks proposals for technologies that can significantly improve the efficacy of incandescent lamps. [Deadline: April 16, 2008]

Technologies for Simulating Organic Solar Cell Devices - A multi-billion dollar materials manufacturer invites proposals for technologies for simulating organic solar cell devices. [Deadline: April 14, 2008]

Highly Efficient Low Temperature Heat Driven Cooling Technologies - A multi-billion dollar electric manufacturer invites a highly efficient and cost effective low temperature heat driven cooling system absorbing exhaust heat from co-generation system. [Deadline: April 4, 2008]

High Power/Energy Electric Storage Systems for Hybrid Vehicles - A Global Automotive Company, invites proposals for advanced battery technologies for energy storage systems for industrial hybrid vehicles. [Deadline: March 21, 2008]

Technology for Inhibiting Dendrite Formation in Lithium Metal Secondary Batteries - A multi-billion dollar global automobile manufacturer invites proposals describing technology to inhibit dendrite formation in lithium secondary batteries with lithium metal anodes. [Deadline: March 11, 2008]

Electrodes for Next Generation Lithium Ion Secondary Battery - One of the major global automotive manufacturers invites proposals for anode and/or cathode electrode technologies for next-generation lithium ion secondary batteries for vehicles. [Deadline: March 07, 2008]

Hydrocarbon PEM That Maintains Proton Conductivity at Lower Humidity - A major global automotive manufacturer, invites proposals for a hydrocarbon PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) that maintains proton conductivity even at low relative humidity, for use in automotive fuel cells. [Deadline: March 07, 2008]


Environmental Footprint Reduction for Small Household Appliances - Global Diversified Company is seeking environmental impact assessment experts to determine key components, processes, materials and/or packaging strategies that will reduce the environmental impact of small household appliances. [Deadline: Dec. 21, 2007]

Design and Manufacture of Biomass Pelletizing Equipment - A Fortune 100 Consumer Goods Corporation invites proposals for the development of machinery that will process agricultural biomass waste, dry it, and pelletize it for transport. [Deadline: Dec. 14, 2007]

Materials from Renewable Resources for Apparel Applications - The Dow Chemical Company invites proposals for novel materials, polymers, and fibers from renewable resources that can be used in apparel and textiles. [Deadline: Dec. 14, 2007]

Design and Manufacture of Biomass Pelletizing Equipment - A Fortune 100 Consumer Goods Corporation invites proposals for the development of machinery that will process agricultural biomass waste, dry it, and pelletize it for transport. [Deadline: Dec. 11, 2007]

High Performance Electrolytes for Lithium Battery Systems - A multi-billion dollar global company is seeking proposals for electrolyte compositions suitable for use in high power lithium ion batteries. [Deadline: Dec. 11, 2007]

Technology that Drastically Reduces Cost of AC Power Regulator - A multi-billion dollar electrical equipment manufacturer invites proposals for the technology that drastically reduces the cost of a very simple AC power regulator. [Deadline: Dec. 7, 2007]

Expert Needed for Energy Price Forecast Modeling - Praxair is seeking experts who can offer insider knowledge of energy pricing structures within utilities and help guide the development or adoption of short, medium and long term energy forecasting tools. [Deadline: Dec. 5, 2007]

Materials and Processes to Create a Multilayer Water Channel - A Multi-Billion Dollar Consumer Products Company invites proposals for materials and process to create a hybrid multilayer water channel (spout). [Deadline: Nov. 30, 2007]

Reduction of Sulfur Impact on Diesel Fuel Economy - A Global Manufacturer of Diesel Vehicles invites proposals for technologies to reduce the impact of sulfur on the fuel economy of diesel engines. [Deadline: Nov. 16, 2007]

Joint Development Partnership for Technology to Remove Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Gas - A multi-billion dollar chemical business group invites proposals for a partnership to jointly develop technology to remove atmospheric carbon dioxide gas to create oxygen that can be used in an alkali fuel cell. [Deadline: Nov. 13, 2007]

Joint Development Partnership to Develop Ion Exchange Membrane with High Anion Conductivity - A multi-billion dollar chemical group invites proposals for a partnership to jointly develop ion exchange membrane with high anion conductivity. [Deadline: Nov. 13, 2007]

Breakthrough Technology for CO2 Capture from Flue Gas - Eastman Chemical Company invites proposals for the capture of carbon dioxide from a flue gas stream containing 10-15 wt% CO2. [Deadline: Nov. 05, 2007]

Small and Fast Electric Water Heater - A Fortune 500 Consumer Products Company seeks proposals for development of small, fast, electric water heaters. [Deadline: Nov. 02, 2007]

Smart Algorithms for Health Monitoring System and Prognosis of Automotive Electrical Systems - A leading automotive company seeks proposals for smart algorithms for health monitoring system and complete prognosis for automotive electrical systems. [Deadline: Oct. 31, 2007]

Thermal Management in Diesel Systems - A major automotive manufacturer invites proposals for technology to optimize thermal and energy management of emission reduction catalysts for diesel engines. [Deadline: Oct. 31, 2007]

Clear High Barrier Thermoformable Films or Coatings - A global leader in the production of plastic packaging film products, is seeking proposals for the adoption or development of clear, thermoformable barrier film, coatings or surface treatment technologies. [Deadline: Oct. 31, 2007]

Method and Instrumentation for Quantifying Porosity in Thin Porous Electrodes - General Motors Corporation invites proposals for quantitative characterization of the pore structure in thin porous electrode coatings. [Deadline: Oct. 26, 2007]

Variable Flow Fuel Injector - A Fortune 100 company invites proposals for injection devices controlling fuel flow rate in gasoline and diesel engines. [Deadline: Oct. 26, 2007]

Energy Absorbing Actuator - A Fortune 100 company invites proposals for an energy absorbing actuator. This actuator will prevent or reduce damage during a collision. [Deadline: Oct. 26, 2007]

Nitrogen Oxide Emission Reduction Using Diesel Soot - A Fortune 100 company invites proposals for radical solutions in the reduction of nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions in diesel exhaust. Our client seeks a catalyst that will achieve NOx reduction using soot as the reductant in an oxygen rich environment. [Deadline: Oct. 26, 2007]

Technology for Real-Time Measurement of the Velocity and Size of Particles in a Fine Powder Jet Stream - A multi-billion dollar manufacturer invites proposals for technologies for real-time measurement of the velocity and size of particles in a fine powder jet stream. [Deadline: Oct. 12, 2007]

List commenced Oct. 15, 2007.