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Classified: Landslide and Flood Isolate Uttarkashi, India Hamlet; Distributed Power Solution Needed

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Compiled by Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan

Pure Energy Systems News

September 4, 2012

Here's a situation that is likely to occur with increasing frequency in the coming months as society teeters on the brink of meltdown, and a climate in crisis continues to bring unprecedented catastrophes. If ever we needed exotic free energy technologies, it is now.

According to (and many other sources)

: On August 3rd and 4th night incidences of cloudbursts occurred in Uttarkashi area. It was around midnight when suddenly people noticed increasing water level with debris in the local rivers. People immediately started shifting from their houses and tried to move to the safer locations. Some people were able to shift with their belongings, but some were not so lucky. Within hours, the flow of flash flood washed away hundreds of houses, shops, roads and bridges. The townships of Bhatwari and Dunda in Uttarkashi districts are badly hit by this flood disaster. The connectivity between Uttarkashi town and Bhatwari Block is completely destroyed. The bridges collapsed, homes, shops, village path, electricity and water facilities are damaged and hundreds of hectares of agriculture land is destroyed. There is no damage estimation available for livestock population.

- - - - - - -

80 villages are totally cut off

7 Bridges of vehicle and 6 Bridges of footpath were washed away resulting in no connectivity with Bhatwari area. Electricity supply to these villages is completely erupted and landline and mobile connectivity is also completely down.

1700 families are affected from Gangori to Uttarkashi.

Around a population of 80000 is affected from this disaster.

I received the following email requesting energy assistance. None of the Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies that I know of are ready for such a deployment. If you know of one ready to go, please let them know, and let me know, so we can let the world know. Or if you want it confidential for now, for such situations as this, we can endeavor to keep it that way.

Request for Assistance

From: "Thomas Cole"


Sent: Sunday, September 02, 2012 7:27 PM

Subject: to sterling allen [Allan]

Dear Sterling

I live in a remote ashram in the Indian Himalayas and for years have

been following your site and others in hopes of a solution to our energy

problems. Recently, a nearby stream was blocked by a landslide, and when

it broke a 30ft+ torrent of water rushed down and destroyed the hamlet

at the nearby road terminus, several miles of road, utility poles, all

the bridges to the main road, a power sub station and more damage down

the main river, the Ganges. a subsequent event on the main river took

out 2/3 bridges in the district capital. We are cut off from the world

except for a treacherous 5+ hr trail to Uttarkashi town, which the

police have told us not to go on. The local grid has been wiped out.

We cook and heat water with wood. hard to get dry wood in the middle of

the monsoon. No heavy supplies can come up the mt, just candles,

batteries, small food items. We have diesel for a only a little bit of

generator time for the evening meal and charging electronic devices. Our

garden is just about out but we can buy stuff from the locals and we

have our own dairy. We have a few buildings with solar hot water but

not much during the monsoon. If ever there was a community in need of

a free energy solution, It is us.

I have tried to contact John Hutchison for some help getting even cell

phone rechargers or batteries but no reply. The situation may

improve if the walking bridge connecting the donkey trail to the road is

completed before the finale phase of the monsoon sets in.

What is there out there that can help us. Who would take some time to

help. I mailed in my order for a Rossi E-cat but have no idea when it

will be available or what exactly it will do.

I can call out but can't receive calls on my cell phone. If there is

something substantive that can be done I can put one of our organization

administrators in touch with you.

With great thanks for your consideration and continued support for your

great efforts in this field.

Tom Cole

Maharishi Ashram

Gajoli Uttarkashi India

- - - - - - - -

From: "Thomas Cole"

To: "Sterling Allan"

Sent: Wednesday, September 05, 2012 6:42 PM

Subject: Re: Fw: to sterling allen

You don't know how happy I am to get your replies. Here are a few quick facts. I can call out if you or anyone else gives me a time. We have cell ph hot spots but not in our rooms. I'm on the net thru a blue tooth connection to a phone hanging on my clothes line. Snail band but it works.

We have a some knowledgeable people. We can get anything that is available in India or could be sent or carried transport for now is difficult we rely on porters and donkeys but we brought a 250 kW generator up the mountain with 20 Nepali porters 12 years ago. It took 5 days. Yes we have helicopter pad at the top of the ashram. We can raise money and do have access to some for immediate use/

Ee don't see the city power coming back for a few months and bringing up thousands of liters of diesel for the generators when it gets colder next month and beyond is very costly and difficult.

If we did the whole ashram in first class style we would need 400 kW. For now even charging stations for cell phones and computers would be big step. Biggest demand is for hot water. Walking across the ashram to get a bucket of hot water off the fire isn't a long term solutions. Heat is next. We are mostly in 60s retired from many years of involvement with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's transcendental meditation program. Now just to pursue our spiritual evolution away from the world.

We have about 60 residential rooms, staff quarter s. 2 meditation halls kitchen dining facility and a few other buildings.

We have some solar hot water.

Thanks again for your invaluable assistance. I'm following you for 6 years. More organized facts later.


Tom Cole

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