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Article: Key info inadvertently omitted from Pons and Fleischmann report

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January 20, 2016

The following is an excerpt from a November 13, 2004 article at titled "The Truth About DNA"

A Past Experiment that was incomplete

Now, I wish to leave all this alone for a moment and take you some place you don't expect. I do this to show you something important about presupposition. I want you to go to the past with me... to a laboratory in Utah. Some years ago, two research scientists–good ones–physicists and chemists–were huddled together in a basement. They're excited, they're very, very excited. Their last names are Pons and Fleischmann.

See? They're looking at cold fusion, right in front of them! They are seeing chemistry that has a remainder left over from a reaction... something that shows itself to indicate cold fusion is present. That's how anyone would know if true cold fusion is occurring and indeed it is occurring, and they're seeing it and they're excited. They have kept this quiet. They have not involved their research teams because they see themselves as the new Watson and Crick of the 21st Century. They will be the ones to bring cold fusion to the earth and they're actually seeing it and they are excited.

And the only thing here in this history which is unfortunate is that they're the only people who ever saw it! They announced it within their zeal, and perhaps were not very scientific, for they did not do the experiment numbers of times for validation. They saw it so clearly, they indicated that anyone could do this experiment and get the same results. The problem was that nobody got the same results! And so these two scientists were ridiculed and they lost their tenures, and their reputations. Science thought it was a hoax.

Today you don't even know where they are, do you? And here's some information I want to bring to you. These two qualified scientists saw cold fusion because it was really happening. In the room where they were, what they did not understand was that they had placed themselves into a consciousness scientific box of thought. They thought they knew how it worked, set it up and then saw it work as they expected. Therefore, they felt correct about their setup and their postulates of how to create it. It seemed totally understandable. But what they didn't know was this: There was an element missing... but one which they were receiving "by accident." Without it, they would have never seen cold fusion.

They were in the basement, and in this basement there were other things going on they did not know about. Now I'm going to tell you something that you're going to see in the news soon. The potentials are, at this moment, that you'll see it within two years... perhaps even sooner. Two things were going on in the room. One was a mild magnetic field, created by a transformer on the other side of the wall which has now been removed. But the other thing, the more profound thing, was that there were a number of oscillations in the megahertz range being created by a piece of equipment that had nothing to do with their experiment in the basement. Call it residual oscillation if you wish, but it was there, singing a song.

They saw cold fusion because, dear ones, cold fusion requires ultrasonics. When you add the ultrasonics to the chemistry that you expect, watch what happens. Here's a hint for those who are scientific minded: you've got to have two ultrasonic generators for this to work. It was an anomaly in that basement to have these oscillating frequencies beating against each other, almost in unison but not quite, to give remainders of the nulling which added to the chemistry, and spoke to it in a way that created the results of cold fusion. Some of you will know what I am talking about now, and some of you will know it later when it comes out in your news. Watch for it. Ultrasonic cold fusion.

So we brought you this story to exemplify the information we just gave you regarding DNA. DNA creates its own light and also vibrations in the megahertz range. These elements, which have not been measured and therefore are not seen in science, play a very important part in communication of the instruction sets within the RNA... the ninety seven percent that science wishes to throw away.

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