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NineSigma specializes in matching technology capabilities with industry needs, including clean energy solutions. 'Below is an There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] of current requests for proposals relating to renewable energy.'

If you are involved with a technology that might provide a solution in one of these areas, you are invited to submit a proposal, which will result in a major contract if you are selected.

If there is not a request below that matches your technology, come back every few weeks to see the newer requests. Subscribe to periodic reminder email.

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New Energy-Related RFPs (Requests for Proposal)

Those expiring the soonest are at the end of this list.

Materials for Simultaneous Absorption and Evaporation of Water - A Global 500 company invites proposals for new materials that can absorb water and simultaneously evaporate it to control water flow and avoid accumulation. More... until February 16, 2009.

Newsletter - as of Jan. 21, 2009 there were 28 other open RFPs.

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Classifieds:Energy RFPs:NineSigma:Expired

Intro / Instructions

Since 2001, NineSigma Inc. has been providing specialized High-Tech services to companies, helping them to locate the most suitable technology solution providers outside of their own organizations.

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PES Network, Inc. is working with NineSigma to help make these "market-making" opportunities available. In close cooperation with their clients, NineSigma drafts detailed "Requests for Proposals" (RFP's) that describe the specific client need. Interested solution providers submit their proposals via the Internet directly to the NineSigma specialist responsible for the RFP, who will then assist their client with the evaluation of the proposals. For more information, visit

In case there is interest in your proposal, all scope of work, terms, and conditions of cooperation will be negotiated directly between you and the company requesting solutions. According to the agreements signed by the requesting client company with NineSigma, the requesting party will compensate NineSigma, so that no brokerage or other charges will be charged to you.

The NineSigma business model provides brief, but high impact proposals, with fast response times to indicate interest. Therefore, if you would like to pursue this matter, you should 'prepare a brief, non-confidential proposal abstract' and submit this document directly to NineSigma as directed by the RFP given in the links below. Most respondents keep their proposals to about 3 pages or less.

When submitting a Proposal via the Internet, you will be requested to identify the responsible Affiliate ("Accredited Affiliate"). Please enter "PES Network, Inc." as the identifier, which will result in at least a $1,000 commission to PES Network (owner of PESWiki) if your proposal is accepted.


NineSigma Innovation Network

phone: 216-295-4800

Charles J. Brez

Vice President, Innovation Alliances

NineSigma, Inc.

23611 Chagrin Blvd.

Cleveland, OH 44122

email: []

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Classifieds:Energy RFPs:NineSigma:Expired

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