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Awards:XPrize' Forbidden Energy -- Terms Brainstorm

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[[Image:Xheroes-ftl-holding-forbidden-energy-1024x682_300.jpg|right|frame|XPRIZE board member Barry Thompson explains that today there is an ‘inquisition of scientific mindsets’ that is holding back breakthroughs in science. He mentions that scientists consider that energy sources like cold fusion, zero-point energy are possible, but that in reality no one can investigate it in academia because of blacklisting and a code of silence surrounding these unpopular topics.]

: The following was submitted to the HeroX team that is working with the XPrize Foundation in their Directory:XPrize's $20 Million "Forbidden Energy" Contest 20 million dollar award they will be rolling out soon for applicants.

by Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan

Directory:New Energy Systems Trust (NEST) (NEST), Founder

Pure Energy Systems News

November 1, 2014

Here are some thoughts that I hope will come in useful for you as you pull together this great offering.

Official Websites

Official website for the Forbidden Energy award process is pending. - PES registered this for now and it is being forwarded to this present page will hand it over to XPrize if they want it. - XPRIZE Visioneering Website


Phase I: Determine test criteria, website preparation, PR preparation.

Phase II: Accept Submissions (9 months) (judging and audience participation begins from the very start)

Phase III: Judge Submissions (3 months) (audience participation items will move up and down as the judgment input is adjusted per this input from the audience and judges, creating a social media phenomenon likely to garner massive attention, enthusiasm and input These numbers are likely to be dynamic, not only as new voters come aboard, but as new information arises about the leading technologies, revealing more about their feasibility. This is not static information, but evolving in real time. It's entirely possible that someone in third place could pull into 1st on the last day.)

Phase IV: Allocate Awards (January 7 or July 10: Tesla's death or birth dates, respectively) (ratios to #1, #2-5, open source)

Phase V: Wrap teams around winners, depending on their willingness. (Prior to the launch of Phase V, starting right away, there should be a committee preparing packages to offer to the inventors from XPrize, to enter into joint ventures, partnerships, incubation, etc.)

Award Allocation Suggestion

"We may adjust these allocation ratios after all technologies have been submitted, but here is a likely scenario."

The reason to feature more than just one winner is to entice more people to apply, so they don't feel like it's no use because of the bigger players that are so much further ahead than them, such as E-Cat, Brilloin, GDS Technologies water generator, Blacklight Power, SHT hydrogen technology.

Winner: $10 million

Open Source Winner: $2 million

Second Place: $3 million

Third Place: $2 million

Fourth Place: $1 million

Five Honorable Mentions: $400,000 each

TOTAL: $20 million

If the first place winner is also open source, then they will get $12 million.

Weighing Factors in Determining Winner

30% Public Voting on HeroX Website (will weigh a person's vote based on their credibility)

30% From a HeroX scientific advisory team, possibly pulling from those in the forum peer review that get above a 100x rating.

20% From XPrize committee

20% From NEST review

(I still don't clearly understand the relationship between HeroX and XPrize. The above is assuming that XPrize is the parent, overseeing a multitude of endeavors/awards/initiatives and that HeroX is more specifically assigned to this Forbidden Energy award)

Criteria for rating "credibility" of public voters

peer ratings in comments made in forum discussions

HeroX rating by moderators

everyone's default is 1

will diminish based on negative votes by peers (diminishing will go logarithmically to zero)

will increase based on positive votes by peers (exponentially up to 1000 [so their vote will count as 1000 people])

a person's credibility score will be displayed next to their username in the forums and vote tally

Technology Test

In order for a technology to be entered into Phase III judging, they must pass a performance test. Here are some suggestions about how to do that.

Needs to run long enough to rule out by at least 10x the possibility of a conventional energy storage technology (battery or capacitor) in any unseen portions of the device. This will be based on an energy density of the most energy-dense conventional technology available (e.g. Lithium Ion Batteries: 1.8 MJ/kg 4.32 MJ/L [we'll need to research to find out what is the most energy dense])

During this duration test, if the device has to be turned off, it must be for something inconsequential, and turned back on within 30 minutes, without the possibility of any swapping out of batteries or capacitors, under careful observation and only two such interruptions will be permitted without disqualifying the test.

Ideally, the test should be videotaped and made available for public viewing.

The names, contact information, and credentials of at least two witnesses need to be included. Preferably, this info should be included in the public video (minus contact info).

Someone from the HeroX group needs to witness the test.

Prior to arranging for the HeroX witness run, a preliminary test should be done and submitted.

The deadline for the HeroX witness run to be completed is the final day of Phase II, Submissions deadline.

Entrant Criteria

The qualifying technologies will be judged as to how well they meet the following criteria. The most important criteria are listed first. So the better a technology matches the higher criteria, the better chance they will have of winning an award.

For elaboration on these, see

"Exotic" -- meaning that conventional academia considers it "impossible" or "junk science". (This is a required prerequisite, as the name of the award is "Forbidden Energy".)

Pass Technology Test -- has to be a presently-operating technology (see above)

Renewable: Extent to which energy source is replenishable or inexhaustible

Environmental Impact -- not just of the device, or of the energy generation process, but of the manufacture, distribution, deployment, operation, and decommissioning as well as in the case of mishap.

Implementation: Economic viability. Feasibility of high volume production, or of wide-scale do-it-yourself implementation.


Stability/Reliability: device performance life expectancy "fuel" (from the wheelwork of nature) availability (e.g. solar is only viable while the sun shines)

Safety...during manufacturing, transport, installation, operation, servicing, disassembly, potential accidents or sabotage

Stage of Development (how long before being market-ready) (For a flow chart of idea-to-market spectrum, see )

Q. Are you willing to open source your technology? Y/N

Definition of Open Source

"Open Source" means you are willing to do an open license so that anyone anywhere can develop the technology and commercialize it. To encourage others to open source, we will be recommending that any commercial roll-out remit a 5% royalty to the inventor's team, which will include 25% going to the XPrize group to foster other such awards. "Commercial" entails the selling of items or services, whether plans, translations, kits, components, finished devices, installation, maintenance, advisory services, franchises.

This SpaceX prize will be assuring that the winner of the "open source" category will be receiving at least $2 million for their technology. But we think it is likely they could receive many times that amount from royalties, depending on how easy it is to roll out and how popular it is.

Ideal Open Source Attributes

The following criteria will be used to judge the winner of the open source technology prize:

Easy to understand

Easy to build


Practical power output

No intellectual property encumbrances


We welcome your input below in the Disqus forum, to help improve our suggestions to XPrize / HeroX.


Sterling D. Allan