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Blog:Rosch's 15 kW and 100 kW Demo

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Presently in the Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies due to its arrival in the market, though it's a bit on the pricey side.
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from April 25 - May 6, and disassembled on May 13, apparently producing nearly 2 megawatt-hours of electricity over 18 days (started April 18).]]
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GO (hotlink below): Blog:Rosch's 15 kW and 100 kW Demo

Claim: The 100 kW system is a demonstration of a smaller module of what is said to be inside a Rosch power plant. It provides base-load power, being self-sustaining (no input power).

: The 15 kW system was said to have been out in the field for 6 months running continuously.

Date, Location

: Not public, except maybe via webcam

: June 19-22, 2015

: Plexiglas (300 Watt) on wheels & 15 kW & 100 kW demo at Brüssler Strasse 15, 53841 Troisdorf (next to Cologne airport), Germany (same location as 5 kW demo)

: Showplants in Koper (Slowenia 5 MW under construction) and Slovanski Brod (Croatia 1 MW under construction)

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Key Links

Germane to the demo... - official website

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: (Earlier Demo) Directory:Gaia-Energy -- Global Association for Independent Energy & Altruism | Blog:GAIA's AuKW Demo

PESN Key Stories: 100 MW Rosch systems in operation | My reasons for believing Topic: Rosh buoyant power plant Gaia buoyancy-power plant - how does it work? (largely skeptical) latest


To be listed here.

Measurement Protocol

Image:Measurement-collage sq 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Buoyancy > Directory:Thrust Kinetic Generator by Rosch Innovations AG > Blog:Rosch's 15 kW and 100 kW Demo > Event:2015:June: Rosch 15 kW and 100 kW Demo Measurement - We welcome your input to help make sure we can do a professional job of validating this exotic free energy technology. This page will be evolving as we get closer to the event. (PESWiki May 29, 2015)


Most recent, first. Note, where I get input that pertains to recent posts, rather than post them at the top as a new entry, I'm posting them in the context where the belong. So if be sure to scan down below to catch new things interspersed there, too.

FOR SALE: KPP (Kinetic Power Plant) by Rosch Innovations AG


Image:Rosch-KPP logo-PES 95x95.gif
Latest / Template: 44 / Best Exotic Free Energy Technolgies For Sale: Directory:Buoyancy > Directory:Thrust Kinetic Generator by Rosch Innovations AG > FOR SALE: KPP (Kinetic Power Plant) by Rosch Innovations AG - Affordable (~$0.03/kW-h power production price), renewable utility plant system, capable of 100% continuous capacity output includes back-up 9-12-month build time, depending on order volume. Third party-tested (German TUV), patented (PCT), 100% guaranteed. Entertaining regional licenses selling plants from 5 MW up. (PES Store)

-- SilverThunder 17:05, 23 July 2015 (UTC)

Free Energy Digest™ -- Featuring Rosch KPP and EnergyBat Labs


Image:150703 TWIFE A-home sq 95x95.jpg
Latest: There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] > Blog:Rosch's 15 kW and 100 kW Demo / Events:Sterling D. Allan Visits EnergyBat Labs, June 18, 2015 > Free Energy Digest™ -- Featuring Rosch KPP and EnergyBat Labs - Report on Rosch 15 kW plant demo • Report on EnergyBat array of many FE technologies • FE technology team looking for CEO • SHT's PCT patent • Platinum-Invests inviting core licensing • Wardenclyffe Reproduction Project • Okkes Pektir's QMoGen • Sunvault Graphene Generator (FreeEnergyNews July 3, 2015)


(YouTube July 4, 2015)

-- SilverThunder 16:24, 4 July 2015 (UTC)

Falls Church News Writes a Further Story on Rosch KPP

Tom Whipple writes from FCN :

This is clearly a claim of “perpetual motion” and as anyone who has been exposed to the laws of physics knows is impossible.

-- DJSTU 02:46, 1 July 2015 (UTC)

Rosch AG Website Up and Running Again

After being damaged by hackers the Rosch website is up and running again (as at 30 June, 2015).

-- DJSTU 02:46, 1 July 2015 (UTC)

Latest Update from Rosch

Translated :

A buoyant power plant (Kinetic Power Plant) is not a closed system. Performances by several factors. The energy is converted into another form (hydrostatic paradox, Boyle). Therefore, it does not contradict the law of energy conservation mechanics "Proell effect" and is not a "perpetual motion".

The "how" of the operation is our patent and will remain our secret operation ... so that our power plant work, you can find live during a visit on site inspection. As a commercial enterprise, we ask for your understanding that we can only process qualified inquiries.

-- DJSTU 02:41, 30 June 2015 (UTC)

Chain Tension

Many have disputed which side the chain tension is on. I can assure you from personal observation that it goes in the direction of the arrow behind the wheel, namely ????.

Looking at the chain between the Generator and the bottom toothed gear (at roughly 90° from the Tube).

???? TOP - Tensioned Side (Direction of Arrow)

???? BOTTOM - Un-tensioned Side

The 3 chains going up the Tube:




? Untensioned


::? UP


::? Tensioned

Have a look at at JD's video at the 3.12 mark

-- DJSTU 11:24, 25 June 2015 (UTC)

JD's Video Footage on the Rosch 18kW Demonstration

JD from the Netherland's (Breakthrough Energy Movement) has posted his video on the visit to Rosch this past week. He joined our group for the 21kW (some say 18kW) demonstration.

-- DJSTU 11:00, 25 June 2015 (UTC)

WDR TV expert not objective regarding Rosch
Image:Michael-Adolph WDR Rosch Ma sqy2015 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Buoyancy > Directory:Thrust Kinetic Generator by Rosch Innovations AG > WDR TV expert not objective regarding Rosch - E.ON is a leading energy supplier of gas and electricity. If they fight it, Rosch' technology could make them obsolete. Michael Adolph of E.ON, was recently featured on TV saying Rosch' KPP system "couldn't possibly work because it violates the laws of physics" -- without exploring whether and how it works (not science). (PESN June 24, 2015)

-- SilverThunder 14:13, 24 June 2015 (UTC)

Rosch CEO:
Image:KPP-leak sq 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Buoyancy > Directory:Thrust Kinetic Generator by Rosch Innovations AG > Blog:Rosch's 15 kW and 100 kW Demo > Rosch CEO: - After today's episode of the water tower leaking, hampering their ability to do a full demo, Detlef Dohmen told me he is not going to put up with skeptical requests. If people are not happy with what Rosch can show easily, then he will work with people who are. (PESN June 24, 2015)

-- SilverThunder 03:31, 24 June 2015 (UTC)

Image:Rosch Air-Comressor sq 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Buoyancy > Directory:Thrust Kinetic Generator by Rosch Innovations AG > Blog:Rosch's 15 kW and 100 kW Demo > Rosch: - Stuart's observation that the air compressor doesn't cycle on and off leads to elaboration on how the Kinetic Power Plant (KPP) works, through a combination of several simultaneous effects, not just pumping air into floats. (PESN June 23, 2015)

-- SilverThunder 21:12, 23 June 2015 (UTC)

Rosch 15 kW KPP Tower Springs a Leak


(YouTube June 22, 2015)

-- SilverThunder 20:29, 22 June 2015 (UTC)

Expert/Engineer Report

EXPERT ASSESSMENT of the power balance of the Kinetic Power Plant (KPP) demonstration model from ROSCH AG (German) As of: 08/06/2014 Place: Belgrade Author: HTL GmbH, Germany

-- SilverThunder 07:59, 22 June 2015 (UTC)

Rosch Building 3 Phase Power Supply Meter

: Sterling's Preface Note to Stuart's entry here. Added June 23 6:35 am German time

: John Broberg (attended here with us, from Santa Clara, CA) gave this clarification:

:: It has a 40 amp 3 phase supply at 400 v. If you calculate that the same way for three phases you get 48000 w or 48 kW.

:: Maybe we can get an EE to comment on this reasoning.

:: If each phase has 40 amps and the KPP uses 12 to 15 on each phase it could easily be run through that meter.

: John is also confident the KPP demo is genuine, with no trickery involved. He's just clarifying that the argument about the building power supply being inadequate to power the 15 kW KPP is not accurate in this case, though it would be in the case of the 100 kW demo system.

The Rosch Building has just 1 power supply meter into the building.

Its a 40 Amp Supply.

The KPP currently has a load of 16.5kW. This means that if if the power supply was to be via the building supply the meter would be running at full flat tack capacity. Not only that, there would be none left over for the office.

We examined the meter during the running of the KPP and it was barely moving. In fact from Sat to Sunday the meter moved 4 units. The KPP was running on Sat morning, afternoon, then de-watered and closed down later in the afternoon. The office was closed for Sat and Sunday, hence the low meter reading.

Yesterday the refill was underway, a long operation and will be running again for today, Monday morning.

I examined the sub panels and none of them were capable of carrying the load of the KPP.

In the main hall (where the KPP) is, the only 3 phase power supply outlets are at the opposite end of the hall from where the KPP is located. There are NO 3 phase outlets or supply located anywhere near the KPP unit. In fact there is no sockets for even single phase near the KPP. There are NO outlets or supply at that end of the hall.

Through the wall next door to the the current KPP and the previous Gaia AuKW unit, namely the workshop there is NO 3 phase power outlets. This area only contains 240v single phase outlets.

When the additional 100kW is installed this coming week, there is absolutely no possible way the load of both units (namely 121kW) could be handled by the building supply.

So this really rules out any form of hidden wires. The building could not supply the power required.

The latest addition to the family will be the 100kW unit (the one with all the windows) which is to be installed in the middle of the hall under a higher skylight as this unit is taller and therefore needs just that bit of more height.

Therefore it will be as far away from the the walls as you can possibly get.

There will also be no air supply located there either, so they will have to run a long air hose to start it.

Also at the location of the KPP (lets say 2 metres away), the one and only building supplied air out let is located. There is only one air outlet for the whole of the main hall.

-- DJSTU 04:44, 22 June 2015 (UTC)

Better have solid evidence before accusing of

Just saying...

Image:Franks-Fararri rd.jpg

-- SilverThunder 18:23, 21 June 2015 (UTC)

June 20 Video Posted


(YouTube June 21, 2015)

-- SilverThunder 16:57, 21 June 2015 (UTC)

TUV Report

TUV Report w/ redactions - remember, there's just one line near the end that says it all -- that it produces 150 Watts net. Remember, the thing is on wheels.

-- SilverThunder 13:36, 21 June 2015 (UTC)

Why I'm 100 percent Sure Rosch's KPP Free Energy Technology Works
Image:Sterling-Detlef-Stuart June20 2015 Rosch-Demo 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Buoyancy > Directory:Thrust Kinetic Generator by Rosch Innovations AG > Blog:Rosch's 15 kW and 100 kW Demo > Why I'm 100% sure Rosch's KPP free energy technology works - We ruled out the water tower as having an energy source due to some hidden wire in the air hose. We ruled out the generator and table as having some kind of hidden wire going to it. Conventional wireless transmission is ruled out as well. That leaves one conclusion: self-sustaining with ~15 kW output as claimed. (PESN June 20, 2015)

-- SilverThunder 02:47, 21 June 2015 (UTC)

The Air Compressor

Here today we are working on a Sunday. The technical guys at Rosch are also working today as well. We are at Rosch HQ.

This morning a question popped into my head. Why was the air compressor running non-stop ? Its an over-sized compressor, far bigger than the job needs, so why did it not start and stop ?

So we went down and asked the question.

We found the answer and some more. The looped yellow hose you see in the pic (half inch) always has air running through it. Has to for start up as there is no supply power. The big hose carry's the main supply (one inch). The second half inch (as such)is controlled by a valve which controls the flow of the air supply as demand increases or decreases.

Now the reason why the air compressor doesn't cut in and out is because they don't want the air pressure fluctuating all the time. They want a constant controlled output. They don't want the tank to drop down and then when its gets low to start up, and full up again. So it has been modified.

Image:Rosch Air-Comressor sq 95x95.gif

-- DJSTU 12:17, 21 June 2015 (UTC)

Disconnected Air Hose

We video taped them disconnecting the air hose going to the KPP tower, to show yet another evidence that there is no hidden wire in there.

We videotaped Detlef opening the top of the generator head to show the wiring coming from the generator to the cable leaving the blue box. It was as would be expected.

I showed a photo of the air gap under the generator over the top of the table. The only place the generator is attached is as would be expected from the cylinder to the legs. So if there are hidden wires in there, the question is how do you get wires through a running generator, which obviously is functional, according to its IR signature.

Detlef doesn't want to turn the Plexiglas unit on again. It's getting near end of life before they would have to totally refurbish it and all his staff "are already redlined" in their tasks. He has many demonstrations yet to do in the next two weeks, and he needs it to last at least that long.

I'm 100% convinced now. Given what we've seen and have documented. I'll start getting my photos videos from today ready now.

-- SilverThunder 16:38, 20 June 2015 (UTC)

The Journey Continues - DAY FOUR - Both Stuart Campbell & Sterling Allan Further Investigate the KPP

Today, we will be emptying the KPP of water. Its very quick to do this through a fire-hose, but refilling it will take hours through a regular garden hose. We will be looking inside just to prove there are no hidden wires, no hidden batteries, no hidden air hoses. We can also turn the floats if need be.

This a really UN-necessary thing to do, but once done will shut those critics up.

Plus we will show the air-hose does not contain hidden wires.

I will be videoing anything we do today.

I am not sure but I think Sterling maybe live streaming it. Not sure on that at all, so don't take it for certain. [Sterling: yes, we've been live streaming. Link below.]

-- DJSTU 05:27, 20 June 2015 (UTC)

Won't Disconnect Generator

Rosch is not willing to disconnect the table. It takes a lot of time to secure the table. It's not just bolted to the floor. The table is glued to the floor, and the generator is glued to the table. It takes 72 hours for glue to dry.

As you put your hand on the blue box on top of the generator while Detlef is turning the chain at slow speeds, you can feel the vibrations in the system.There is a lot of force that has to be managed: ~1500 NM. It is not something you want to mess around with.

The thermal imagery of the legs shows no heat anywhere in them. I shot another video of this today.

-- SilverThunder 16:38, 20 June 2015 (UTC)

Video from Yesterday

Should be viewable in about an hour from now.


(YouTube Compiled June 20, 2015)

-- SilverThunder 14:38, 20 June 2015 (UTC)


floor: 19.1 C water is 21.7 C, as measured by Flir camera just now.

We would expect the water to be warmer due to its movement, friction, adding compressed air, etc.

-- SilverThunder 14:23, 20 June 2015 (UTC)

Nothing in Air Hose Plexiglas System Part Replaced Working Now

We did several things to show there is no hidden cable in the air hose going to the 15 kW system.

Kinked the hose. It's bend was consistent with an air hose.

Weight and feel of hose was light, inconsistent with any hidden cable.

Wiggled the hose

Put clamp-on amp meter on hose, read 0

Same clamp-on amp meter showed a small reading on the Generator electrical cable (not all three phases exactly the same). Between 0.01 and 0.10.

Note: we've turned the Plexigas system off twice. Once to move it about 8 feet on its wheels. Once because the circuit was getting hot. We'll be turning it on again in a while.

Presently, we're draining the water from the system, having turned it off about 15 minutes ago to do so.

-- SilverThunder 14:12, 20 June 2015 (UTC)

Time Delay in Broadcast

I had Stuart do an arm signal so I could calculate the time delay on the broadcast, which is about 2.5 minutes.

5:54:31 am MDT

5:57:00 am

Now if I can figure out how to get an immediate feedback so I can focus my lens better.

-- SilverThunder 12:05, 20 June 2015 (UTC)


Okay, we fired it up at 1:43 pm Germany time. It took about a minute of compressed air from the mains before he turned the air compressor on powered by the system, self-looped and disconnected the mains air. It's producing ~16,650 Watts presently, calculated by multiplying VxA on the three phases.

-- SilverThunder 11:56, 20 June 2015 (UTC)

We're Live

Will start up the generator soon.

-- SilverThunder 11:35, 20 June 2015 (UTC)

Diabetic Incident

Unfortunately, my long-acting insulin went to my blood last night, and I went low, to the point I was non-responsive this morning when Stuart checked in on me when I should have been at the front of the hotel for pick-up.

Things are stabilized now, but we'll be delayed in starting any livestream. Now sure how long.

-- Sterling

-- SilverThunder 10:12, 20 June 2015 (UTC)

Rosch 15 kW KPP Demo Report by Sterling: June 19
Image:150619 18kW-KPP-demo sq 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Buoyancy > Directory:Thrust Kinetic Generator by Rosch Innovations AG > Blog:Rosch's 15 kW and 100 kW Demo > Rosch 15 kW KPP Demo Report: June 19 - In my assessment, Rosch Innovations AG's KPP technology, as demonstrated by their "15 kW" system today, works as claimed. They fork lifted the air compressor off the ground to show there are no wires coming to it from there and an IR camera showed no wires going to/from it from under the concrete. Tomorrow... (PESN June 19, 2015)

-- SilverThunder 00:51, 20 June 2015 (UTC)

The Journey Continues - DAY THREE - Part 2 - Stuart Campbell Continues & Sterling Allan begins His Investigation of the KPP

I was working away in Ulrich Gaedke's office when Sterling arrived and I greeted him with "Hello Sterling, great to see you here" and I shook his hand. However while Sterling was familiar to me, I wasn't to him and he looked at me and then said "and who exactly you are ?". So when it was explained, it momentarily took a bit for it to sink in he was finally talking face to face to someone he known for some 3 years odd. It was quite a funny moment really. I think he thought I was part of the Rosch crew who spoke english. A really fun moment and one I will treasure looking back on it.

It was great at long last to meet Sterling. Ditto with JD from the Netherlands who arrived at the same time.

Not long after Sterling arrived we all went down to the great hall where Sterling was shown a start-up and operation of the 21kW KPP.

I have videoed the start-up procedure. Will need Sterlings help to upload it.

The steering wheel thingy, the manual start-up for the floats, as shown in my FLIR pic below on Day 2 does indeed turn anti-clockwise (as shown by the arrow). So I can confirm that.

They also today must have adjusted the bottom chain by giving it some more tension as the left side wasn't "flappy" anymore.

It was quite a congregation there as we had Gowtham, Ronny, JD, Sterling, and myself there.

It was quite an experience for Sterling to see the KPP in operation, and interesting to watch him in full-on investigative mode, quite the opposite to me who by now fully relaxed about how genuine the KPP was after having seen it for some 3 days now.

Afterwards we had a meeting with Detlef Dohmen, Ulrich Gaedke, and Christian Tietz in Detlef office, to bring Sterling up to speed on a lot of information that I had been party to over the last few days.

Then we once again went down to the great hall, and viewed other things including the Gaia AuKW unit which is as everyone saw it on disassembly day. Rosch are doing other interesting projects, but unfortunately we cannot discuss them with you. But one day they will happen. Detlef did show us the water blowtorch. He got me to fill water from the tap into a syringe, and then started it up. We could hold our hands in front of the torch without burning, but then he put a couple of coins up and melted a hole in both of them. They said the blowtorch concept is evolving into a another project rather than making a blowtorch.

At this stage we have lots of material like photo's and videos to show you, but this is a massive job to upload and process, and we are just so busy here without the time to do that, But these will come.

Tonight we all went out for Dinner. There was Detlef, Ulrich, JD, Ronny, Sterling, Ronny and John Broberg (who had finally arrived from the USA) and two other people (whose names I don't know) being guests of Detlef.

A very German meal with everything based on Eggs.

Sterling was very convinced on the genuineness of the KPP after having seen it running, plus investigating around it for several hours.

But we are going to do some more things on Day 4 just to put more detail into the investigation so as to prove what is now both our positions.

We are also taking a position of doing some more things due to the fact that some commenters are coming up with these crazy suggestions now like "the KPP contains a wire/s in the yellow airhose" for example. Having been there for 3 days and seeing every inch of that hose, I can assure you there is NO possibility of there being a wire in it. But we will run a meter across it just to UN-necessarily prove that point.

Day Four, we will be draining the KPP completely of water using a firehose. It takes minutes to drain, but hours to fill due to it being just a regular garden-hose.

-- DJSTU 05:17, 20 June 2015 (UTC)

The Journey Continues - DAY THREE - Stuart Campbell Continues Visiting Rosch and Sterling Allan makes his debut arrival today - Fri 19 June 2015 (German Dates/Time)

Today I will be back at Rosch at 10am. Sterling arrives at 10.30am at Frankfurt Airport. He is being met at the airport and should be here at approx 2pm.

The last few days have been full on and so much happening that its a matter of remembering all of what has happened. Sterling has a lot to catch up on, so today will probably revolve around him quite a bit.

This will be (for me) the first time I have met Sterling in person.

I can only say I am loving being here, it is a wonderful experience, I would not have missed it for the world now I have done it, and the German hospitality has been brilliant. You can see the team at Rosch are hard working and happy in their jobs.

More to come as the day develops.

In my inspection yesterday of the 21kW I did not find one solitary thing that gave me cause for concern. I was trying hard to find one.

No doubt the Peswiki team will be arriving at a collective conclusion over the next few days. Personally I think I am convinced already from everything I have seen plus my personal uncontrolled access to anything I wanted to see. A few small paragraphs does not sum up all the ground I have covered. To be absolutely brutal, the armchairs need to come and see for themselves before they can argue otherwise. If they had done what I have done over the last few days, I could not see them remaining hogtied to their current view.

Today I want to film the start-up process so as to show you the procedures they go through to get it in motion.

The Journey Continues - DAY TWO - Part 2 - Stuart Campbell Continues Visiting Rosch - Thurs 18 June 2015 (German Dates/Time)

Once again I am up at 3am (19 Jun 2015) typing this. I was just too zonked out last night to do it. My apologies.

BUT it has been an absolutely fantastic day at Rosch.

I was allowed unfettered access, all by myself to the 21kW unit.

All by myself. No-one else even in the hall.

I was down on my hands and knees and went right over that floor. The result nothing. I could touch anything, look at anything, with no-one else around.

I did some measurements. Simple, but maybe Robert can come up with his ideas, since he knows chains. That chain is HIGHLY tensioned when running on one side (direction of thrust, drive) and what you might call "flappy" on the other side.

I measured the link for those who have more knowledge than I do... 32mm long , 20mm wide (side to side), 15mm thick (top to bottom). I will leave that to the experts.

Later in the day I had a meeting with Detlef, Christian and their in-house lawyer. Then during the meeting we got called down to a demonstration of the 21kW unit that they had started up for a visiting group.

Whilst the machine was running I got busy with the FLIR camera.

I have taken lots of pictures, but for the moment will only put up one as I require Sterlings assistance to publish them.

When Detlef and myself were at the meeting, plus in the hall alone, I asked him about "what this was" to do with the floats, pointing to it. He told me.

I said "am I the only person to ever ask you about this... has no-one else noticed" and he said YES. And yet hundreds have seen it. It is an important part of the process, but for the meantime will remain a secret. But I patted myself on the back for picking it up. You've heard me talking about having "nous", and this was an example of it at work.

To anyone reading this blog, I will update it as I think of things, so do come back.

Now here are some FLIR pic/s. You see the warm chain and bearings plus the up-going Air Hose (say one inch thick, maybe 1 and 1/4). Flir pic first, then it also takes a regular pic to compare.


Also Detlef asked me if I wanted to go to the very top. "Absolutely I said" without hesitation and in a few minutes we were up in the hoist 6" from the side of the tank. They have added in a splash guard there. We were up so high we could touch the ceiling.

I have taken plenty of videos and plenty of pics. These will have to wait until we have more time to upload them. Plus it is 4am when all good reporters should be in bed sleeping. They are all high quality videos/pics taken from a Go Pro camera. So once again watch this space. Sterling will need to help me with this.

And this evening I also had the pleasure of meeting Ronny Korsberg from Norway. He drove to my hotel room and then after talking we went out to a local cafe for dinner. He gave me an update on his Gaia AuKW unit and his plans for its progress. He is both excited and confident about the unit. We discussed everything thoroughly and he told me this was his 5th ? visit to Rosch. He brought his engineer with him.

I also met several of the visitors to the 21kW demonstration today. All went away excited people.


I am doing something wrong with the uploading of these pics. If I cannot resolve the issue, I will need to wait for Sterling to fix it.

-- DJSTU 01:25, 19 June 2015 (UTC)

The Journey Continues - DAY TWO - Part 1 - Stuart Campbell Continues Visiting Rosch - Thurs 18 June 2015 (German Dates/Time)

I am here some 3 days approx ahead of Sterling arriving. No doubt Sterling will be envious I am having such a good lead time over him.

The plans today are to take photo's, video's and Flir pictures.

I will be going up in the hoist to the very top (some 9 metre's). They have added what looks like a plastic splash panel. They explained they were experiencing the water splashing over the side, so had to add it.

Looking up, we are getting very close to the ceiling.

Detlef explained the 100kW unit will fit inside there as well and it won't be long before they start putting that up. Its wider than the 21kW unit, holds a lot more water.

BTW the 21kW unit floats hold 80 litres of water each according to Detlef, and the 100kW floats hold 100 litres each.

Also he (both Detlef and Christian) explained that this site was very much a demonstration site, it's not factory nor production facility. Nor will it be. Everything is made elsewhere.

One of the things I personally look for in places I visit is clutter. This a sign of what sort of work practices are in place.

Here at Rosch I find things meticulous, well organized, clearly plans in place. Its clean and pleasant, although somewhat functional. But adequate for the job.

I have been into the other side yesterday to have a look, the dark side, over the wall so to speak, the one where the conspiracy theorists said hidden wires came from.

We will also be having some meetings as well today. To work out what each side will be expecting, looking for etc

I am up early this morning typing this up after having had an extremely good sleep last night. Zonking out I think describes it perfectly. Even Christian was surprised at how active I was during the day. He couldn't believe I was not at all tired. I didn't even yawn. I was able to sleep well on the plane, although I would describe that as snatches rather than full-on sleep.

During the early hours of this morning it started to rain. This will be in total contrast to yesterday, but the day is young and could improve no doubt.

Just so you know, Detlef instructed me no photo's be taken through the 21kW window, nor of the electronic control panel, as both have proprietary process's in place.

BUT I do have full approval to look for myself, as much as I like, just no photo's is all.

Todays story will be continued. At this stage it's about to turn 7am.

Keep watching this space as I will update it this evening.

Sterling tells me he heading to the airport for his journey here, which will take two days. He arrives on Friday.

-- DJSTU 03:58, 18 June 2015 (UTC)

The Journey Begins - DAY ONE - Stuart Campbell Has Arrived at Rosch on Weds 17 June 2015 (German Dates/Time)

I arrived at Frankfurt Airport at 8.15am. It was an arduous journey after spending some 26 hours in an aircraft seat. I can assure you my backside was very unhappy. At times it felt more like torture than a journey. Christian Tietz (who is Detlef Dohmen's right hand man) had arranged for someone to meet me at the airport. But I didn't see anyone holding a sign up, nor any familiar looking face, so I hightailed it to the baggage claim area. Some 50 "Baggage Claim" signs later and maybe a walking journey of some 1 to 2 kms later, I arrived to be confronted by about 40 baggage claim areas. With some help of a lovely Lufthansa lady to find where I need to go for my flight, she said right over there just metres away, unbelieveably right outside the very baggage carousal I needed to be at. I then hightailed it for the train system (called ICE 2) booked a ticket to Cologne, and then to a local train back to Troisdorf. The Cologne journey reached 288 kmph, turning the journey into 50 mins. A very helpful taxi driver took me to the door, and said he was pleased I had asked him for help, as he wanted to know where Rosch was for future journeys/customers.

So then I arrive at Rosch to a very warm welcome. I was now into the territory of some very familiar looking places and people. I met Christian Tietz and Detlef Dohmen in short order and they made me most welcome.

We didn't muck around and got straight down to business. After coffee and talking we all headed straight down to the big hall. In there the 21kW unit is now set-up and in full operation for demo purposes. Also there was the Plexiglass unit. So we started up the Plexiglas unit and I was given an explanation of how this worked. It was so good to get close up to the unit that I had seen so much of in pictures and videos. Then we moved to the 21kW unit and this was started up. Detlef explained to me that the air compressor was too big for the job (this particular 21kW unit) and was not running full steam as a result. It was a very noisy environment. But it was just so great to be able to get up close to the operating equipment. I then showed Christian, Detlef and George (the tech man) my Flir C2 camera. They loved it, and George wants one, as he could really see the benefit of it. The FLIR clearly showed all the moving parts, the chain, bearings etc, all getting hot (note - none of them running cold )due to movement. It showed all cables with any electricity running through them.

Detlef picked up on the fact that I was giving the floor a very good once over. Now this was Day 1, but I could see quickly no signs of cable trenches etc. Day 2 I will go over it once again. Day 1 was very much a familiarization and bonding day. Not one for detailed inspection. I did a close-up of the famous "wall", the one all the conspiracy theories were about, and found it pretty much as I suspected it to be, not a place of iniquity.

I haven't taken picture's yet, and Day 2 will be when I do this. Both FLIR and regular pictures, plus videos.

Day One was very much about bonding. As it turns out we got on famously and so new friendships were formed. Later that evening, Christian and I went to local small cafe and had a lovely meal, where we discussed all sorts of things, the people the hall/demo area, what their plans are and where they want to head. We talked about people on each others respective sides. We also discussed plans for some testing. Detlef was adamant that he wanted the 21kW unit to be the focus, and not the prototype Plexiglass model. I explained that its importance was more its open-ness and the ability to examine in close up detail how the KPP operates.

I asked Detlef what he wants the "new units" to be called/named . Very clearly a KPP, or Kinetic Power Plant, was his answer.

I also have to explain that on initial investigation of this 21kW unit, it is looking good.

It has a load of resistive heaters, the air compressor is raised off the floor for inspection, there are no hidden cables. Day 2, I will be more closely inspecting everything, again in some cases plus his time to take photos/Videos.

I am being given full access with the only precaution being safety. I am totally aware of safety, and that chain looks extremely vicious.

The chain is in fact bigger than it looks in previous videos/pictures and is a lot more solid than many may think.

I will do measurements tomorrow.

When the chain was operating you could see one side was highly tensioned and the other slack. There is a lot of pressure on this chain.

Detlef explained the control mechanisms. He said if the controls were not in place, the revolving floats could actually start raging out of control.

Now there was one other surprise and hopefully I will record this tomorrow. Part of the start-up mechanism requires turning the floats by hand so as to get them start moving and filling with air.

The initial start-up is done by plugging into the wall air supply (the one seen in previous photo's), then once the air cycling starts, the air hose from the wall is completely disconnected.

It was a great first day, the weather was absolutely beautiful, and I loved wandering around Troisberg at its show-off best.


Buoyancy is Underrated
Image:Nimitz-Class aircraft-carrier 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Buoyancy > Directory:Thrust Kinetic Generator by Rosch Innovations AG > Buoyancy is Underrated - Try pushing a 5-gallon bucket of air under water. Ships and tankers float on the principle of buoyancy. So why couldn't a power plant be made to run on it? It seems to me that Rosch's KPP technology does that. (PESN June 13, 2015)

-- SilverThunder 15:51, 13 June 2015 (UTC)

Rosch demo wager: buy me and Stuart one if it works remove from top 5 if you're not convinced
Image:Rosch Kinetic-Power-Plant-concept 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Buoyancy > Directory:Thrust Kinetic Generator by Rosch Innovations AG > Blog:Rosch's 15 kW and 100 kW Demo > Rosch demo wager - How much are you willing to bet the KPP (buoyancy free energy device) doesn't work? (PESN June 11, 2015)
On the way..., Planning to Visit Geoffrey Miller (EnergyBat Labs) in Philadelphia

Free Energy Blog:2015:06:04 - with a 14+ hour layover en route to Germany (Free Energy Blog June 4, 2015)

-- SilverThunder 01:24, 5 June 2015 (UTC)

Ronny Korsberg -- Your Way to Get Introduced to Rosch
Image:Ronny-Korsberg Fabrice-Andre Refuge7 April13-2013 sq 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Buoyancy > Directory:Thrust Kinetic Generator by Rosch Innovations AG > Directory:People > Directory:Ronny Korsberg - Ronny, from Oslo Norway, a long-time pursuer of exotic free energy technologies, is one of my best friends. He has established a very strong rapport with Rosch Innovations (utility scale KPP free energy plants) and can introduce you to them, if you qualify. (PESWiki June 2, 2015)

-- SilverThunder 23:29, 2 June 2015 (UTC)

Plexiglas Demo Running Again
Image:Ronny Plexiglas IMAG1953.jpg

While he was visiting Rosch on May 29, Directory:Ronny Korsberg also saw the small, 2 meter high Plexiglas demo system on wheels, also running. It puts out 300 Watts. It's on wheels, so it can be moved around, to show there are no external wires going to it.

Like the larger systems, it is completely self-contained, but being small and on wheels, it is much easier to prove that.

This will be the best system to demonstrate that the principle works. This would be good, for example, for satisfying patent examiners who want evidence of function. (Done)

: [5:49:53 PM] Sterling D. Allan: You saw the Plexiglas one running while you were there, right?

: [5:50:12 PM] Ronny: yes it was running

: [5:50:22 PM] Ronny: it Works perfectly

He said that at Klagenfurt, it was powering two 150-Watt bulbs.

: "I believe they used a 40Ah battery, which they unplugged once it started, after about 20 seconds."

Open question: Has anyone calculated how long the Plexiglas system could power 300 Watts if there were "hidden" batteries in an unseeable compartment, or even with some unseen connection to the batteries on board?

-- SilverThunder 23:51, 2 June 2015 (UTC)

15 kW System Running
Image:Ronny 15kW SANY0015.JPG

Ronny visited the Rosch' facility in Spich on May 29 and saw the 15 kW system running (with a small load). It was still in process of being set up (for full load).

-- SilverThunder 23:29, 2 June 2015 (UTC)

Got My SLC-Germany Flight Itinerary

I received my flight itinerary from Rosch this morning.

I'll be arriving in Cologne around noon on June 19 and returning June 22.

-- SilverThunder 23:29, 2 June 2015 (UTC)

Measurement Protocol Suggestions from Harbert

Posted at Event:2015:June: Rosch 15 kW and 100 kW Demo Measurement

Nuclear Engineer gives suggestions.

-- SilverThunder 23:29, 2 June 2015 (UTC)

WDR TV Coverage of Rosch KPP

Here's some highly skeptical coverage. I think it is very unfair, and I'm looking forward to giving fair coverage in person.

The "scientists" main contention? "It violates the laws of physics", not whether or not what he saw was indeed overunity.

As I've said over and over, there are many plugs into the wheelwork of nature, and the primary question is "did it run long enough to rule out presently-accepted systems?" -- in other words, is this proving to be harvesting some new law of nature that is yet to be fully understood?


[Google translation of description] The WDR local time Bonn visited the manufacturer of an allegedly functioning perpetual motion. And falls a clear verdict, "the money you can invest better '. Rosh CEO Detlef Dohmen shows once again be free from physical knowledge. (YouTube May 29, 2015)

-- SilverThunder 23:29, 2 June 2015 (UTC)

Bullets Posted: Demo Blog Measurement Stuff Page
(The hyperlink is missing because this points to the present page)
Image:Rosch 15kW-and-100kW labeled simple sq 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Buoyancy > Directory:Thrust Kinetic Generator by Rosch Innovations AG > Blog:Rosch's 15 kW and 100 kW Demo - A blog to track progress surrounding the June ~16 demo of two free energy Kinetic Power Plant demo systems near Cologne, Germany and the tour of the 1&5 MW plant construction sites in Croatia and Slovenia, respectively. (PESWiki May 29, 2015)
Image:Measurement-collage sq 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Buoyancy > Directory:Thrust Kinetic Generator by Rosch Innovations AG > Blog:Rosch's 15 kW and 100 kW Demo > Event:2015:June: Rosch 15 kW and 100 kW Demo Measurement - We welcome your input to help make sure we can do a professional job of validating this exotic free energy technology. This page will be evolving as we get closer to the event. (PESWiki May 29, 2015)

-- SilverThunder

Update on paid trip to see Demo

Just a little update on Rosch the invite to fly Stuart and me in at their expense, to

See their 15 kW demo

See their 100 kW demo

See their 1 MW plant under construction

See their 5 MW plant under construction

Stuart Campbell has purchased a FLIR C2 Thermal Image Camera to bring with him (to rule out hidden cables via heat signature).

Free Energy Blog:2014:05:20 is scheduled to arrive on June 14.

I thought I had reported on this, but maybe I haven't. Here's an excerpt from an email to Rosch Chariman, Detlef Dohmen on May 20:

: Today Gowtham Jayaseelan from India contacted me. Exactly 1 year ago today, I posted a blog entry about his visit to AG Energies -- that 1 MW QMoGen technology I keep telling you about, that would be a good technology for you to consider adding to your portfolio:


: He lives about just on hour drive from AG Energies. (Deggory is not far away, too.)

: Gowtham's purpose in contacting me today was to discuss our visit to Rosch. Below is an email he composed following our conversation. (I've got a recording of our 19-minute conversation if you would like it.) Tomorrow he will send an email showing the specs of his measurement equipment. I'll be posting a story about that so that people can scrutinize his equipment and protocol and ascertain whether or not it is adequate for the task. [This fell through the cracks. Need to follow-up.]

: It turns out that two days ago -- prior to your extending the invitation for Stuart and I to come see your 15 kW and 100 kW demos, and the 1 MW and 5 MW plants under construction, starting June 14 -- he had purchased a flight to arrive June 16 (via Paris-train), to stay for 13 days. ...It will be easy for Gowtham to bump forward his flight so that he arrives in time to be with us [...], to do the measurements then, rather than after we've been there a couple of days already.

: He has both the measurement expertise and equipment to provide professional measurements of your power output. It won't be "third party" because of his interest to help roll this out, but it will be of the caliber of 3rd party engineering.

: So there are two things I would point to as miracles in this:

: 1) that he purchased his tickets for the same time frame PRIOR to knowing about our invitation, and even before the invitation was extended.

: 2) That he contacted me on the anniversary of our story about his visit to AG Energies

: I'm looking forward to us all being able to pow wow together. God is in this. Things are coming together.

-- SilverThunder 05:04, 29 May 2015 (UTC)

TWIFE™ Featuring Rosch Kinetic Generator

(Originally posted at Blog:GAIA's AuKW Demo)

Image:150521 twife Sterling Rosch 95x95.gif
Latest: There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] > Blog:GAIA's AuKW Demo > TWIFE™ Featuring Rosch Kinetic Generator - Also covering: LENR-to-Market Digest • Yildiz preparing for magnet motor sales launch • Steorn's Orbo 'Power Cube' • Self-Sustaining Motorbike by Victor Garcia • Hail Cannon Vortex Cloud Buster Using HHO Gas • The Book of GEET coming • Keppe Motor Kit 4.1 3D-Printed (FreeEnergyNews May 21, 2015)

-- SilverThunder 19:18, 22 May 2015 (UTC)

Vladi S. Travkin on how Rosch' Kinetic Power Plant (KPP) works

(Originally posted at Blog:GAIA's AuKW Demo)

Image:VSTravkin-math-snapshot-on-Rosch 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Buoyancy > Directory:Thrust Kinetic Generator by Rosch Innovations AG > Vladi S. Travkin on how Rosch' Kinetic Power Plant works (link fixed) - The reason scientists can't wrap their heads around how Rosch' KPP could possibly work is that they are basing their logic on Conventional Orthodox Homogeneous Physics (COHP). "In reality, this is the multiphase (polyphase) -- actually 3-phase fluids flow dynamics regime" in play. (PESN May 19, 2015)

-- SilverThunder 22:12, 19 May 2015 (UTC)

Stuart and I are invited to 15 kW, 100 kW demo and 1 MW & 5 MW plant construction sites

(Originally posted at Blog:GAIA's AuKW Demo)

Image:570kW-generator rd.jpg

Of course I replied "YES!!"

(Slightly edited)

: From: Detlef Dohmen

: To: Sterling Allan

: Sent: Tuesday, May 19, 2015 7:55 AM

: Hi [Sterling] Allan,

: Yesterday you ask me what kind of Gen. you could see in the background. That is a 530 KW, 375 RPM, PMG. This is for one stroke of our bigger plants.

: Next week we have the 15 KW running. TÜV will be in the house from Monday (this is not a GAIA topic). The order to the TÜV is proof of technology. I will ask him for a public version, which you could publish if you like.

: From the first week of June, the 100 KW show plant will run too.

: We wanna invite you and Stuart from a date after the June 14, to visit us in Germany and to make measurements and inspections like you want. (Your tickets and Hotel up to one week, on our expense).

: If you have some more time, we could visit our showplants in Koper (Slowenia 5 MW under construction) and Slovanski Brod (Croatia 1 MW under construction) as well.

: ...

: Kind regards

: Detlef

: --

: Save the Planet AG

: Detlef Dohmen CEO

: http://www.Rosch.AG

-- SilverThunder 18:14, 19 May 2015 (UTC)

Lead-up: GAIA's AuKW Demo

Spanned from April 18 to May 13, 2015

Blog:GAIA's AuKW Demo

See also


Directory:Thrust Kinetic Generator by Rosch Innovations AG - focusing on utility-scale

Blog:Rosch's 15 kW and 100 kW Demo

Event:2015:June: Rosch 15 kW and 100 kW Demo Measurement

Directory:Gaia-Energy -- Global Association for Independent Energy & Altruism - licensee to produce 5 kW home power system

Blog:GAIA's AuKW Demo - 5 kW production prototype demonstrated running continuously from April 25 - May 6, 2015

2015 Archive:Blog:GAIA's AuKW Demo: May 13 Disassembly Day

2015 Archive:Blog:GAIA's AuKW Demo: May 6(+) Measurement Day

2015 Archive:Blog:GAIA's AuKW Demo: May 1-5, Surpassed 1 MW-h

2015 Archive:Blog:GAIA's AuKW Demo: April 25-30, Including Coverage on Outage

2015 Archive:Blog:GAIA's AuKW Demo: Prior to April 25 Demo Launch

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