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Article:WaveReaper and Stefan Nystrom

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Image:Stefan NYSTROM waverepaer 95x95.jpg

Disappearance of Stefan Nystrom:

This is a message from me Sven Robert Stefan Nystrom.

Im not dissapeared, nor dead. I still work with the wave energy project, and other projects.

feel free to contact me at

See also Directory:WaveReaper

On Sept. 3, 2008, published an article stating that Stefan Nystrom, who was involved in an ocean wave energy technology that allegedly could have provided electricity cleanly at 5% the cost of fossil-based power, appears to have disappeared suddenly under suspicious circumstances, and may even have been killed.


We learned on September 07, 2008 that Stefan Nystrom of WaveReaper is There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1], but was injured, and is on the mend.

"My full name is Sven Robert Stefan Nystroem or Nystrom, by choice i want to be called Nystrom. Thanks for all u have done, i appreciate it very much!"

Best regards, Sven Robert Stefan Nystroem from Sweden

Latest Developments

Sept. 21, 2008

"We have started to make preparations for building an prototype, the main issue, is of course money, but i got many requests for "free" licenses. If you want to go commercial, we sign a contract with 40/60 percent to your behalf, come back to me, if all goes well for you, and would like to expand, the free license if i might say so, is one 15Kw generator per 1 km shoreline of course you would also be interested in the offshore version of the Wave Reaper generator, i think that one, can be made to terrawatt size.Its a Swedish bank giro Bank Giro 5894-9199"

Best Regards

Sven Robert Stefan Nystroem

Update: On Company and Sven Robert Stefan Nystroem

From Kristor Sept. 8, 2008

Hi Robert,

I made some enquiries for you

Enquiry on bank number - Wavepartner Following the link

You see a bank nr. 5894-9199. This goes to the Swedish BankGiro system (one of the major banking systems) mainly used by businesses. You have to the right an place named "Sök bankgironummer" (Seek bankgiro number). I you fill in the number there and click on the "Sök", you vill get this information related to the number:

1. O2 GRUPPEN Company

2. HAGAGRÄND 1 Address

3. 113 27 STOCKHOLM

4. ORGNR: 012415-0087 The ID-number given to all individuals and companys, mainly of tax-reasons but the most important information to have when looking into a individual or company.

Enquiry on ID (connected to bank nr.)

Then I called the authority registering companys in Sweden, PRV

1. They did inform me that the above number was not any company number.

2. They thought it might be an ID-number of an estate (non living individual). Given the date 01 (could be 1991 or 2001) this might be so.

Enquiry of ID to main registrator.

The Swedish tax authorities Skatteverket

is the main registrator of both individual and company IDs. To get information regarding the above org. nr. I have sent an e-mail enquiry to Skatteverket. Possibly answer later today or tomorow.

Enquiry by company names to PRV

You cannot seek info. at PRV on personal names, only by ID-number and company names.

I tried for info. on both O2-Gruppen and WaveReaper, but PRV did not find any companies in those names.< br>

Info. at WaveReaper site.

At the WaveReaper site there is the following info:

All donors will recieve stock, in WavePartner Ltd, when it is formed as following:

This (Ltd.) indicate that they will use a England based company and that it is not yet formally started.

To use a company registred in England or an other EU-country and yet having the business activity in Sweden is now fully legal.

Info. from Peter Kjaerboe

His family name is Norweigan (or nabour country) and he is a doctorand at the main technical shool for higher studies or research in Sweden. I just called him on the number indicated at the WaveReaper site. He sounds lika a serious and nice man and I explanied for him the large attention this case have got by publicity at and Free Energy News.

He informed me that the ID-number goes to an "idiell förening" (non goverment organisation / NGO). Such a org. may be registred locally (county), thats probably way PRV did'nt have any info. He told me that Stefan worked with them on not day-to-day basis (but in other words), that something had happend (assault or robbery) and that Swedish embassy personel was going to visit Stefan. Kjaerboe was not mutch of a conspiracy teorist, and was more into a robbery theory as he told me Stefan are going around in Africa carrying an expencive laptop.

I asked for more detailed info. on Stefan and. Kjaerboe told me that Stefan is from "mellansverige" (middle Sweden), indicating south of Stockholm. When asking for ID-number or adress etc. he told me that he had such info. at home and that he should send me info. by e-mail. I told him of your article and that he either could send it direct to you, or to me for later forwarding to you.

Also regarding Stefan Nyström, he told me that it was an individual who wanted to do good things here in life (but in other words), and that he was a doer, not liking the time many business projects takes.

I did reach Kjaerboe on number XXX XX XX XXX (country nr. are 046 here in Sweden).

Swedish (Africa based) inventor Stefan Nyström

Regarding the Business

I took a fast look at the different innovations at

To me their activity seems okey. The ideas seems oriented to marine ecological solutions, something that is very much in need and rightly timed.

Regarding the debate comments by Stefan (the inventor) on

His comments is somewath excentric but that not unusuall when it comes to inventors.

I will send you Stefans ID-number possible within 24 hours. Hope the above can be of help for the time being.

Best regards,


Update: Sven Robert Stefan Nystroem Not Dead

Colleague Says Nystrom Got Hurt On the Mend

On September 07, 2008 4:13 PM Mountain, New Energy Congress member Congress:Member:Adrian Akau wrote:

Dear Robert,

My friend Jan says that he [Nystrom] got hurt but is alright. See below.


- - - -

According to Peter Kjaerboe see:

Stefan Nyström got hurt in Ghana but is now on his way up again.

Kjaerboe and Nyström are together working for a sounder Baltic sea.


Tel +46 8 766 3885

Mob +46 707 436221

- - - -

From: Peter Kjaerboe [mailto:Peter.Kjaerboe {at}]

Sent: den 6 September 2008 17:23

To: nowacki {at}

Subject: RE: Alternative Energy Inventor Murdered?

Hej Jan_Erik

Javisst. Det är han och jag som jobbar i o2gruppen. Han blev skadad i Accra, Ghana men är på bättringsvägen. Känner ej till riktigt hur alla känner till detta. Jag har inte direkt fått infot själv.



From: nowacki [mailto:nowacki {at}]

Sent: den 6 September 2008 03:11

To: Peter Kjaerboe

Subject: Alternative Energy Inventor Murdered?

Hej Peter!

Känner du Stefan Nyström?

Med Vänliga Hälsningar


Tel +46 8 766 3885

Mob +46 707 436221

Another Alternative Energy Inventor Killed?

By Benjamin Fulford Sept. 3, 2008

Benjamin Fulford, expatriot from Canada and former Forbes Journalist, now living in Japan supposedly working with anti-Illiminati groups posted the following at Rense -

"A man by the name of Stefan Nystrom invented a way to generate energy from ocean waves that he claims would cost 5% of what coal energy does.

He set up a proto-type in Ghana and, initially, claims to have found many potential investors. However, suddenly problems started to pop up. {Where is the prototype and how did he get to Ghana from Sweden?}

The investors, originally extremely enthusiastic, started to back off. He was offered bribes in order to quit. Finally, he began to be harassed by Ghanaian police and mercenaries. (Where is the money the investors provided back in Sweden?}

He contacted me in hopes of getting protection. I told him to come to Japan. He told me he was not allowed to leave the country. {If he was in Sweden and considered to be a Swedish citizen, why was he not allowed to leave Ghana?} He said they had taken parts from his prototype. I said I would see what I could do.

Before I could do anything, yesterday I received a disturbing set of phone calls from a very scared sounding Mr. Nystrom. "They tried to kill me three times today," he screamed into the phone. Then I lost contact with him, and his phone has been switched off. {Is the money still in the Swedish bank account?}

In his last call, he asked me to make his technology public. So, here below is a description of his technology. Would people please pass it on and would as many people, in a tribute to a man who has probably been killed by mercenaries hired by the oil industry, and make sure that prototypes are developed. {The technology page is all over the Internet now.}



Vaken - Swedish site.

Wave of the Future: Cheap Energy Generated by Ocean Waves (Sept. 3, 2008)

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