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Archive:March 19, 2008 Questions for Jack Durban

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Download (1:57 hr 27 Mb) - On March 19, 2008, Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan conducted a 'special 2-hour, live interview' with Jack Durban as part of the Free Energy Now radio series.

The following is a list of questions that were asked Jack during this interview. 'This page is archived for historic reference.' It originally appeared at Talk:Article:Jack Durban's experience with Steve Marks Toroid Generator.

Click here for historic copy of that page as it appeared on March 19, 2008 at the time of the interview.


What is your present occupation?

What was your role in Steve's toroid project a decade ago?

For how long were you involved?

How long did he have it before you came along?

General Device Operation

How did it work?

How well do you understand how it worked? You said it was VERY SIMPLE.

What is the source of the excess output energy?

Is a gravitational field necessary for operation? e.g. would not work in outer space?

Was some of the output energy looped back to excite the device to keep it running? e.g. was it a stand-alone, continuous power scenario?

Were one or more collector coils used as simple DC electromagnet in order to generate a magnetic bias, orthogonal to the device plane?

Did you ever witness a device runaway, such as rapid and violent melt-down, etc, or the results of such a runaway?

Device Validation

How many times did you see the toroid generator run?

How reliable was it?

Total time that you saw it running?

What was the most energy you saw the generator put out at one time?

How many units were there?

You mention being tasked with replicating the design

What can you say about the evolution of Marks' TPU from the small open TPU with 4 apparent coils - through successively larger devices - up to the 16 inch model? It appears that there were distinct differences between the generations, so that even had the first unit been obtained through dubious means, there would have been some serious engineering flowing into the evolution. If your company was not supplying the engineering of this evolution, who was?

Were you present during the video taping that is now seen on the net?

What was done to rule out wireless transmission of power?

In how many different settings were tests run?

Was there any noticeable fall-off in output level as the device was moved around the room or oriented in different positions ?

Did you ever see Marks try to find the best place in a room to demo it?

Was the device ever tested in a shielded box?

Did you ever look at the output on an oscilloscope?


Regarding the overheating...

When it got hot, did it just stop running, or did it taper off as it got hot, or did you shut it off?

How hot did it get?

Would the device heat up when it was running, even if there was no load connected?

What happened when you put too large a load on the device?

Did they try to run it with some kind of a cooling system engaged (fan, radiator)

With the many Directory:Thermal Electric technologies now available, is it conceivable that the heat could be harnessed for additional energy generation?

The Company

What was the name/type of Steve's company?

Is his name Steven Marks or Mark?

Do you know any of the investors or people who saw the demos?

Please elaborate on your statement that your company was hired by M.M., a close friend of Steven's, to replicate the device by any means possible.

What was the name of your company?

Were you part of the team when SM tried 6 months long unsuccessfully to replicate the first working model? Were you part of the team when they finally broke down and took apart the first one?

You said: "every time I came up with a over-heating solution SM would say he would check it out, but nothing ever came of the remedies." Please describe some your proposed remedies and the rational and reasoning behind them.

You say that you don't think Steve was the inventor. Do you have any idea who was? Where and how did he get the device?

Who presently holds the ownership rights to the technology?

Were there patents? filed? numbers?

What happened to the company and technology? Why/how did it fizzle?

Chances of Resurrection

What are the chances of it being resurrected?

Do you think you could build one?

Have you tried replicating it? if not, why not?

What do you think of the various discussion groups such as at where people are trying to replicate the generator? How close are they?

What tips would you give the experimenters who are attempting replication since two years? What to do - what not to do?

Do you have interest and time to join the open-source replication group at,4299.msg83249.html#msg83249

Device Minutia

Questions regarding the details of the device construction and operation.

SM showed how the device stopped working when turned upside down. Was this effect real and honest? Was this a ruse with a mercury switch in order to ask eager investors for more money to solve this problem? Did this problem still exist in later versions, such as the large 15 inch version?

SM said that it worked just the opposite in the southern hemisspere. Can you elaborate on this comment? Was it simply a matter of turning the device upside down - or did the field have to be rotated in the opposite direction - or coils wound in the opposite sense, for example?

Could you elaborate on the coil geometry? "toroidal topology" "hopf fibration"?

Did the device use low-distortion sine waves to excite the control coils or did it use digital pulses?

linear logic ? digital logic ? high voltage ?

Was there a diode or rectifier in the output circuit?

TPU Replication Community Questions


It might be worth asking him if he is aware of how SM solved the problem of it working only one way up, the answer might give a useful indication into its method of operation.

Cutting the TPU

# Were you there when SM cut the TPU.

# Do you know what happened to that particular TPU and the cut parts.

# If you were there, can you describe what you saw.

# Do you remember any preparation discussions on any strategy SM wanted to use in order to decide where to do the cut on the TPU. Example - Location of least impact on the operation, location of least internal windings.

# Before cutting the TPU he said it took him 6 months to build the unit. Do you agree and what in the unit could possibly take so long to build. Example 50,000 feet of wire, etc.

TPU Characteristics

# Have you ever had discussions about wire type such as Litz wire, lamp wire, bailing wire.

# Did any of the TPUs make any peculiar sounds, clicking, ticking, snaps, etc.

# Regarding the Open TPU (demo video in a garage) were he put on two magnets, we know he pushed a switch on the device and we also know there were batteries in one of the units legs and the unit was getting hot to the touch. Do you now anything else about this unit? Such as ring material(s), the circuit was visible - did you see it up close, etc.

General Questions

# As an inventor and holder of many patents yourself, did you not find it rather puzzling that SM would be able to build his first TPU, and afterwards have sooooooooo much trouble building a second one. This type of situation would be more consistent with someone having a TPU fall in their lap from who knows were, and afterwards trying to replicate it without taking it apart to not break the only working model. What are you thoughts about this.

# What are your thoughts on why this technology is not already available on the market. Do you believe this technology was shelved or has the TPU remained in an unreliable state. Please elaborate.

Regarding the Large TPU (LPTU):

# What are values of the two black capacitors and the two yellow capacitors.

# There is a white connector. Do you know how many wires were on each side.

# The two center toroid coils were mounted on their own original brackets making these either off the shelf toroids or taken off some other equipment. Do you know anything about them.

# Have you ever made a rough wiring diagram of the LPTU as per the wires that are visible.

# The TPU was mounted on some pretty thick wooden base. Why so thick. We can calculate that according to such thickness SM could have had up to 200 x 9 volt batteries hidden under the base of the TPU. Any comments on this.

# Do you know anything about the internal core material of the LTPU.

# SM said the LPTU was "made with bailing wire". Do you know what he meant by this.

# The only place there could be a circuit is in that small black box under the two toroids. SM talked about 2-3 frequencies, pure audio signals, moving a magnet over 1000 wires. In 1996, it would be impossible to harbor MOSFETs, drivers, heat sinks plus the energy required to drive these inside that black box. Do you know anything about what is inside that black box.

Questions from Earl:

# What do you know about the stories concerning an American lawyer, bared from USA practice, living in the Philippines, somehow involved with a company called UEC who supposedly has the rights to the TPU? (or at least rights to the TPU's control circuitry) Do you know what the letters UEC stand for? Country of company registration?

# Were tubes were used at first, then replaced with solid state control circuits? Did the original inventor use tubes or SS?

# Do you know what parts went into making the units - or can you find out? Could you give us a basic list, now or later?

Question from Stefan:

# who developed his 3D audio system ?

You said, Steven Mark had no big knowledge about electronics, but if he himself developed the 3D audio system. What I can see from his 3D audio patent that indeed needs very deep knowledge of electronics and oscillator circuits…

Are your comments emotional because you harbor some resentment against SM - or are there things that we do not know about?


Q. Similarity to Tesla Patent?

''On March 17, 2008, New Energy Congress member, Congress:Member:Ken Rasmussen wrote:


You have a fascinating story on Steven Mark today. Busy as I am this week I will probably not be near a computer to hear your interview live. So here is an important question to ask him.

The Steven Mark device looks very much like a device Tesla patented in 1888. It is most certainly open source now, but few look that far back in patents for anything today.

Specifically patent number 381970

Filed May 1, 1888

I think he gave it a vague title like "switching device" when in reality it was switching power from an unidentified source, probably the earth's various energy fields.

You may remember me remarking I recognized a patent attorney in one of his [Steven Marks] videos. From my brief interaction with that attorney, I know he was one of the most thorough guys in the industry and turned over every stone in his own investigations. Not an easy guy to do a snow job on, and you have to have something pretty credible in the first place to even get his audience. Steven Mark was playing big time. Sorry to hear, just like Pantone, apparently killed his own golden goose.

On March 17, 2008 3:41 PM, Jack Durban wrote

: This is true. I have believed all along that Tesla was intentionally cloaking his patents. I have told others on youtube to look into the 381,970 patent as a hint. The coil configuration indeed resembles the Mark coil.

See also

Talk:Article:Jack Durban's experience with Steve Marks Toroid Generator

Image:Steven Marks toroid generator powering 100W bulb 95x95.jpg

Directory:Solid State Generators > Directory:Steve Marks Toroid Generator > Article:Jack Durban's experience with Steve Marks Toroid Generator - Former key associate in a non-mechanical technology that allegedly extracted copious free energy from the environment, is ready to tell all, after more than a decade of silence. He says that the technology worked, but that Marks was less than honest in his business dealings.

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