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Article:Anti-Gravity:DC Acoustic Waves Hypothesis

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by Aleksey Vaneev 15th of March, 2008 (with latest additions on 8th of May, 2008).

This is a small thought-provoking post I've added at gravity-based forum (and continued at a new topic there. ) I'm not insisting this information is correct in any way, but I hope it may give a clue or two to those who deals with new energy technologies. I myself doubt that excessive energy can be created out of gravity control, but what I believe is that gravity control may help to use existing energy with more efficiency, and may also allow to create new propulsion technologies and aircraft.

Initial thoughts

First of all, I would like to compare gravity to sea waves.

Talking about gravity energy, all objects are accepting gravity force, so they are basically resonating to the gravity energy. The difference between gravity and sea waves is that gravity is a constant emanation. It can be seen as a DC (direct current) energy source. So, physical objects resonate to this DC component by gaining the kinetic energy perpetually until they fall on the surface. In the case of sea waves an object that resonates to a wave oscillates on sea surface. If that wave had DC energy prevailing, the object would be constantly moving without oscillation (of course it's not the case with sea waves, but due to the fact that bodies on sea surface tend to reach the land, DC component is present in sea wave oscillations nevertheless).

Beside that object's material also plays a role here. While both plastic and wooden object will be oscillating in a similar manner on same sea waves, their internal structure will be affected differently and a different amount of energy will be absorbed from the wave. The same is true with gravity. While all objects fall down at the same pace (9.8m/s^2), the weight and internal atomic structure of objects is different - hence they "collect" a different amount of kinetic energy. A more clear example would be an acoustic resonance of a heavy metal panel and a light-weight wooden panel of the same size: these panels will be basically bending for an equal distance at resonance to an external excitation, but after external excitation ends a metal panel will post-vibrate for a longer time due to its heavy mass while a light-weight wooden panel will cease to vibrate quickly (in this example, panels will be having differing Q factors, talking in electric engineering terms).

What I'm trying to say is that gravity is simply a DC (direct current) acoustic wave. There are no DC acoustic waves exist in acoustic theory, but if you add such wave to the theory it should be gravity energy because it fits perfectly into the whole understanding of the matter. Gravity being a DC wave it does not matter how fast it travels: DC component has no phase beside positive and negative polarities and so it has no speed of travel (at the same time this may support the paradigm of long-range action). It's no strange DC waves bend the space. Normal acoustic waves also bend space to some degree like gravity: just see an image shifting caused by hot air in a cold weather a more spectacular (and less understood by the contemporary science) example would be sonoluminescence which can be seen as bending the space and thus allowing to release enormous amounts of light energy in comparison to expended acoustic energy.

In this paradigm, anti-gravitation can be achieved by creating DC acoustic wave of an opposite polarity to what Earth and general matter "produces" (it is very probable that atoms and moleculas produce DC acoustic waves via mechanical means). This acoustic wave should be "emanated" around the object you want to levitate: this will create a kind of shield that negates the polarity of the existing gravity field. How it is possible to create a DC acoustic wave? I do not have a quick answer. Since we for sure cannot create it directly since we can't build a DC resonator, we can try using mathematics. For example, a sine-wave fed through a diode becomes a rectified sine-wave with a lot of harmonics AND a DC component. This suggests that we should use an acoustic sine-wave generator that feeds some mechanical device acting as a diode so that half of period of acoustic wave is passed as is while another half is fully absorbed.

Just bear in mind that simulating "DC waves" with a membrane won't work since membrane at DC stays still without emitting any energy at all! Hence you can't create a DC acoustic wave with a membrane.

There should be some other means to do it. From Fourier analysis math one can get a DC component in a real-valued serie (e.g. Louis de Broglie's pilot wave) by multiplying frequency by the same frequency (i.e. 50 Hertz by 50 Hertz) due to negative frequency (-50) shifting to DC. Probably some mechanical arrangement that performs a variant of spectral convolution may help here. Of course, this arrangement should work with soundwaves and acoustically it should produce a doubled frequency tone. It will be a good sanity-check: when you are feeding this arrangement with a 50 Hz acoustic (mechanical) sine-wave it should be producing a clean and measurable 100 Hz sine-wave. If the process is purely mechanical, there should be a DC waves emanation occuring.

To sum up, DC acoustic wave is not a wave in a classical understanding: instead, it is a constant gravity force formation, which can be repelling or attracting depending on its polarity. In mathematical terms this force formation can be expressed as scalar field of change of the length standard.

Continuing on DC acoustic waves

I've came to a conclusion that gravity has the same property as acoustic wave, but in comparison to any normal acoustic wave gravity is a DC acoustic wave. You may easily compare this to DC electric or magnetic field. With acoustic waves it's just a bit harder to imagine. But gravity can be just that - it causes a constant accelerating movement in bodies: acceleration is caused by resonance in the same way as the swing of a heavy resonating membrane increases with time under excitation. The only difference is that under gravity there are no physical "bend" constraints and so the velocity is gained infinitely. The mechanism of gravitation is as follows: bodies gain velocity due to acoustic DC wave gradient - it is very close to magnetic DC field gradient when it affects a magnet. One may argue that no membrane may resonate to any hypothetic DC acoustic wave. This is a valid point, but being a gravity, DC acoustic wave changes its quality and instead of producing time-dependent oscillation it constantly bends the space between material particles: it literally changes the value of the length standard. Of course, the "heavier" the matter the more energy it gains from such resonance since it contains more particles in a given volume of space, arrangement of particles within matter can also affect the energy gain if anti-gravity is at all possible. Another quality of DC acoustic wave is that it spans infinitely and it supports the paradigm of long-length action (well, we should be sensing stars going supernovas million years before we see their light). By long-range action I mean an instant action: if the intensity of the field changes at some point in space, this immediately changes conditions in all space surrounding this point, without taking time for the change to propagate through the space via particle waves or otherwise.

Now to a possible anti-gravity solution. As I've written above, all we may need to create anti-gravity is a source of DC acoustic waves of a different polarity to what Earth generates. I've mentioned that it's impossible to get a DC component using a membrane (membrane at DC stays still without emitting any energy).

After making some mind experiments, I think that explosion or implosion (generally speaking, a quick inward compression or outward decompression) creates DC acoustic gradient naturally, at least for a short period of time. If you imagine two membranes oscillating with 180 degree phase difference (an example would be a vocal cord), you may see that if these membranes will be standing close to each other, they will be slapping each other every halfwave causing constraint-induced "clap": this will be analogous to diode action. If you consider a Fourier transform of such transient a DC component should be present. In air we sense this DC component as an impact wave (impact wave actually contains a wide range of frequency components, DC component is minor). Now imagine these membranes are working in vacuum. It is obvious that there will be no impact wave happening as there is no medium to transfer its energy. However, according to the paradigm I'm offering (when DC acoustic wave is created it does not require time nor particles to propagate), in such conditions a gravity gradient should be sensed in nearby matter, for a split second: the duration of presence of this gradient may be equal to a millionth part of a second only.

So, I'll try to base my "solution" on implosion. So, how implosions can be produced at will and without much effort? I've provided one example above. Another example is also simple. All you need is to use two barrel brushes (like the ones used for women hairstyling) that rotate into the same direction (clockwise or anti-clockwise). These brushes should have long metallic hairs or blades that come into contact when rotation is started. Of course, both brushes will be obviously trying to stop each other from rotating. This is where implosions are created. It is like clapping your hands constantly: clapping and sliding, clapping and sliding, etc.

What is interesting in such brush arrangement is that it reminds me of spectral convolution I mentioned above. If both brushes will be rotating at 50 Hz, the fundamental frequency of their "buzz" will be 100 Hz since brushes are rotating in the direction of each other. Of course, the blades (hairs) of brushes should be flexible for constant rotation to be possible. If you imagine using hard blades (hairs), the brushes will stop each other being rotated in such way. The main principle here is to cause constant rotation with as much constrained "clapping" as possible.

Brushes can be made pretty long - 1 feet with 1" diameter. Each brush can come in contact with two or three other brushes: so the whole system may become pretty compact and may be scaled as required.

The concept of implosion and explosion presented above can be easily applied to electrical charges as they travel inside the atomic lattice. For example, it is known that pulse-width modulation causes heat on duty-on and duty-off transients. This suggests that atomic structure undergoes a shift from the point of relative equilibrium on these transients. During this shift it is very likely that atoms collide with each other causing phonon-level impact waves which also contain DC acoustic wave energy.

Dirac delta function

Those who are familiar with Dirac delta function and its application to physical modeling may consider Fourier transform of this delta function: Fourier transform of this function covers an area of spectrum, including DC component. In the view of DC acoustic waves hypothesis it is this DC component that should have a special attention.

More on this topic

One interesting paper I've found after putting above information on-line: Gravity and Antigravity by David Pratt

Even after so much information I'm not changing my mind on paradigm presented myself because I believe most "gravity oddities" noted on that webpage can be described from the point of this paradigm. The only thing that worries me is that DC acoustic wave (gravity) can only be caused from interaction of mechanically oscillating particles (bodies), gravity thus cannot be seen as a physical field, gravity is a result of extending physics of normal oscillating acoustic waves into DC area. But on the other hand, acoustic waves can be also considered non-physical: they are a process of transmission of correlated vibrations of matter (process of mechanical energy propagation). And so, it is probable that contracting and expanding movements of matter may produce gravity gradients which is analogous to mechanical energy propagation on DC frequency. The weak point of my paradigm is that acoustic waves travel slowly whereas DC waves propagate through space instantly. However, as I've already noted since DC waves have no "phase" the measurement of time of their propagation becomes irrelevant (in this aspect DC waves are different from DC electric or magnetic fields since these fields are particle-based whereas DC acoustic wave fields are surely not).

Also note that if acoustic nature of gravity is a valid hypothesis, gravity shielding (as acoustic energy absorption) and reflection should be also possible and should be considered for experimentation and feature analysis.


There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] (braking radiation) in my opinion can have some relation to the discussed hypothesis. Bremsstrahlung is basically a conversion of electron's kinetic energy into electro-magnetic radiation, with radiation's intensity proportional to acceleration/deceleration. On the linked Wikipedia page there is a model power spectrum of uniform plasma bremsstrahlung event presented. At w=0 frequency (DC) power is infinite which suggests some kind of local electro-magnetic singularity is created on event of bremsstrahlung. A possible conclusion is that DC acoustic waves are also manifested in the event of bremsstrahlung (at least in uniform plasma).

In other words, bremsstrahlung event produces a short-living virtual particle with a high gravitic potential or a virtual particle that represents a magnetic monopole. In the essense this hypothesis offers a view on existence and process of creation (through acoustic/kinetic impacts) of such gravitic/magnetic monopoles.

A possible experiment

It is possible to arrange an experiment that can answer the question about acoustic nature of gravity. A bit of TNT should be exploded inside a high vacuum chamber that guarantees that no impact wave can reach the enclosure of the chamber. Two synchronized atomic clocks can be used for checking: one of the clocks placed near the chamber should be affected by jitter arising from a strong gravity force (DC acoustic component) created by the nearby explosion and will go out of sync relative to atomic clock placed at a longer distance (preferrably several kilometers apart) from the vacuum chamber. If the change proves to be non-detectable, a serie of explosions should be performed that may produce a stronger overall deviation.

Gravity information channel

It's obvious that DC field intensity changes can be used as an instant information channel that does not know such thing as the speed of light. Intensity of gravity should be adjustable by changing the number of instances of exploding or imploding matter. The reason why intensities should sum is the same as with the DC electric current: if you add a small DC gradient to some place in space of the overall gravity/acoustic DC field, you will be actually adding intensity to all of its places at the same time (decreasing with inverse square law of the distance - well, due to length standard changes under gravity this formula may get a bit more complicated).

What is also interesting is that living being's cells are best described as expanding and compressing. This leads me to think that cells may transmit the information the alike "gravity" way: of course, for the "voice" to be loud enough, a large array of cells should be expanding or compressing at the same time: e.g. heart cells or brain cells. It is known that brain cells transmit information via impulses, but nothing can stop them to be able to react on ultra small gravity fluctuations and propagate this information in a normal "impulse" way - according to the "Gravity and Antigravity" link I've provided above, gravity does fluctuate and given the fact the G constant is certain up to the 3rd figure after point only, the fluctuations can be pretty considerable.

Final words

Once again, I'm not pretending this information is valuable or worthy. What I'm sure is that I've never read about such concept of gravity. So, this should be interesting to someone - at least as science fiction.

Thank you for reading.

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