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Article:Patent officer comments on Sprain magnet motor

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Patent examiner says that there is nothing in the Sprain motor patent that speaks of an over unity scenario. Examiner says that patents that do make such claims are automaticall sent to a special department at the patent office to handle.


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Directory:Harry Paul Sprain magnet motor - Electromagnet is used to pump the rotor past the magnetic lock-up point, to keep it spinning. Inventor claims that the amount of energy required to provide this kick is less than the amount of energy produced by the torque. U.S. patent awarded Oct. 2005.


Sprain Motor

From: "T Lee Buyea Fla News Service"


Sent: Thursday, March 09, 2006 12:24 AM

Subject: Sprain Motor "Patent ?"

Sprain Motor "Patent ?"

I have mentioned on this list before that I have a friend that is a

patent examiner at the U.S. Patent Office in Washington D.C. (Actually

in Virginia) and just by a lucky coincidence he works examining the

category of items to be patented using electro & permanent magnets for

15 years now.

Many of the items are not very interesting like circuit breakers and

remotely controlled electromagnetic switches.

While I was on the phone with him today I gave him the Sprain motor

patent number and had him bring it up the patent office computer.

I asked him three basic questions:

: 1. Was what I see when I look at the Sprain patent on line - Actually a patent on the device or just an application for a patent ? He said yes it does have an currently existing patent (Strangely enough some items put in for patent examination are available to see on line before the patent is issued ? Not sure why ?)

: 2. I asked him to look at what the patent application claims the Sprain device does / accomplishes ?

And although the patent application title is something like (I don't

have it in front of me right now) "a device to create rotational energy

from permanent magnets"

He said it does not say anything indicating perpetual motion, free

energy or over unity, Just a device to create rotational energy using

permanent magnets and "electro magnets and electricity to overcome the

sticking point"

He said it doesn't indicate more energy out than the energy needed to

pulse the electromagnets to reverse or cancel the magnetism at the

sticking point so the permanent magnets can rotate.

He says it always takes more energy to cancel out the sticking point

with electromagnets than the permanent magnets create.

He said if it is working it is interesting but not creating energy,

And that he has seen several similar patent applications in the past to

do basically the same thing (He didn't mention if the others got patents

or if the inventor claimed a working model)

: 3. I already knew from him telling me years ago that although most patent applications do not require a working model to get a patent that any patent applications stating perpetual motion, free energy or over unity do require a working model be presented to get a patent and by looking at the Sprain patent he could tell that No working model was presented to the patent office.

He has also told me that if any invention with seemingly fantastic

claims of it's ability is received (free energy, anti-gravity etc.) that

they are to automatically send it to a special department at the patent

office to handle.

He says the patent office tells him the reason for this is that the

patent office doesn't want to be embarrassed by patenting a spoof !

I think the real reason is that they want to make sure that if an

inventor discovers some secret invention the govt knows about but wants

to keep from the Citizens that they can and also an invention that the

govt doesn't have yet but wants to keep from the people.

On the Other Hand

From: "T Lee Buyea Fla News Service"

To: "Sterling D. Allan"

Sent: Thursday, March 09, 2006 7:25 PM

Subject: Re: Sprain Motor "Patent ?"

Here below is some information someone sent me confirming my guess why

the patent office requires special capability inventions submitted for

patents to go to their special items department.

Also when I talked to my friend at the patent official I had not spent

much time looking at the patent I discussed with him because I could not

see the diagrams with this webtv, But now that you sent me photos and

diagrams that I can see, I see it is very simple and looks like it

should work ?

If for no other reason than the power comes from many magnets and there

only seems to be one sticking point to overcome ?

But on the other side since it is so simple if it could work it seems

someone else would have gotten it to work many years ago?

(Alex Caliostro)

Date: Thu, Mar 9, 2006, 10:34am (EST-2)


Subject: Govt Stealing Patents

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