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Article: How John Byde (waterstarter) scammed me

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: 'CORRECTION: Jan. 29 1:15 pm EST. It turns out John's Skype account was hacked. It wasn't John who did this.'

Compiled by Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan

Pure Energy Systems News

January 28, 2016

Artist, John Byde [a hacker] from the UK [somewhere], just took advantage of my trusting nature, ripping me off nearly $2500 USD, zeroing out nearly all the credit on my credit cards.

Two days ago, he contacted me, asking if I could do him a favor and buy him some iTunes gift cards, and he would reimburse me the next day. He said he's not able to purchase online. “Sorry,” I responded. I couldn’t remember how I knew him. But he was persistent, and said he would pay me $50 for each $100 card I purchased for him. Wow, I could use the cash. He promised he would reimburse me the next day via Western Union (nada). He promised that he had money in his account to do it.

I checked his profile [which was hacked], and he seemed like a legitimate guy in the free energy world, and that I should be able to trust him. His slogan in his profile is: “You are evolving, you are soul. JB” The website listed in his profile: seems like a guy with a reputation that he wouldn’t want to tarnish (as I’m now doing because he scammed me). (Now he’s changed his Skype profile, removing most of that info.) Maybe he was onto some great way to resell these things and this was his way of helping me out while he also made some money. I even set my alarm to get up an hour after I went to bed, to finish processing these for him, with my flight leaving for the Brilliant Light Power demo the next morning. (Was totally amazing so glad I went, by the way.) I've not heard from him since.

Yes, call me an idiot. That’s what I was to fall for this one. I am a sucker to buy into people’s stories without doing my full due diligence – and for not dismissing things out of hand that to most would be a no-go, no further questions needed.

My guess is that John Boyd is a legitimate name of a guy who is down on his luck, who stooped to something this low in order to get some dough [his account was hacked]. It’s fraud. He could [Whoever hacked his account] (should) go to jail for this.

Do any of you know him? Maybe you could put some moral thumbscrews on him to at least pay me back the base amount. I need that $.

What are the laws regarding such a breach in the U.K. What legal remedies might there be, that won’t cost more than the remedy?

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Directory:Buyer Beware > Article: How John Byde (waterstarter) scammed me - A guy [who I thought was] from the UK with a Skype profile that seemed like a legitimate free energy technology pursuer, talked me into helping him out by purchasing some iPhone gift cards for him to resell. Only he never reimbursed me as promised. [I got a call from John his account was hacked.] (PESWiki January 28, 2016)

John Byde- Implosion, Cymatics, Zero Point energy and the work of Victor Schauberger 29/10/13 (YouTube)