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Classifieds:090612:Seeking Professor to Validate Tesla-type Technology

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I got a call today from an investor with whom I spoke a year and a half ago. He had spent five years looking for working advanced Tesla-type technology and ended up investing $1 million into a technology he found through a referral I made.

He now seeks to hire a Ph.D. professor of electrical engineering presently employed by a university, preferably in North America, to conduct a technical assessment of the technology prior to investing another round of capital. The consultant will have a demonstrated expertise in rotating machines.

The consultancy pays $250 per hour and travel is covered. He expects that the initial analysis will require around ten hours. The report will held in confidence. Ongoing consulting is likely, if the consultant is so inclined, though this one instance can be a stand-alone arrangement, which they hope to carry out within the next two weeks.

-- Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan, CEO of , June 12, 2009


If you fit these criteria, or if you know someone who does, please contact via


A copy of your email will be sent to the investor and to Sterling.

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