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Free Energy Blog Index page from January 2015.


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Image:GraviGen 20141229103123-wide sq 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Gravity Motors > Directory:GraviGen by John Michael Moltion - Moltion claims that he has invented a machine that uses a clever assortment of gears, chains, pulleys and weights to produce 385 watts for 35 seconds as the mass drops at which point the contraption resets itself in 4 seconds using only 12-15 watts. The excess energy is stored in a battery. (Directory:GraviGen by John Michael Moltion) (PESWiki January 30, 2015)
Image:Parkhomovbroken1 95x95.jpg
Latest / Directory:Best Exotic Clean Energy Technologies: Directory:Nuclear > Directory:Cold Fusion > Directory:Andrea A. Rossi Cold Fusion Generator (E-Cat) > LENR-to-Market Digest -- January 30, 2015 - Highlights this week include: New report by Alexander Parkhomov showing excess heat in E-Cat variant Jack Cole Reports Excess Heat, too Sven Kullander Plaque for 1 MW E-Cat Plant Report from Cold Fusion 101 at MIT Science Journal special section on LENR "Other Nuclear" (PESN January 30, 2015)
Image:Microsoft HoloLens sq 95x95.jpg
There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] > Free Energy Blog:2015:01:26 - "When you change the way you see the world, you can change the world you see." Microsoft's HoloLens and Wor(l)d's Space Computer (Free Energy Blog January 26, 2015)
Image:Rossi with 3-H-cats in Laboratory sq 95x95.gif
Latest / Directory:Best Exotic Clean Energy Technologies: Directory:Nuclear > Directory:Cold Fusion > Directory:Andrea A. Rossi Cold Fusion Generator (E-Cat) > LENR-to-Market Digest -- January 22, 2015 - Highlights include: McKubre reports on a variation of Rossi's 3rd party test in Lugano by Russian senior scientist, Alexander Parkhomov info on pre-ordering E-Cats 1 MW plant test updates preparing for mass production Brillouin's travels and progress MFMP "dog bone core test" progress. (PESN January 22, 2015)

Free Energy Blog:2015:01:19 (Free Energy Blog January 19, 2015)

Image:ZPI flywheel-back-emf sq 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Electromagnetic > There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] > Free Energy Blog:2015:01:16 - Rasa Vihari from Zero Point Institute shows a drop in current when he turns on a circuit that includes a bulb, which should take more current. It's part 5 in his "flywheel" series. Magnacoaster has fizzled some may open source. (Free Energy Blog January 16, 2015)
Image:Channada magnet-motor sq 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Magnet Motors > Directory:Channada's All-Magnet Motor - Chanada says the farmers are going bananas to get his motor which produces a continuous output in sizes up to 10 kW at a price of $950 USD per kilowatt. He has them fit the motor to locally-purchased generators. (PESWiki January 16, 2015)
Image:Sprouted-wheat-cereal sq 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Health > OS: Sprouted Wheat Cereal by K. Duane Erickson - The problem with sprouts, though super nutritious, is they grow so fast. But if you flake them and dehydrate them, you lock in that nutritional value and you can use it like cereal, with the usual augmentations of fruit, almond milk, etc. The market is wide open on this open source project that harnesses the wheelwork of nature -- for health. (PESWiki January 15, 2015)
Image:HH2 cell sq 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Water > Directory:Water as Fuel > Directory:Hydroxy or HHO Injection Systems > Directory:HH2 Hydrogen > Free Energy Blog:2015:01:14 - "The HH2 system actually creates a form of Plasma inside a combustion engine when we induct Hydrogen and airborne Nitrogen to bind together. HH2 is causing a 'COOL FUSION' that causes all of the fuel and toxic poisons to be incinerated during the spark combustion processes." (Free Energy Blog January 14, 2015)
Image:Local-Motors DSC 0063 sq 95x95.gif
Directory:Electric Vehicles > Directory:Electric Cars > Directory:Electric Cars / Directory:3D Printing > Free Energy Blog:2015:01:14 - Local Motors CEO Jay Rogers was on hand at the Detroit Auto Show to announce the opening of two new “micro-factories” and to show off their 3D printed car, the Strati. (Free Energy Blog January 14, 2015)
Image:Aaron willis 95x95.gif
Latest: There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] > Congress:Member:Sterling D. Allan > Sterling Allan passes PES baton to Aaron Willis - An introduction to Aaron, a forensic scientist, who has been quietly involved for years in personally experimenting with as well as discussing exotic free energy topics under various pseudonyms, and is now ready to go public with his identity and skills. Others have also stepped forward to help take PES to the next level. (PESN January 12, 2015)
Image:150105 Stephen-Spisak 2x-ou-demo sq 95x95.gif
Latest: Template: 973 > Directory:Steven Spisak's Self-Looped Motor-Generator Free Energy Blog:2015:01:10 - The video is done in a temporary shop, while a better arrangement is being prepared. "Steve has proven we have bypassed the back-emf." Next step: a continuously running system. (Free Energy Blog January 10, 2015)

Latest: Directory:Spirituality > Directory:Alphabetics > Congress:Member:Sterling D. Allan > - Sterling reflects on the wholesale rejection of his message by his Free Energy community -- those who know him the best shows indisputable evidence of the validity of Alphabetics, and its prophecy about the rise of exotic free energy and the awakening role of his rejection in bring about a new world. (GreaterThings January 9, 2014)

Image:EKA-100-kW sq 95x95.jpg
Latest / Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies: Directory:Sterling Allan's Presentations > Directory:Utilities > Exotic Utility Power Solutions (23 Mb PowerPoint download) - Material Sterling provided to a public utility in New Brunswick, Canada, exploring exotic free energy possibilities, with emphasis on utility-scale solutions above the 1 MegaWatt output capability, fairly close to availability. (FreeEnergyNews January 7, 2014)
Image:Keshe solid-state-battery sq 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Plasma / Directory:Anti-Gravity > Directory:Keshe Foundation > Keshe Plasma Generator - "With our new understanding of the creation of Gravity and Magnetic fields, we are able to replicate the type of self nourishing systems that are able to push a current of electrons through a coil of copper wire, generating electricity anywhere in the Universe at any time." (PESN January 6, 2015)
Image:150104 Sterling-on Our Heavently Father sq 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Spirituality > Directory:Alphabetics > Directory:Sterling Sunday School > Our Heavenly Father - Reviewing a recent survey on the logical flow of thought from Joseph Smith's teaching: As God is, man may become. A look at the primary word for "father" in the OT and NT lexicons, reinforcing the Adam-God doctrine and tying to second Messianic advent bringing mankind back into the garden. Adam named everything another word for Father is "alphabet." (GreaterThings January 4, 2015) sq 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Spirituality > Congress:Member:Sterling D. Allan > Sterling Confession - Sterling talks about how his addiction to lust resulted in his divorce and now possible incarceration, arguing that society should stop using sex to sell, which results in broken marriages, families, lives and violation of children. He believes he chose this weakness as part of his life path to overcome. (PESN January 3, 2015)


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