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Archive:Plasma Messiah Correspondence

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talks about his fusion technology.]]

Solomon Azar has built a proof of concept demonstration device involving a Tesla coil and underwater plasma that allegedly gives off gamma radiation, a sign of nuclear combination. He claims that he has the key to a safe, clean fusion process that could be retrofitted into existing nuclear power plants. The prototype is presently available for demonstrations.


Directory:Noblefuse Electromagnetic Fusion

Talk:Directory:Noblefuse Electromagnetic Fusion

He also professes that he is the Messiah, and he complains that the world has not beat a path to his door, both to hear what he has to say along spiritual lines, as well as to help him bring his technology to the world, solving the world's energy needs.

This archive of correspondence is presented as an interesting case study of some of the eccentric personalities that grace the field. Some of them actually have working stuff that could be promising, others just think they do, but finding out which is which, and then striking up a fruitful relationship is nearly impossible because of the skewed mindset.


Solomon Azar


email: []

Free energy will promulgate a forward leap in human progress akin to the discovery of fire. It will bring the dawn of an entirely new civilization -- one based on freedom and abundance.

— Sterling D. Allan

When my system proves to end the energy crisis with no greenhouse gases- all who ridicule and ignore will begin to understand why I proclaim being a messenger. If the words of an atheist are completely acceptable in mainstream society- my beliefs as a messenger is my stand. After 17 straight months trying to stimulate society to uncover my deeds which will end the energy crisis- i fully understand it is fruitless as man is still an ignorant and abusive entity- thus- the economy shall first be destroyed and the wars over energy which exists today shall increase- when humanity finally understands the strong need for energy NOW, when the search is complete, it will be my scientific deeds that have ended the crisis, then and only then will the great monkey tribe of earth understand why i have screamed for so long- I am way ahead of the pack trying to save many from future calamity.

-Solomon Azar

banned from myspace forums- deleted several times from myspace- energy forums- so many- why- i am too bold for you-

I solved the energy crisis by myself with a ONE MILLION VOLT experiment and noone believes me- my friends dont- passer bys dont- scientists dont- noone-

all just ridicule and ignore-

no wonder there is war-

no wonder there is the Holocaust

no wonder your WW3 comes-

I have been misled this entire time- i was aware of it for several months-

since I was given a message by god in 1998- i was under impression an age of unity begins- that ww2 was Armageddon in order for man to move on-

and so i endeavored in my life long quest to find something the heavens have guided me to bring forth for man to make their lives better-

and now my time has come- but for the first time i needed the interaction of others- and now i find the disgust why others loves their pets more than man- why man kills one another-

I am the christ- you will not understand at this stage for your belly is full- your arrogance is high- your insight is limited-

I must wait for YOUR PREPARATION in order for mankind to move to next stage of global unity-

you are too ignorant and barbaric at this stage and you know it-

war shall fix this- this time all families will beg for food- will pray for safety of children-

if you say it is god that does this- you are wrong- for god has brought you solution but it is YOU that ignored it- AND THIS IS THE MESSAGE

the children of the future that survive shall learn even the enlightened masters of times prior are WEAK- they just watch the bullies attack- they do nothing in order to protect their own lives-

I am always filled with the HOPE that we can do it NOW without any more war- but even the Christ cannot do it alone- it takes YOU

my days of screaming are coming to an end- it is your turn to scream as you lose your jobs- lose your health care - watch more children go to war over energy

my little speech in public will come after ww3

what a shame


solomon azar


When I was 17 years old- i had the “feeling”- this feeling makes many become priests-rabbis’s-Imams-nuns-monks- etc etc - but I also knew my purpose was different- I was to find a scientific miracle for the betterment of mankind- that was my DRIVE with the “feeling” inside me as I walked without fear with FAITH in god and LOVE for Christ-THUS- my eyes were upon the sick and poor to steer my ship and live my life. When I was 33 yrs old, I realized I was not just a strong disciple of God-but a messenger as I received messages of unity and peace in conjunction with an idea on how to possibly destroy the HIV virus which causes AIDS, This is a gift- a fruit basket- for when a person receives a gift- they humbly listen- as of yet the gift is not understood-. This idea of mine was a pinnacle of knowledge I began to actively acquire as a teenager of 17. I tried to tell friends and others on the early form of the net in 1998, but it went nowhere. There is this interesting quality of many human beings that just dont believe their fellowman- even amongst friends. Since 2002 I fundamentally believe I have solved the energy crisis-more so after experiments ending april 2007! one in which we are reminded of everyday on the news-the same situation is arising on this ideology- i even risked my life to build what I am proposing- a one million volt tunable TESLA coil and took videos of it for the net- the reply- about 50,000 people have seen it- a fraction of one percent ask to help uncover or JUST DO SO ON THEIR OWN- no wonder there are so many problems in life- you act only when fire is in your house

I bet you in every town and city of this world is someone screaming with a local or global solution for all of us- but noone cares - why?

I will tell you- the children of man is beautiful- all the qualities of a child remind man how wonderful it is to be innocent and clean of heart- except one- SHARE- watch a child successfully share a toy- they do not by majority- WHY-It is the “drive to survive” mechanism implemented in man to cause this strong desire to have-control-and grow. In an adult human- it is the drive that makes many go beyond trivial matters and succeed for all of us- but at what price- when someone has a solution- we all instinctively ignore it- why- if what is true in the heart and conviction of the person presenting the new ideology must suffer the gauntlet of negativity in order to be peer reviewed by many at the top- IF YOU CAN SURVIVE THIS GAUNTLET- IT TELLS MANKIND THERE IS SOMETHING THAT MUST BE INVESTIGATED. This is WHY man is hard and cruel to one another- BECAUSE life is still hard and cruel in diseases-cold weather-sickness-etc-man needs to push man to find answers!!! THIS IS THE SOURCE OF PAIN WHICH DRIVES MANKIND

This quality of man has propelled civilization in such a short manner of time of 10,000 years(who really knows in infinity) to almost mastering the elements of the earth to its benefit in order to live in some degree of peace-stability and health- as opposed to just one century ago where man would cut his arm to bleed out the poison of infection- How much we have grown)

Do we need this behavior any longer for mankind- in a world where many honest peace loving human beings JUST WANT TO HELP MANKIND and are ignored too extensively- in this age of media and knowledge and the internet- a time has come where truth must prevail in order for growth to continue in civilization for OUR OWN BENEFIT.

IF YOU desire the comfort of medicine- hospitals- tractors which farm large tracts of land for our supermarkets-etc etc etc- then a time has come in humanity where this trait of man must be eliminated- HOW-

first the scientific argument- read the following

A story about social change. by Ken Keyes, jr.

This is a synopsis of a larger article. If you wish to read or download the longer article click here. The Japanese monkey, Macaca fuscata, had been observed in the wild for a period of over 30 years. In 1952, on the island of Koshima, scientists were providing monkeys with sweet potatoes dropped in the sand. The monkey liked the taste of the raw sweet potatoes, but they found the dirt unpleasant. An 18-month-old female named Imo found she could solve the problem by washing the potatoes in a nearby stream. She taught this trick to her mother. Her playmates also learned this new way and they taught their mothers too. This cultural innovation was gradually picked up by various monkeys before the eyes of the scientists. Between 1952 and 1958 all the young monkeys learned to wash the sandy sweet potatoes to make them more palatable. Only the adults who imitated their children learned this social improvement. Other adults kept eating the dirty sweet potatoes. Then something startling took place. In the autumn of 1958, a certain number of Koshima monkeys were washing sweet potatoes — the exact number is not known. Let us suppose that when the sun rose one morning there were 99 monkeys on Koshima Island who had learned to wash their sweet potatoes. Let’s further suppose that later that morning, the hundredth monkey learned to wash potatoes. THEN IT HAPPENED! By that evening almost everyone in the tribe was washing sweet potatoes before eating them. The added energy of this hundredth monkey somehow created an ideological breakthrough! But notice: A most surprising thing observed by these scientists was that the habit of washing sweet potatoes then jumped over the sea… Colonies of monkeys on other islands and the mainland troop of monkeys at Takasakiyama began washing their sweet potatoes. Thus, when a certain critical number achieves an awareness, this new awareness may be communicated from mind to mind. Although the exact number may vary, this Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon means that when only a limited number of people know of a new way, it may remain the conscious property of these people. But there is a point at which if only one more person tunes in to a new awareness, a field is strengthened so that this awareness is picked up by almost everyone! Maybe you are the 100th Monkey for the Dharma?

my own words—- Also consider the possibility of twins speaking together in some kind of telepathic ability- all of us at times with that 6th sense- or we as a race of man that by majority senses our ancestors/life after death-advanced enities of the universe- GOD- would you conclude at this stage of developement we are alone? I do not, for the spiritual side to this argument is this- we were put into this cousin of the monkey body) ( i have fun with that term) in order for children of god to learn and grow with humility and respect for all the creatures of the earth- we are blessed with free will and an infinite mind- WHAT DO WE DO WITH IT IS OUR TEST OF FAITH- and now a time has come where some mechanisms of man put into us must be taken out for a race to move on at this juncture of humanity dependent on each other for division of labor to make all the wonderful things for man by way of knowledge- In the understanding of collective spirits of both living and departed to come together in harmony with all the creatures of the earth and to resonate together in a collective spirit to live together- love one another- to be a child of god of our full potential for all the inhabitants of the earth- A TIME HAS COME Together- we shall resonate our spirit as a race of man -children of god- and grab hold of that element inside our souls that make us go far in our abuse towards one another- this trait which will make man come together without prejudice is one in the same- we will consciously grab hold of it mentally with the hand of god upon our own hand which attempts it- AND TURN IT TOGETHER WITH GOD AND ALL HUMAN BEINGS- turn the key in your heart to a strong vertical standing position which is upright and good to god and man. Now are the days where man will stand tall under the light of god and accept our place in this universe- we will respect all human beings on this planet and their forms of worship as it is mans noble attempt “to try” and honor our roots to god-and most accurately described in LOVE by CHRIST- we do so together in this 21st century- UNITED WE STAND



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like a thief in the night

Generation X is "the 13th generation" to be familiar with the flag of the United States (counting back to the peers of Benjamin Franklin). The label was also chosen because they consider it a "Reactive" or "Nomad" generation, composed? of those who were children during a spiritual awakening. wasnt Caesars 13th legion to victory.Rome a part of transition with christ and so forth towards america.13th gen reporting solution to energy? crisis found via guidance by such light.time will tell

generations "Fourth turning" or book of Daniels four ages of man will be THIS new age millium generation of america which leads world as citizens are worlds children in ONE ideal as in god we trust in jesus name let us move on in the light towards utopia. speak english to end babel as efficiency increases. to atheists and stiff necked people @99% Repent- all science is god

I dedicate this book to the heavens themselves- for it was under their guidance and my admiration to an entity we collectively call God I have labored for in Jesus name.

I pray all my words are found true- for if they are- the energy crisis is over-and upon that acceptance- the world shall know all my findings have been endowed by the heavens-and I am their messenger- as a race of human beings on this tiny magical blue planet-



Atheists are nothing more than disgruntled homosexuals

The following excerpts are from my youtube accounts in my battle with atheist homosexuals and their desire to attack righteousness in Jesus name. MY main motive for provoking the atheist homosexual is to uncover ONLY real solution to global energy crisis in which will reverse economic decline and possible holocaust of deviants in every category-especially atheist homosexual- in Time they will thank me for truth.

Did you know homosexuals are actually a retarded people? They now hide behind atheism of science only to attack church as no such thing as no god in this universe ONLY stubborn dumb animals known as atheist homosexuals desiring to seek the shit of another mans ass- truly a retarded people in need of shock therapy. Congressional legislation soon to label all homo people as RETARDS so mankind understand the root cause of atheism and move on

AGAIN=atheists are nothing more than disgruntled homosexuals- if by small chance you are a heterosexual atheist this is simply because you were brainwashed by the homosexuals as all humans are a simple gullible monkey creature without knowledge of our infinite souls and guidance by god....Homosexuals are nothing more than abused children which made by god TO MIRROR the disgust in so called normal civilized behavior of sex lusting monkey people of the earth- everyone repent

the fascinating aspect of the atheists homosexual is their scientific rational to glorify and colorfy the world of shit you support. atheism is world of shit in which your head is up your ass. Homosexuality akin to pagan sex monkey people is lubricating the external with the internal shit reservoirs. both realms are retarded as many retarded people Yet the atheists homosexual may operate with humanity such as congress hair salons and such- families love retards during good times as Pets, bad times kill everything with retard merely in the way and focus of scapegoat policy by simple monkey people of weak faith behavior caused by very retarded shit lined rainbow coalition of shit-the atheists and homosexuals- one in the same made by god to mirror the disgusting pagan weak of faith community at large. repent

Though the atheist homosexual is retarded in a sexual way- very smart and artistic in another. retards may even be drug users as their behavior is such. many levels. again for retard people. bad times retards in more numbers are slaughtered over general monkey population as history always shows- evidence not invisible data. THUS, i provoke the retard until experiment verified to save your own lives as glimmer of "smartness" within you above general population of monkey savages known as human population. since I am the messiah- merely the most gifted but still a level of retard on earth but most highest to receive message as guidance not only solves energy crisis-hiv-etc but my propaganda is above general population and your retarded level. none can help as this is process on monkey planet. earth now decays from ongoing energy crisis. horror of concentration camps water boarding and daisy cutters releases niggers of every color soon in a town near YOU.

TO end Terrorism is to first end Atheism

This will happen via the 100th monkey syndrome= I would rather declare messiah than a self declared scumbag atheists anyday===half century of media and now internet unveils the aggressive pedophiles and sexual deviants spreading diseases in this world are via the retarded atheist homosexuals slithering like a cold blooded snake in their pursuit of another mans ass- women at times spreading shit is universal for the atheist homosexual- mankind cannot grow with deviants as neighbors as each new day an opportunity for the retarded sexual deviant to sweet talk their way into shit- a scum people in need of dog shock collars for taming yet slaughter far more effective until global utopia in future where medicine and silver bullets help the wolf man barking biting shit seeking monkey known as the atheist homosexual- a retarded people

can a retard repent? this is the question. there is a broad range of human retardants. full blown physical and mental disabilities since birth for some, others via drug overdose car accidents and similar. In the scale towards 'normalness" it seems a borderline group of down syndrome and extreme autism may function within society. Above another level seems to be so called "deviants" of homosexuals rapists thieves godless atheists drug addicts etc. Various forms of behavior affected by societal guidance leads to retarded behavior detrimental to overall human growth as children of god with Duty to master the earth as it is in heaven. can a retard repent

What are we here for?

Hello, my name is Solomon Sami Azar - I have put together many signs and connections to form the big picture-- we have been seeded upon this planet by way of spirit into a life form of man and given one primary mission- to cultivate this planet to complete utopia- thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven-We have been given the gift of free will thru the image of god- our time here is completely of faith as a test of growth-I believe I have uncovered a symbolic discovery of unlimited clean energy of using water via nuclear fusion upon palm Sunday 2007- I have been shown many signs after this date-in the beginning it was two sticks for fire- now- I propose two electrodes for unlimited clean energy- it is energy which fuels a world for comfort-life-stability-coupled with laws from the heavens we have lived our lives- we are all messengers of god if we listen-we are communicated with thru our dreams-coincidental moments-etc- you would be lucky to have one handful in which you swear to be divinely inspired in your entire life-our time is a test and we are by far left alone in order to see how we help one another- do not expect the heavens to fix mans problems- it is the heavens who watch us fix our own- we have everything upon this magical blue planet- it is our duty as man to live up to our potential- my first name means peace- my last name is the father of Abraham-father of Arab and Jews- it is also the name of fire in the first religion of Zoroastrian to this day-in the beginning is a story of brotherhood between Cain and able- in this age of enlightenment we shall be called together under god and see what the brothers of Isaac and Ishmael do in the middle east- it is in the interests of all human beings to support its unification-as it is the desire all nations shall be under one God- There is no question- I have been guided as a human being upon my time here- I am a messenger of GOD. My purpose to write this is for you to understand and become intrigued to investigate- for let it be known I have brought a miracle so that you would lend me an ear- to not walk on water- but to deliver water as an unlimited and clean source of fuel for mankind. I have been a scientist at heart my entire life- I now find myself with the need to be a novelist in order to disseminate my purpose and life’s mission.

First-I speak of a so called miracle I have uncovered. Of all inventions to make man civilized, it is fire which has started it all. With fire- man can see in the dark- can keep warm at all times- protect themselves from dangerous animals- and eventually use it to melt ores and begin metal fabrication- the energy of fire must be understood by all people is the source and key to mans dominion over the earth- if you are unsure of this- simply shut of all electricity in your home and live your days-you will appreciate the fire that has boiled water into steam that drives an electric turbine. Truly fire is important.

It is important enough that some states will go to war over for resources as it has a major impact on the economy- it is limited to a point that many men search in the barren frozen lands of the arctic for the fuel- they search in the deep rough sees for it- ENERGY FROM FIRE IS PARAMOUNT- thus, my miracle for mankind- is energy for use by way of using water. Water has been speculated before as a source of energy- but it is I and I alone which have for the first time in science conducted an experiment with the use of a lightning bolt. The lightning bolt- surely all people are fascinated by such a display of sound and light in the sky since time immortal- even to the evolutionist Darwinist-it is the lightning bolt in the primordial seas which have given the activation energy for primitive rna and protein fragments to come together. The power of lightning is unquestionable- the hand that drives it is the highest source of creation and evolution.

To make a man made lightning bolt- you need a device invented over 100 years ago called a Tesla coil- invented by Nikola Tesla himself- the famous inventor who brought man many things. Some sectors of industry might use this amazing device to make man made lightning for use in testing their electrical distribution equipment which might be susceptible to lightning discharges in the sky- thus, to test in a man made setting is logical before implementing into nature- but by far the major use of a Tesla coil is for amusement- used in museums and movie productions- the Tesla coil makes for great lightning spikes for fancy of many.

So I have taken this Tesla coil and coupled it with water-why water. Water is amazing for the obvious- what is not so obvious is this. For every glass of water- one in every 6000 molecules of it is a special one- whereby a neutron is attached to the hydrogen proton thereby making it a heavier atom- it is called heavy water- man has developed a way to mass produce heavy water from regular tap water since the fifties. Also, it must be the purest form of water- this is to make it extremely isolative- for many people know not to step in water and handle electricity as they will get shocked as water is a good conductor- THAT IS FALSE- pure water is hydrogen bonded to oxygen- it is extremely stable and is just as isolative as rubber- it is the contaminants found in regular tap water that contains minerals and impurities which make it conductive. Thus when I speak of water- it is a very special type – which may be found in standard water anywhere- including the ocean- therefore- you should now understand how abundant this fuel water truly is.

I did not get fascinated by the lightning bolt in the sky and deduce to couple it to special water for energy production as easily as putting two and two together. My attempt to do such as experiment is built upon an entire adult life of trying to manipulate gravity. Since the age of 17- which is the year 1982- I have been on some kind of mission as a human being- one of which my primary duties was to unravel gravity in order to control and harness it for space exploration and much more- I have always believed since this age this self imposed mission I took on was illuminated upon me by the heavens- I have always believed in a god- I grew up a Christian orthodox family to two loving parents- however, since I can remember- I have always respected all religions- however, for me, the teachings of were paramount- I admire and love every aspect of this spirit and the way he has lived and taught on this planet. Thus, all my pursuits in life were one in which there has never been darkness- but rather the light of god in all my decisions. The climax of my understanding is the special theory of relativity by Albert Einstein- I believe I have added to this mans work- I believe I have seen another angle of looking at this mans century old ideas in a way never I have seen before in science.

The pinnacle of my scientific understanding culminated in 2003. After many years of gathering knowledge and performing gravity experiments of my own pursuits I found the road to nuclear fusion with water and the lightning bolt whilst reading my favorite science book by Samuel Glasstone titled “sourcebook on atomic energy”-1955 edition. It is my favorite book not only because I have found my idea from it, but more importantly- it is great book which gives a great testimony to so many noted scientists and their contribution to mankind. Every thing I know I owe to society- a society which has over many years built up a civilized state in which one may find knowledge in libraries-internet-the complied works of all before us- I applaud all those before us in their commitments to labor for the betterment of mankind itself.

Thus, my frame of mind is the special theory of relativity- a world in which the relative velocities are considered. In this case-charged particles within water itself being subjugated to very large oscillating electrostatic fields- just keep in mind the lightning bolt- for it is buried in the state of a lighting bolt which represents high voltage and high frequency to consider. For it is these controlled states which will impart upon the charged particles a magnetic condition which will be conducive for the hydrogen atoms to combine with another hydrogen atom and create NUCLEAR FUSION- the power of the nucleus of an atom should be understood at this moment- only think of the atomic bomb- however- I do not propose a violent explosion of radioactive material- nuclear scientists have been trying to perform a safe and clean form of nuclear fusion for over 60 years now- - AND HERE I COME- A COMPLETE NOBODY- WALKING ONTO LEFT FIELD FROM ABSOLUTLEY NOWHERE ON THE RADAR SCREEN- BUT HERE I AM- I HAVE DONE SOMETHING IN SCIENCE NEVER BEFORE- THAT IN ITSELF IS EXTREMELY DIFFICULT BY A LONER- BUT I WAS NEVER A LONER- I HAVE WALKED WITH GOD ALL MY LIFE- for the spark in my mind came upon the day I was reading this book for the hundredth time for my analysis of gravity in my personal work- on looking at the construction details of a nuclear power plant- particularly of the pressurized water reactor type- this reactor has fission rod assemblies inside it- surrounding the rods was HEAVY WATER- it is used as a moderator to slow down neutrons- and also to be used as a heat exchange system to make steam and push an electric turbine and produce electricity- therefore- BEHOLD- a turn key system right before my eyes-


I PROPOSE SOMETHING SINCE THE CAVEMAN USED TWO STICKS FOR FIRE-TRULY I HAVE- for it must have been many years a caveman has walked upon sticks and used it in so many ways except to rub it together for use of fire. Can you imagine the day it was realized- and so here I am- I PROPOSE NOT TWO STICKS-BUT TWO ELECTRODES TO MAKE FIRE IN THE 21ST CENTURY- however, the fuel here is water- not organic material such as wood- crazy right- to put out a fire- you throw water upon it- and so to this day of writing the vast majority look upon me as unreal. I cant blame many for not having faith in me in science- with so many charlatans and crooks in society who will say absolutely anything to promote their selfish ways- but here it is- buried amongst so much deceit and trickery of the world- a voice of truth-

SO HERE COMES THE GOOD PART- if you were having the desire to believe in me in science was close- surely I have pushed you even farther away with my full conviction I am a messenger of god. First and foremost- I did not make it up for promotion of science- for I have a record upon the internet of almost a decade of messages of unity I was given by our god in a site called and now)- is still up and running and I never touched it in 8 years on the internet- here is copy of the text on the front of the website-



“Some day the world will become one, whereby the East will embrace the West, but not yet. Now a message divinely brought forth, in a region of the world seen as the most divisive, it is here where the flower of unity must begin to grow. Between the east and west are the Semites, Arabs and Jews, the children of Abraham, the children of Shem. All the Semites are now called upon to merge into a new nation. In the land of the prophets, the Semites are called upon to enlighten the world that what seems a world apart can come together under GOD. The Semites are to shed their superficial differences and embrace one another as a symbol of unity to the world. The states of Israel, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and all whom call themselves Semitic are called upon to merge together as one nation in which its name shall be SEMITICA. You who are Semitic of the faiths Christian, Muslim, or Jew understand that you are all tied together by blood more so than with any other people as the children of Shem. Call your religious name what you want, there is but GOD, The time has come for unity to occur, the Holy Spirit is calling upon the descendents of the prophets to set the example. As a Semite, can you take this bold step.”

I have always believed my mission since 17 was one in great respect and duty given to me by the heavens – however- I have never believed I was going to be a messenger- this did not happen until the age of 33 for me- it was in this era that I have begun to understand why I was driven to solve something in science for mankind in conjunction to the life I was living and in what I have observed- I now began to understand why I lived my entire life as a scientist-not only with the science of invisible electrical forces- but that of people and nature and all things- an observer of the human condition itself-Thus, for the previous ten years I have toyed with the idea that in some way I was a messenger of god- but never of full conviction as my mission has not finished- for surely I now understood I must endure upon my own actions and toil in my life to find something to benefit many-I MUST EARN THE RIGHT TO BE A MESSENGER-I must prove to my GOD I will labor thru my life with faith in the heavens and its purpose- I must toil in life and find a miracle for humanity itself- I must earn the respect of my fellowman in my actions to make all of our lives better- once given this credit many will give me the dignity to listen to my conviction to our GOD and his intentions thru me.

I know the life I have lived- as you know yours- my life since the mission of 17 has been great- life is how we see it- our free will to choose between positive or negative- half full or half empty- above all- I thank god for health and being born to two loving parents who have stood by me my entire life- for without question- the state of an adult is a function of the nature and nurture given to any human being growing up. Upon this imposed mission I have: lived the majority of my life without the love of a woman for pursuits of science- lived now 13 years separated from my son for pursuits of science- I have without question in an honest review of my life have truly dedicated most of my life to this mission- here is a copy of my United States tax record- An educated Engineer and master electrician with a good ability to be likeable with America at my front door- I have chosen to pursue the mission of GOD- my tax record should demonstrate my intentions were never in pursuit of money- MY PURSUITS ARE OF KNOWLEDGE.

I averaged 2,000 dollars per year over my life- never owned a new home/car/anything- My pursuits in life were always science

1982-The year I was given the scientific mission of uncovering gravity- the year David Bowie sees me- starman- I see the movie Quest for fire-I always felt this mission was of a higher power- BUT I HAD NO IDEA I WAS TO BE A MESSENGER-thus- to tackle gravity-many stones must be uncovered and the works of a thousand scientists began-I went to many schools-

1985-took one year off from studies as felt the compelling need to serve my country- join the united states marines corps- infantry -0300 on my contract- I DID NOT REALIZE THIS SIGNIFICANCE UNTIL THE YEAR 2007 AND THE VISIT BY THE WARRIORS OF ALL NATIONS AT VALLEY OF THE GODS IN SOUTHERN UTAH-OR WARRIORS FROZEN IN TIME BY FIRST NATION PEOPLES LANGUAGE- I have been visited by all nations past with the warriors at attention- I have their blessings- WARS MUST COME TO AN END-

1987- My UFO experience- again-did not understand fully what this was until summer 07-however-what this event did- I was reevaluating my life- why so much on studies when many go for money-girls-fun-whatever normal behavior by the masses- this put me back on track








The beginnings of accepting the full conviction of being a messenger began in the fall of 2006-whereby I have somehow found myself in a new building to perform my experiments- my cousin named Thaer in which I like to call him Thor of ancient thunder, fitting as I found lightning, and I rented a small room within a renovated 5 story building once a bank within the city of Allentown, Pa. the owner of the building- who once worked on gravity ideas which I found extremely coincidental, let me have the fifth floor for free to conduct my experiments- SO FOR THE FIRST TIME I HONESTLY FELT I WAS BEING GIVEN SOMETHING FOR MY LIFES WORK. It was magical – I knew it immediately- I worked in this building alone on this fifth floor with a majestic view outside thru large glass windows showing the center piece square of the city- a very large statue surrounded by civil war veterans with lady Liberty atop the 60 foot column holding our flag –eagle-and torch- TRULY GRAND AND IMPRESSIVE- I WAS ALWAYS GRATEFUL FOR THIS-

And so I labored to now build this machine I was proposing since 2003- I tried to tell many people- but to a deaf ear- I have been a self employed master electrician for ten years- I am used to dealing with electricity- but not lightning discharge proportions- BUT IT WAS TIME TO STEP UP TO THE PLATE AND JUST BUILD THIS DEVICE TO AID IN WHAT I AM TRYING TO TELL EVERYONE-. So I labored upon my solo actions to take a century old device the Tesla coil and use it in a methodology I devised from the century old ideas of Einstein himself and build this simple experiment-

THE VERY FIRST TIME I RESONATED THIS LIGHTNING BOLT IN WATER- TWO HASIDIC JEWS WITNESSED IT FROM THE DOOR WINDOW. They were from Brooklyn New York investigating the building for possible purchase. Now the funny coincidences surely began. I needed a good experiment for a video- it took me another 6 weeks to actually build the device I needed- no assistance from no one- no money from anyone- I never took money for all my life’s scientific work-I even used parts from an auto junkyard- dc motors of a driver seat from a Buick century auto- how fitting as a century it was for this invention utilizes the century old ideas of two great scientists- all culminating on a successful experiment upon PALM SUNDAY-2007 –ALSO APRIL 1ST- an interesting date indeed spiritually- in regards to April fools jokes- let me simply say at this stage- WE COME FROM THE MOST INTELLIGANT CREATION OF THE UNIVERSE-IT WILL ALWAYS KEEP YOU GUESING- THAT IS THE BEAUTY OF IT- FAITH- A GRAND TEST UPON THIS PLANET-

What did I do- no one in world history has ever taken a Tesla coil and made the output discharge plasma- the lightning bolt- resonate upon water itself- more specifically- I used ULTRAPURE reagent grade water from the manufacturer NERL –this is used in medical facilities to test chemicals mixed with pure water- I used it for its purity and establishment of a high degree of insulation to create the plasma condition. I built my entire Tesla coil tunable for I knew I must resonate it with the special properties of the molecule of water itself-I also doped my water with several ounces of heavy water from the manufacturer UNITED NUCLEAR. IN CONJUCTION I WROTE 40 PAGES WHY I WOULD DO SUCH A THING IN SCIENCE- WHY????? SO SOMEONE- WILL PUT TWO AND TWO TOGETHER AND UNDERSTAND THIS IS THE ROAD TO SAFE AND CLEAN ENERGY FOR ALL HUMANITY-


OK- back to my road to conviction- I still was not there completely- In a way I wanted my experiment to be more compelling- maybe more of a light show- to many- its still this little arc inside water- even though they have no idea that little arc has never been done before- except in special effects for movies-but alas- my funds-my energy- my efforts in science have come to an end- I did all I can do alone- it is up to society to do the rest- HOWEVER- IT IS MY DUTY TO INFORM AS MANY PEOPLE AS I CAN OF THIS SOLUTION-RIGHT? But I found not many listening as usual- only one has stood up the plate- GOD- for I was summoned to a place in southern Utah called the valley of the gods 6 weeks later from experiment- I WAS GIVEN A GRAND BLESSING AS A HUMAN BEING- LIKE A DREAM OF THE MOVIE CHRISTMAS CAROL COUPLED WITH VISIONS AND COMMUNICATION I WAS SPOKEN TO- TOLD BY THE HEAVENS THIS




BEHOLD- THE DAY OF MY CONVICTION- for upon my awakening I knew it was powerful-several hours from this place I found myself upon the walls of the Hoover dam in Nevada- a dam holding the power of water for energy- and here I am proposing a solution of water for energy-how fitting- for I wanted to show the powers my belief with my display to jump into the water side-the lake- not for suicide- as I calculated a 50-50 chance of survival- good odds- but more for publicity- to get the story out- besides- it was 110 degrees outside and the blue lake water looked very refreshing- I am used to jumping into spring filled stone quarry in Pennsylvania- usually one telephone pole high- this one was three poles high and I knew it was going to hurt- but it seemed so perfect- an ABC news crew was there for some story of the dam- it just seemed so fitting-dam-water-electricity-seconds before my jump a strong gust of wind came in which I knew would shift my body as I descended- along with thoughts of an alternative- I was told you heart is willing- try this instead- go home and tell of the story of your connection to David Bowie-Starman- so much more- stimulate many with your words to seek the truth- and this is how it began- this amazing 8 months story I am living and witnessing as I live thru it in real time- I have now spent these past months unveiling all the connections in my life which have given me the full conviction I am the messenger of GOD-ALL OF WHICH WITHOUT QUESTION BUILT UPON MY CONVICTION I HAVE DISCOVERED A SOLUTION TO THE ENERGY CRISIS WHICH WILL MAKE ALL OF OUR LIVES FAR GREATER-ALL OF WHICH UNDER THE LIGHT OF GOD-

Here is how it started upon my return from the Valley of the Gods from southern Utah it is a timeline of the past 8 months during my conviction of who I am--it starts with a copy of a letter to David Bowie-some stories might repeat some themes and I have left them redundant as to give added strength to certain events which are important to my road to conviction- however- who can possibly see thru the eyes of another human being- especially the profound statements I have made in regards to being a messenger-however-have this thought. If it is possible a human being might offer the world the solution to the energy crisis which is clean to our planet- AND- if the majority of the world believes in a higher power and unseen forces- then do you not see the possibility of this discovery being delivered with a message at their request. THIS IS MY STAND- I HAVE SOLVED THE ENERGY CRISIS- I HAVE DONE SO BECAUSE I BELIEVE I HAVE BEEN GUIDED TO SUCH - AND- A MESSAGE OF UNITY HAS BEEN GIVEN WITH THIS DISCOVERY- I have always believed in a god. Since I was a teenager I made it my mission to find answers in science with a sole purpose of providing a benefit to mankind. In the course of such a journey of exploring the invisible world of electrical/magnetic and gravitational fields– I was given a message by the heavens- No science on earth can unveil the invisible BUT STRONG forces of the heavens- FOR HOW EASY WOULD OUR TEST AND GROWTH BE ON EARTH IF WE COULD SEE THE STRINGS THAT DANGLE OUR LIVES- OR THE EYES THAT WATCH OUR EVERY MOVEMENT. I believe because I have solved the energy crisis- I would receive some recognition and some degree of being considered sane and normal as a human being- in conjunction with my absolute belief that my message is as real as the invisible world of electrical forces I understand would serve as a testament to the truth of my message. I BELIEVE IT IS IN MY VOICE THAT A FORMAL DECLARATION BY THE HEAVENS IS TO BE MADE- AN AGE OF UNITY IS TO BEGIN.

Hello David,

I informally met you at the Ritz club in New York City on June 9 1982. I went with my friend Mick Zangl. You were with your friend Mick Jagger and the band playing at the Ritz were the Professionals. You and Mick caused quite a distraction with your presence at the balcony level. I decided to come up to the balcony level and catch a glance of you and Mick. There was a crowd of many people around you and Mick, amazing how excited some people get when in the midst of stars. You guys were trying to have a good time, but the crowd was intense. I simply stood on the outskirts of the fans of at least several people thick, I caught my glimpse of the two big stars and I was happy, I was about to leave as my eyes were looking away, you pushed your way through the crowd and tapped me on the shoulder. You looked me straight in the eye and said "Princeton……right" in a confident way. Well, I never been to Princeton university and immediately I figured you have me mixed up with someone else, so I was speechless as I didn't know what to tell you. So you said it again "Princeton". I don't know why I said "yes", but I did, I guess to make you feel happy that your memory was correct and I was simply some student or someone from Princeton that you met in your many travels. When I said yes to you, you seemed very happy and nodded to yourself and made your way back to the table where Mick was sitting. I always remembered this moment as it was the only time in my young life at that time and still is when a major celebrity made contact with me, even though he thought I was someone else. It was memorable to me.

Well, I went about my life with no connection to Princeton University until the year 2003. All my life my pursuits were of science. Since I was a teenager I said to myself I was going to control gravity with some kind of machine I would build. Well, after many years of trial and error with various machines I had to stop as it was taking a major toll on my health and financial state. The great majority of my work is built upon the theory of relativity by Albert Einstein. I decided to go to Princeton University just to walk the halls in which my favorite scientist had taught in his life here in America. It was a personal connection for me and it felt good just to visit his old classroom and visited his teacher office. I had no intention whatsoever in what followed as my only purpose was to visit the school where Einstein had taught. I got this crazy idea that I would write all my ideas on the blackboard in his old classroom in which he taught. Like a "mad scientist" I wrote all my ideas on the entire width of the blackboard, from one side of the room to the other I wrote my attempt at unifying physics, something Einstein tried to do along with many physicists, a goal in physics in which has not been done to this day. I titled the writings" Einstein did unify physics" as I believed I have uncovered some things not known in his time. It was my way of closing this chapter of my life or at least taking a break from gravity for awhile.

That is my Princeton story. In the course of my investigations on gravity, I discovered a way to attempt nuclear fusion. What this means is that the energy crisis will be eliminated with an unlimited and clean source of fuel for our children and all eternity. The fuel in my system is WATER. Hydrogen and Oxygen. If that sounds amazing to you, tell me what in this universe is not amazing. To continue, I recently seen a movie called the Prestige. I was told that it was YOU who played the part of Nikola Tesla.

Well my friend, my name is Sam Azar and I have discovered the greatest invention since the caveman used two sticks to make fire. "Not two sticks, but two electrodes". An unlimited and clean fuel for mankind to advance into the 21st century. I conducted my first real experiment on Palm Sunday this past April. In a nut shell, I have demonstrated the power of a lightning bolt to resonate inside Water itself. The driving force in my system is Nikola Tesla's Induction COIL! INVENTED BY NIKOLA TESLA HIMSELF OVER 100 YEARS AGO.

If you believe this is more than coincidence, then please come to my aid. I need you in helping me expose this idea for humanity. Specifically, in order to prove me right, it is my focus to convince the Westinghouse Corporation ( leading supplier of all nuclear power plants) to remove their fission rod assemblies and install my electrode system and conduct a safe and clean FUSION process with WATER itself. I have always walked in the light with a strong belief in God. The time has come to give energy to all of civilization. This is exactly what Nikola Tesla tried doing to his last day on Earth. I have completed that mission. The Tesla coil has now found a noble place of use?


Sam 22 2007

That letter to David Bowie is a testament to all human beings and our own thoughts at certain times that some events are not coincidental- that there is another level of communication and logic to the nature of things-even if we do not understand them at the time- if one was to search the internet-you will find a video of myself writing upon Einstein blackboard- I videotaped myself doing it- I think its funny- humorous- I never researched the life of David Bowie even though he was a large star in western media- I love some of his songs- but I am a scientist at heart and don’t partake in fan club excitement- thus-even though a big star tapped me on the shoulder- I have always just thrown it in the category as unrelated coincidence and moved on with my life with no second thoughts- until the year of 2007.

I found a picture of David Bowie on the net from the movie the Prestige. Absolutely uncanny how the lightning bolts are touching his feet- the answer to our energy crisis- this man who also played an alien in the movie “The man who fell to earth”- whereby his statement in the movie was “my business is energy”- so I then made the following statement---Ground control to Major Tom Jerome Newton- have you found energy yet----yes--- WATER--!!! David Bowie plays Tom Jerome Newton in the movie “The man who fell to earth-1975”

This is David Bowie playing the part of Nikola Tesla in the movie “The Prestige”

I obviously felt that David Bowie and I are somehow connected-somehow he sensed something about me in 1982 which made him speak up- I believe this connection is s gift from the heavens- to be associated with such a great man who has contributed so much for the arts in Humanity. I believe the importance of the connections is far greater- I knew nothing of this man, so I began to research him. I found out he had some kind of vision of a starman coming to earth with inventions and the will to help mankind- a voice for the children in some ways- this person was also called Ziggy Stardust- I believe I am this vision of Starman. David Bowie had this vision prior to mans landing on the moon- mans entrance to the stars themselves- I believe the heavens have purposely guided me my entire life on this planet- I am not an alien. Someday all humanity will fully understand that our internal spirit is connected to the universe far more than presently understood. I AM STARMAN- I was born and named after King Solomon of ancient Judea to a Christian Arabian family- thus, my named spelled in America at birth is to the prejudice name of Suleiman. This is how to separate between Ishmael and Isaac- between Arab and Jew- right from the beginning of my life starting with my name- I was set up to learn the ways of prejudice. I go upon the internet with this wonderful spiritual gift connected to David Bowie and try to stimulate many to investigate. I go unto Bowie blogs-fan club sites- and myspace to spread this fascinating connection. For you see- if I only talk science-many will not understand and become intrigued to even read about me. Thus, spiritual talks of connections between human beings- we are all amazed at these connections as we all encounter them. WHY would I care to have so many want to know of my life- IT IS MY DUTY TO DO SO.? For example- if you honestly believed you have solved the energy crisis for mankind- would you not do everything within your power to have others informed- I was fully aware before I embarked upon the road of speaking about connections to David Bowie and others that this would be viewed as crazy to most people- even though all people praise god every day in their lives and knock on wood for superstition-But I honestly feel I have been communicated with by the heavens over ten years of my life- words of unity and peace- a conviction to be a messiah- IS IT NOT MY DUTY TO STAND UP AND ASK TO BE EXAMINED- YES!

Several weeks go by and I then write this letter

A question to Jean- Jacques Annaed, director of the film Quest for fire

Dear Jean-Jacques,

I highly enjoyed your recreation of early mans discovery of fire by two sticks in 1982. My name is Sam Azar, I have created fire in the 21st century with water as my fuel, not with two sticks, but with two electrodes.

I recently wrote David Bowie, artist/singer/actor, a letter in which I portray I believe our two paths are of either fate or coincidence. I believe connections are real, ever since my completion of experiments on this previous palm Sunday, many connections have become visible. I would like to share some with you as these connections I have pertain to your film-Quest for Fire.

Let me start with several questions for you and then I will tell you what I see.

1.why did you choose the badlands of southern Alberta for your opening and closing scenes of the movie. Also, why did you use a can of gasoline for the fire and not wood

2. Because Anthony Burgess was not available for creating the language of the Ivaka tribe, you simply substituted actual Inuit Indians as the voices for the “enlightened tribe”. what tribe of Inuit were they, and why them, also, can you please have someone have a translated version of their chants and conversations to the “shadow people”

This is why I write you. At the end of this letter, I will send you a copy of my letter I sent to David Bowie. On my website in which I posted a copy of the letter to David, I also put a picture of your film at the bottom this may easily be created on a webpage, simply text and images. Thus, a letter of text with an image of the cover for your movie. As you are aware on the cover are the three caveman and one cavewoman. Everett is holding the fire carrier. When one views this picture, the fire almost resembles a STAR as the lines of illumination emanate from the fire. This was intriguing to me as with so many other connections I have uncovered, however, I will only relate one such connection with you in which I find fascinating. I have received the conception of writing to David in a place called the Valley of the Gods in southern Utah, (ALONG WITH MUCH MORE) next to the town of Mexican hat. This should be on any map. The Navajo translation for this area of the valley of the Gods is Warriors frozen in time. It was a remarkable place with a billion stars at night and coyotes singing. I was alone on this trip as most of my many trips throughout North America for enjoying our great national parks. I ended up on this route thru Utah as my intention was to go the southern rim of the grand canyon and perform my annual hiking adventures. HOWEVER IN REFLECTION- I DIDN'T NEED TO GO ON ANY TRIP AFTER MY DISCOVERY- I WAS SUMMONED AND LED TO THIS PLACE. It was getting dark and I needed a place to sleep for the evening, I drove by a sign that said Valley of the Gods and I followed the dirt road into the middle of nowhere surrounded by majestic columns. A very special place. Needless to say, one of my strong thoughts that evening was to contact David upon my return to home, several days of driving by auto. Before leaving I took a rock from a firepit in this desert, a souvenir for me. Why not, fire pits, anything with fire is on my mind now in light of my discovery. I come home a week later, I write my letter to David and paste your picture of quest for fire on my website

After several days I realize this star fire and I want to watch the video again, as you know the first scene and last scene in your movie is the fire in the middle of nowhere in the badlands of southern Alberta, close to a town called Medicine hat, remember Mexican hat is next to valley of the gods. I have lived slightly north of the badlands in Edmonton and Athabasca as I lived there for two years in early nineties. I have definitely driven thru the badlands on several occasions, and walked about in a short time manner as I was on the move. As you know the Inuit Indians are a local peoples of the northwest territory, my only connection to them is simply learning a beautiful phrase to live by if you are a person who pushes the limit in both physical and mental endeavors-go until the body can go no further, then move one, this is when the eagle will let go--- I have pasted this phrase on the bottom of my site also, I have lived by this creed along with others for a very long time.

I speak not of the connection between both of these places as being next to a town with hat in their names, Mexican Hat and Medicine Hat which do have similar meanings in native American history. My fascination is that when viewed from a map. THESE TWO LOCATIONS ARE EXACTLY IN LINE WITH EACH OTHER IN REGARDS TO LONGITUDE. The distance between them is more than 1000 miles. I have created fire with two electrodes with use of an unlimited and clean fuel source--water. Your movie is quest for fire with two sticks. I am very curious what the actual translations of the Inuit Indians as they spoke to the shadow people (the enlightened peoples who possessed the mastery of fire).


Sam Azar

June 1 2007

I posted this letter on the internet for many to view- I found it very interesting- WHY- I saw this movie the same year I saw David Bowie. This movie left such a strong impression on me as a teenager. It is the quest for fire- for energy- for the advancement of mankind itself by way of mastery over the elements. It was absolutely amazing I seen this as a connection.

I then begin to write the ideas in my mind I have been endowed to receive from the heavens and post it on the net- this was the first draft I posted


I have always believed in a god. I am grateful to have been born to two loving parents. My father and mother that have always provided for myself and siblings at the expense of their own lives, I thank you from the deepest of my heart. Since I was a teenager I made it my mission to find answers in science with a sole purpose of providing a benefit to mankind. I chose the study of gravity itself as I believed that someday I would unlock its mystery so that we as a civilization may use to our benefit. To control gravity would mean a great ease in moving objects from one place to another, you may call this transportation. It was my personal interests to have gravity control as a method for our use in space exploration. I am like many as an explorer. I have found many beautiful places on earth, and it is in this spirit I would desire to have this ability with the stars in the sky with some kind of ship. If you find this humorous, so do all my nephews and nieces as I have always enjoyed their enthusiasm when they ask their uncle sam when it will be done because they want to take a ride in it. That was my childhood dream and continues to be so. I have explored many educational institutions and formally obtained an engineering degree. I have always believed that the greatest institution within four walls was a library. In a library one may find all things from religion to science. I give praise to our fore fathers in this country who have instilled the need for a library in every town. When I was in my early twenties I learned a Native American saying which truly depicts my character in my pursuits, both physical and mental-particularly science. GO UNTIL THE BODY CAN GO NO FURTHER, THEN MOVE ON-- THIS IS WHEN THE EAGLE WILL LET GO. This is a statement in which any human being may adopt, it does not adhere to any one religion, and it is merely a simple but true statement in which it is up to us to find the inner strength to continue any endeavor. When coupled with the full knowledge in a great entity in our universe, one of which has created structure and order, I believe the answer to all our questions may be found. It has been said that to knock and the door will be opened, I must have knocked, kicked, smashed, and did everything to find answers as I have tried my best to leave no stone unturned. Then, at the age of thirty three I have received a clear message. All of us in some time of our lives have some connections, most of them keep us guessing and wondering, but never the belief in god that must be without question or debate, and this is what I believe. My message was as clear as all which is before me. With this message embraced, I held it to myself until I was ready. For me, I wanted to unlock something in science, a deal you might say between me and my maker. My first real pursuit into the betterment of mankind was not gravity but with a direction I believed I have seen in helping those of us that are sick with a virus. The HIV virus which causes AIDS was my target. I am a man of the electrical world, thus my ideas were of such. I believe a device can be built to resonant a frequency which would destroy or disable parts of the HIV molecule itself. I have pursued this goal vigorously for several years. In finishing this I have made a video of my intentions and method of approach with a spirit of understanding that someone else would continue with this goal. I have titled this video—PROJECTV20 --ITS ALL ABOUT VIBRATIONS”. The company I started in the late nineties for this purpose was called Unity Foundation. I called it projectv20 because of an idea I have created at the time. I believe in a utopian world in which someday the world will truly be ONE NATION UNDER GOD. A world free from separate armies and living together in a spirit of cooperation. We all have our own ideas when this might occur, and I had mine. I believed that a utopian world would represent a level of 300 in some kind of judging basis from zero of primitive to 300 as the attainment of a unified world. I believed my pursuits for a cure to aids was a 20 on the grand scheme of things. I do not belittle such an endeavor and my heart is with all that is sick with any ailment. I only acknowledge societies behavior and present level as what good is it to cure people of disease simply to dress them in battle uniform and conduct wars. I believe we have great work ahead of us and the future looks bright.

I now draw near to my disclosure of my message, but you must fully understand the world in which I have lived this past decade. I was given the greatest gift ever as a human being, my son Austin 15 years ago. Unfortunately, his mother and I have parted and so my son has lived with her since he was a child. I thank her as she has been an excellent mother to him and provided for all his needs. They both live in the vicinity of Edmonton Alberta, or shall I say Medicine Hat also of southern Alberta Canada. I have now lived 13 years without my son and I will tell everyone I WOULD NOT WISH THIS HARDSHIP ON ANY HUMAN BEING. It was in this framework of mind in which I labored in science to find an answer and live a better life for myself and my son as ANY NORMAL PARENT WOULD DO. I have heard every parent with their strong commitment to love their child and would almost certainly die for their child. I too have these same feelings but my separation from him only strengthened in me my pursuits to find answers. Upon the place of one of my favorite mountains to hike, a plac