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Article:Beijing 2008 Green Olympics

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We take a look at the environmental theme around the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing China such as air and water quality, "green" buildings and modes of transportation and health impacts on Olympic athletes. August 8-24, 2008


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Image:Renewable energy beijing-olympics 95x95.jpg

Beijing Olympics Show China's Renewable Energy Aspirations - From the standpoint of energy and the environment, the Summer Olympics in Beijing, a city of 15 million people, pose a stark juxtaposition of the reality of China today and the vision of its future: a China characterized by wise environmental and energy stewardship. (Renewable Energy World August 6, 2008)

Air Quality

Image:3uavs 95x95.jpg

UAVs Search For Scientific Silver Lining in Beijing Pollution Clouds - V. Ram Ramanathan, a UC-San Diego professor will be sending unmanned aerial vehicles into the pollution clouds emanating from the city to measure the impacts of the government's industrial shutdowns and traffic bans on the region surrounding Beijing. Video (Wired August 8, 2008)

Image:Beijingsmog 95x95.jpg

Beijing Leads in Race for Most Polluted Olympics - Among recent Olympics, Beijing looks to be the most polluted city. For comparison, take Atlanta, as measured by Georgia's air-monitoring authorities. During the 1996 Olympics, the daily concentration of PM10, the dominant pollutant in Beijing, was 31 micrograms per cubic meter of air. Beijing, even with the most optimistic spin on the data, is averaging 111 micrograms per cubic meter of air since July 20th, or more than three times Atlanta's level of pollution, according to the Chinese government. Independent sensors deployed by the BBC and AP have detected local levels reaching into the 300s. (Wired August 7, 2008)

Image:Beijing smog-95x95.jpg

Why China's Olympian Efforts to Clean Up Beijing's Air Won't Work - Beijing's environmental authorities have instituted a bewildering array of measures in hopes of cutting pollution ahead of the 2008 Olympics. They're instituting traffic bans, shutting down factories and unleashing cloud seeders as part of the city's $17 billion anti-pollution regimen. (Wired July 17, 2008)

Image:Beijing smog-95x95.jpg

Smog in Beijing five times over safety limit as Olympics nears - Chinese officials admit they can no longer guarantee that the air quality will match international standards as pollution tests by The Sunday Times revealed the full extent of the challenge facing British athletes. (The Sunday Times July 6, 2008)

Image:Beijing Olympic Forest Park 95x95.jpg

Green dream comes true in city center - Having a "green lung" in the center of Beijing was difficult to imagine a few years ago. But the opening of the huge Olympic Forest Park just north of the Bird's Nest stadium after the Games will be just that. (China daily July 2, 2008)

Environmental Health

Sweltering Beijing raises concerns for athletes' health - With so much concern over Beijing's pollution, Chinese Olympic organisers have been moving factories and getting millions of cars off the road in a bid to fix the city's air pollution. What they can not control though is the heat and humidity that is so prevalent at this time of the year and later on in August when the Games will be held. (ABC Grandstand Sport June 27, 2008).

Gold Medal Travel Health Tips for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games - You may be a spectator at the 2008 Olympic Games, but don’t get sidelined on your trip by a travel illness or injury. You can be a Gold Medal Traveler to China! Use this website to learn about travel health risks in China and some of the things you can do to protect yourself during your trip. (CDC 2008)

Health Problems In Beijing Could Hurt Olympics - Thousands of Chinese children have been infected by a form of hand, foot and mouth disease, which may have claimed 26 lives, the government has said. The current outbreak has led to fatalities mostly when linked with enterovirus 71 (EV71), which can cause a severe form of the disease that can lead to high fever, paralysis and viral meningitis. (TruthHugger May 6, 2008)

Olympic health monitoring program launched - In preparation for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, the U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC) and the General Electric Company (GEC), a worldwide partner of the Olympic Games, announced two research programs aimed at demonstrating that health monitoring and early intervention leads to injury prevention and enhanced health and sports performances for athletes. (China View April 1, 2008)

Beijing Ready for Any Olympic Health Crises - Beijing will take every possible step to prevent an epidemic or health scare during the 2008 Olympic Games and to ensure injured and sick athletes receive immediate and immaculate medical treatment. (China Daily Jan. 30, 2007)

Water Quality

Image:AlgaeBloomChina 95x95.jpg

China Fights Algae Bloom in Preparation for Summer Olympics - Some 10,000 workers in China's eastern Qingdao province are scrambling to clear waters of the algae bloom, using rakes and their bare hands to scoop up the blue-green growth by July 15. (Voice of America July 3, 2008)

Zero Net Emissions Games

International Center for Sustainable Development (ICSD) and Beijing 2008 Olympics' - To accomplish the goal of a “Green Olympics", Beijing is committed to a Zero Net Emissions Games, where Beijing will minimize emissions of air pollution associated with hosting the Olympics, and obtain offsetting emissions reductions in sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, and other pollutants from projects and programs in China as well as through emissions trading markets around the world. (Solar Cities 2008)

Green Buildings

Four Great Buildings to Shape Olympic Beijing - Beijing has both excellent and classical architecture but few distinguished modern buildings. Now such world famous architects as Ram Koolhass, de Meuron, Paul Andrew and PTW Architects are to display their skills here. (China Through a Lense Jan. 2004)

Beijing dreams big - Despite her scientific and commercial progress, China is still very much steeped in feng shui and symbolism, which is why the opening ceremony will be held precisely at 08.08pm on 08/08/08. To have one 8 is lucky, but to have five is beyond compare! (The Star May 10, 2008)

Get the Latest Updates For Beijing Olympics Here - (Ezine Articles July 7, 2008)

Birds Nest
Image:ChinaOlympics birdcage 95x95.jpg

CHINA'S GREEN OLYMPICS - Beijing’s Olympic Village, where the Chinese government has been busy erecting dozens of stadiums and other structures according to rigorous green standards, is emerging as quite an example of sustainable community development. (Culturekiosque June 18, 2008)

Building the Bird's Nest - Watch this Reuters video showing how the iconic $500 million Olympic Stadium in Beijing was build. The arena is the centerpiece of the Beijing Olympics and it took more than four years to build. ('How Stuff Works 2008)

China Integrating - The “Olympic Building Solar Heating System Project", directed by the Sino-Italian “Green Olympics" Cooperation Program for Environmental Protection, was completed in April 2006, according to the Beijing Olympics organizing committee. (WorldWatch Institute May 19, 2006)

Image:Beijing CCTV 95x95.jpg

China Central Television (CCTV) Headquarters - The new building involves two L-shaped high-rise towers linked at the top and the bottom at an angle to form a loop, which has been described as a 'Z' criss-cross (other local descriptions include calling it a twisted doughnut and also 'the pants'). Design-Build Network 2008)

Image:Beijing Eggshell National Theatre 95x95.jpg

Construction of Beijing National Grand Theater - According to French architect Paul Andrew, after the construction is completed, the Grand Theater will look like a huge green park with an oval and silver grand theater encircled by green water. The shell, made of titanium metal and glass together with day and night lights will add radiance and beauty to each other, and have fast-changing colors. (Skyscraper Page May 18, 2007)

Water Cube
Image:Beijing BubbleBuilding 95x95.jpg

BEIJING BUBBLE BUILDING: China’s National Swim Center - Known as the “Watercube", PTW’s design is a basic box, juxtaposed with an organic “bubble" structure that makes up the building cladding. The bubbles are both organic (in form) and highly-scientific, constructed based on actual arrangement of organic cells and the natural formation of soap bubbles. (Inhabitat Feb. 27, 2007)


Transport curbs ripple out from Beijing- The transport restrictions that China is imposing as part of its drive to ensure clean air and security for the Olympics are rippling well beyond Beijing, ensnaring a widening circle of companies. (Reuters August 5, 2008)

Image:Beijing Electric bus 95x95.jpg

Clean EV - The bus is one of the seven types of electric buses developed by Beijing BIT Clean EV Co., Ltd., which has been commissioned by the government to develop environment-friendly electric vehicles for the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing. (Beijing BIT Clean EV July 2008)

Olympics to use 50 Li-ion battery powered buses - All the 50 buses are solely powered by a kind of Li-ion battery which is different from various of existing hybrid electric vehicles, according to Sun Fengchun, an electric car expert with Beijing Institute of Technology. (Beijing 2008 July 30, 2007)

Luxury electric bus developed in Beijing - A luxury double-decker electric bus capable of running at least 150 kilometers on one charge has been developed in Beijing.(China Daily May 30, 2004)

Image:Beijing VW FuelCell 95x95.jpg

Olympics' first fuel-cell cars -The 20 hydrogen cars, based on Volkswagen Passat Lingyu, were manufactured by Shanghai Volkswagen on its latest fuel cell powertrain platform. The powertrains are supplied by Shanghai Fuel Cell Vehicle Powertrain Co., Ltd (SFCV), Tongji University and Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC). The hydrogen cars will provide courtesy services and inspection tours between Olympic stadiums. It is likely that 500 hydrogen-engine cars in a green car fleet will be in service during the Beijing 2008 Olympics. (Shanghi Daily July 7, 2008)

Related News

Green Olympians - Meet the eco-activist athletes competing in Beijing.

Image:Beijing fireworks 95x95.jpg

Science and Tech Go to the Olympics:'s Coverage - The 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing are, first and foremost, a celebration of human endurance, strength and ability. But they're also a massive display of technological effort, from the Chinese government's laudable (but largely ineffective) efforts to clean up the air to athletes' performance-enhancing gadgetry. (Wired August 8, 2008)

Dreams of Gold and Green - Perhaps what’s most appealing about Olympic athletes advancing environmental causes is that they’re still learning and reaching out to others to do the same. They’re discovering the catastrophic changes happening to the world’s oceans, air and wildlife as they go, through firsthand experiences and news accounts, and using their particular talents—whether sponsoring a swim race or filming a PSA—to bring attention to the cause. (EMagazine July 8, 2008)


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