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Article:Magnetic monopole - new experiment corroborates Quantum Ring Theory

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Page first featured September 12, 2009

Researchers from the Helmholtz Centre Berlin( 1 ) , in cooperation with colleagues from Dresden, St. Andrews, La Plata and Oxford, have for the first time observed magnetic monopoles and how they emerge in a real material. They published their results in the journal Science within the Science Express web site on Sept. 3, 2009.

The existence of magnetic monopoles is also predicted in the paper “Ether” published in the book Quantum Ring Theory( 2 ) by W. Guglinski, who also provided the following review.

The magnetic monopole in Quantum Ring Theory

The magnetic monopoles in QRT are shown in the pages 182, 183, and 184 of the book.

Here we reproduce some of the figures.

Fig. 1 shows two magnetic monopoles.

The monopole M(+) , in green color, is produced by the motion of a particle e(+) of the ether.

The monopole M(-), in pink color, is produced by the motion of a particle e(-) of the ether.


Figure 2 shows an electron.

It is constituted by

1- a body with its principal field (green)

2- a secondary field, constituted by strings (blue) performed by several particles e(-) in red.


It’s seen that in Fig. 2 there is a string (flux) of electric negative particles e(-) of the ether.

The string is shown in blue color (left side of the figure).

The secondary field of the electron is formed by several of those strings, although the figure shows only one string (blue).

Each particle e(-) draggs a magnetic micro-field M(-), which is a micro magnetic monopole.

Figure 3 shows the body of a proton (black), where its principal field is not shown.

It's shown two details of the two magnetic micro-field M(+) in two different positions of the secondary field.


Figure 4 shows a macroscopic loadstone (green), where the right side of the loadstone the particles e(-) , in red, are crossed by a flux of gravitons g, named n(o) in QRT.

In the left side the particles e(+), in gray, are also crossed by a flux of gravitons g.

Each particle e(+) drags a magnetic monopole micro-field M(+) , not shown in the figure. The same regard the particle e(-), which drags a micro-field M(-).


Particles e(+) and e(-) are rings, and they are crossed by the flux n(o).

Figure 5 shows how a strong flux n(o) of gravitons g crosses the body ring of the electron (red)


Figure 6 shows a nucleus of oxigen, with the six strings ( 6 fluxes n(o) ) . The string f3 is shown in red.


Similarity between strings in Dirac theory and QRT

Another interesting similarity between Dirac’s theory and Quantum Ring Theory is the prediction of strings with spin.

In Dirac’s theory the strings are constituted by a spaghetti of spins (see figure 7).



But a question at once arises from Dirac’s theory: since the space is empty, how is possible to have a string with a spaghetti of spins?

In another words, the idea proposed by Dirac has not a physical meaning if we consider the space as empty.

In Quantum Ring Theory the electric particles e(+) and e(-) have spin, as shown in figure 8, and physically we may understand why the string in QRT is constituted by a spaghetti of spins.




2- W. Guglinski, Quantum Ring Theory-foundations for cold fusion , Bäuu Press, 2006


Valstad Coil

On September 13, 2009, Lee Valstad wrote:

Here, I have attatched a photo of my monopole coil. And yes it does produce a true monopole field, one with two poles both of which are the same charge. Here you can see mine and how it works.

Image:Valstad monopole coil 600.jpg

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