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This is a copy of the main index page as it existed on April 5, 2014, originally posted on September 12, 2013 then moved to OS:Quantum Energy Generator (QEG) prior to a major make-over.

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: Update: On March 25, open source plans for the QEG were announced. (download pdf)

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Compiled by Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan

Pure Energy Systems News

September 12, 2013

Career Electronics Engineer of 26+ years, James M. Robitaille of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA recently resigned his position to bring a Home Quantum Energy Generator technology forward. He and his wife and daughter formed Fix the World Organization for this purpose, among other objectives that fit that super-broad name.

They launched a crowdfunding project that has gotten a lot of traction, raising more than twice the goal of $7610 so far, with about a day to go. In the past couple of days, I've received half a dozen notices from various people about this initiative. Apparently, it's making the rounds on Facebook. Their campaign There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] has logged over 9,000 views in just 11 days.

You have to credit them for enthusiasm and vision. Hopefully, they aren't trying to take on too much at once but will be able to adequately focus on getting the quantum energy generator built, validated, optimized, and out to the planet.

Here is an excerpt from their campaign description (slightly edited):

: The There was an error working with the wiki: Code[2] is a short compilation of existing inventions to demonstrate that people have already built these types of machines and they do indeed work! Our prototype is not yet built and that is the reason for this campaign. Once we have a working model, we have an investor who will fund the mass manufacturing of the Quantum Energy Generator. We are asking for $7610.00 (see budget below) to build the prototype, which will take 5 weeks.

Image:James-M-Robitaille rd.jpg

: About the Inventor

: I am a career Electronics Engineer, who has been designing electronic controls for electric motors for 26+ years. I hold 9 patents and am knowledgeable in many different types of electric motor design. My father was a mechanical designer, so I have been immersed in the field of electro-mechanical motion from my youth. A large part of my work has been in designing rugged, efficient and manufacturable motors and electronic controls for consumer and industrial products.

: You may have seen some news out of the U.S. from Honda Motor Company about a new option available on the 2014 Odyssey Van -- the world's first built-in cabin vacuum cleaner system! I am the designer of the electronics and motor controls for this product.

: However, I have always had the eye and the heart of an inventor, and have questioned the established conventions in my field of design. I do not accept the conventional notion that wasted energy has to be a factor in every electrical machine, and so have developed the concept for the home Quantum Energy Generator (QEG) to disprove this theory (also shown by others in the video).

: I have recently resigned from the position I've held for 26 years with an internationally known motor manufacturer because I am confident in my ability to bring this technology to people and communities that need it. I am not in this for financial gain. Rather, it has become clear to me that this is my purpose on Earth at this time.

: -- James M. Robitaille

: About the Invention

: The words 'quantum field' sound mysterious, but this is just another way to say 'smaller than atoms.' The energy source for the QEG is the same force that holds atoms together. In conventional electric current flow, the movement of electrons is what provides usable energy. With our machine, we also use conventional electron flow, but in addition, we are making use of the many other smaller particles which have been known by some energy pioneers since the early 1900’s -- people like Tesla, Moray, Schauberger, Riech and others.

: In basic terms, our machine reverses the conventions used to build electric motors, i.e., instead of using low voltage/high current construction, which wastes energy, our designs use high voltage/low current construction, which gives us a HUGE surplus of energy. A portion of the surplus energy is fed back to self-power the motor, and the excess energy is collected in capacitors and converted into house current (120 or 240 volt, at 50-200 Amperes, depending on scaling). This is known as over-unity (more output than input), which traditional educational institutions have historically taught us was impossible. It is not at all impossible, and does NOT operate outside the laws of physics.

: As previously mentioned, the technology is known, but here is where our plan differs from all the others, and why we believe it will be successful where others have failed:

: We have an investor who will fund large-scale manufacturing of the QEG -- once we have a working prototype -- guaranteed! The QEG is the cornerstone of our offering, along with research and development into offshoot products, such as generators without moving parts, and continuous improvement and refinement of existing designs.

: The existence of the Fix the World Organization (my wife and daughter are the co-founders) is the solution to get this product into the hands of the people, because we have numbers! Many technical and forward-thinking people are already in place, who have their own world-changing products and ideas, and who are ready to put these systems into use in their homes and businesses. Through our own members, we will be able to prove out the technology and get enough machines into the hands of enough people that when we go public, there will be too many people and too much credibility for any kind of suppression to be effective! We will finally be able to open the door which leads AWAY from dependency on fossil fuels and corrupt corporate energy interests!

: The machines get their input from the quantum field, which is estimated to have in the neighborhood of 200 Megawatts of power available in every cubic foot of space. That is an amazing level of energy density which has always been available to us, but the powers that be (or were) have historically suppressed the people and concepts that have tried to bring it into the mainstream economy.

: Convenient and clean! We have discovered that it is possible to design and build a scalable motor-generator system that can produce electrical power, without any fuel or emissions, in about the same space as a conventional diesel or gasoline generator of comparative power (wattage) output. What we are talking about is a system which would be similar in overall size (but lighter in weight), to the many available backup generator systems found in industrial and domestic applications.

: Our system uses no fuel, fossil or otherwise, and produces zero by-products, pollutants or emissions of any kind, except a bit of audible noise, which is similar to that produced in any mechanical generator system, and can easily be minimized in the design and packaging.

Official Websites - Blog by the inventor's wife - QEG Forum, QEG Links, QEG Frequently asked Questions, QEG Meet-up - inventor's wife

Fundraisers - Raised: $25,810.00 Goal: $20,000.00 - $18,064 USD Raised of $7,610 Goal


Home Quantum Generator Campaign Video


"The video you have just seen is a short compilation of existing inventions to demonstrate that people have already built these types of machines and they do indeed work! Our prototype is not yet built and that is the reason for this campaign. Once we have a working model, we have an investor who will fund the mass manufacturing of the Quantum Energy Generator. We are asking for $7610.00 (see budget below) to build the prototype, which will take 5 weeks." (YouTube / blessedhealth September 3, 2013)

Fix the World Website Welcome Tour


"This platform will serve as the major center where people can meet, connect with others of like mind, share ideas, share projects, get their projects organized, presented and funded. This is how we are going to make this happen for all of us!!!" (YouTube / HopeGirl587 August 16, 2013)

Profile: Fix the World Organization

Business Plan - Fix the World Organization: Defining a New Paradigm Business Model. "This is unlike any business plan you have ever read."


New Energy Technology

- Fuel-less engines for generators, automobiles, buses, boats, trucks, etc.

- Electromagnetic power generation equipment

- Waste-to-energy or waste-to-fuel technologies

: "One of the goals of distributing these systems through the Fix-The-World organization is that we want to give away two machines for each 10 machines that we sell at full price.

Profile: HopeGirl2012 (Inventor's Wife)

Quoting from

Image:I-am-hopegirl only 100.jpg

: I am an average everyday human being that loves the earth and her people. We are on the brink of tremendous positive change in the world. Through this change, there will be a massive healing and rebuilding of our society. New technologies will be released along with abundance and prosperity for all of mankind. At this time, there is a tremendous need for organizing and distributing on many levels. All of us will have a role in this process. For me, I wish to get behind the wheel of the vehicle of finance in its enlightened form: one of service to help implement the many benefits soon to affect all of humanity in a very positive way.

: By profession, I am a financial analyst with experience in both government and corporate finance. I help organizations find, understand, and make the most out of their money. My 10 years of multifaceted experience has given me an energetic and creative mind that will bring a fresh perspective and strong leadership to any organization.

: I have experience in Corporate Finance, Government Administration and Management, Human Resources, Payroll, Project Management and Small Business Management. I hold an MBA in Human Resources Administration, I have also gone through Wall Street Training for Financial Modeling and Project Management Institute coursework.

: Given my experiences in the professional world, I’ve learned a lot about how the old ways of doing business are harmful to humanity and the planet. I created the New Paradigm Business Model as a way to help change this. Ending financial suffering and helping others to help themselves live abundance-thriving lives is my passion that created the Fix the World Organization.

In the News

Google >

Image:Taiwan success QEG sq 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Electromagnetic > News:Quantum > Template: 972 > QEG Effect Replicated by Taiwan Group - After four days in Taiwan, the Fix the World organization has helped the Taiwan and Chinese group to replicate a resonance effect of the Quantum Effect Generator (QEG). This is a key step in replicating the 10 kW self-looped generator. (PESN April 5, 2014)
Image:140403 TWIFE sqr 95x95.jpg
Latest: News > This Week in Free Energy™ > This Week in Free Energy™: April 3, 2014 - Fix the World QEG Project Arrives in Taiwan • YMNEE Fuel-Free Generator • Sterling's first H-Cat calorimetric test points to anomalous heat • Crowther's H-Cat aluminum fins • Jeremiah Sturk to demo his magnet motor on Mt. Shasta • Shhh! New Energy Breakthrough Is Quietly Powering Up • Mats Lewan: An Impossible Invention (FreeEnergyNews)

Free Energy Blog:2014:04:03 - Here are three short videos they recently posted of their progress in Thailand. They expect to have a unit up and running there within a couple of days.(Free Energy Blog April 3, 2014)

Image:140328 Sterling TWIFE H-Cat sq 95x95.gif
Latest: There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] > Week in Free Energy™: March 28, 2014 - H-Cat test report Calorimetry Protocol • Quantum Energy Generator (QEG) Open Sourced • Utah's KSL: Cold fusion 25 years later • Open source 100 MPG hydroxy project • Ukrainian Generator-Motor replication and test: dud? • W2E Extreme: Aborted babies incinerated to heat hospitals • Snowden Head NSA (FreeEnergyNews)

Free Energy Revealed - We can confirm that the Fix the World Team has produced a working overunity device, called Quantum Energy Generator (QEG). Yes, it works. (2012 Portal March 27, 2014)

Free Energy Blog:2014:03:28 - In respose to a FAQ, HopeGirl, who just landed in Taiwan to train 30 people how to make one of these, wrote: "Yes we have a working prototype. We just finished it and gave away the plans to the whole world for free. Any engineer can build one." (Free Energy Blog March 28, 2014)

Image:QEG cover sq 95x95.gif
Latest / There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] > Directory:Motor-Generator Self-Looped with Usable Energy Left Over > Template: 972 > Quantum Energy Generator (QEG) Open Sourced - HopeGirl yesterday announced that they had finally completed their downloadable plans that will enable to world to open source a modified Tesla free energy technology capable of producing a net output of 10 kW -- enough to power a home. (PESN March 26, 2014)
Image:130912 Robert-Godes Bob-George sq 95x95.jpg
Latest: There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] > This Week in Free Energy™ > This Week in Free Energy™: September 12, 2013 / Brillouin Interview - RAR Energia Gravity Motor Allegedly Complete and Working • TurXotor Free Energy Demonstration Scheduled for Istanbul • LENR Weekly • Quantum Energy Generator • 4x-efficient Keppe Motor ceiling fan • Magnetometer on 9/11 Shows Exotic Weapons Evidence (FreeEnergyNews)
Image:James-M-Robitaille sq 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Fundraisers / Directory:Quantum Particles > OS:Quantum Energy Generator (QEG) - Career Electronics Engineer of 26+ years, James M. Robitaille of Pennsylvania, recently resigned his position to bring a Home Quantum Energy Generator technology forward. "The energy source for the QEG is the same force that holds atoms together." (PESWiki September 12, 2013)

Home Quantum Energy Generator on Indegogo - This is a sad but true story of another fund raiser on Idiegogo. They have raised nearly double what they are build something based on at best theories that fly against the face of known laws of Physics and science (Revolution-Green September 11, 2013)

Free Energy Developments - There is a great project with the purpose of bringing free energy devices to the people, created by Hope Girl and Fix the World organization. (AmericanKabuki September 10, 2013)

Finally! We Have Found the Perfect Way to Release Free Energy Technology to the People! [wife of the inventor] (HopeGirl2012 September 10, 2013)

Home Quantum Energy Generator – almost halfway there and 4 days to go!! (HopeGirl2012 September 10, 2013)

Related Technologies


See: Directory:World Improvement Through The Spirit Ministries

From the QEG pdf...

: "We would like to dedicate the success we’ve experienced to our first teacher, Sir Timothy Thrapp, and WITTS Ministries, without whose guidance none of this would be available so soon. We acknowledge and honor the work WITTS has done for over 200 years bringing technology forward, and hope that you will consider making a donation to the ministry for their great work."

Timothy Thrapp's device as shown here:


Longer (FULL VIDEO) and more detailed 2.3kW demonstration of the 40kW WITTS Fuelless Generator. This device, once started, requires no input of fuel whatsoever and derives it's power from the quantum field. [...] This is not a trick or slight of hand in any way, there are no hidden wires or power sources being used other than what you see in the video. This technology is real and currently in use by W.I.T.T.S. Please see our website for more information on how to bring this technology to be readily available! [...] (YouTube July 3, 2012)

On April 2, 2014, Hopegirl wrote:

: Briefly, here's what happened with Timothy Thrapp:- Sir T was our initial teacher but wanted more and more money to tell us everything we needed to build a working prototype (common complaint [about] them). They omit critical information from their teachings.

: So Jamie figured it out. It is the same generator, but WITTS won't sell it for under $100,000 (for which they want cash up front) and won't even talk to you unless you have lots of money (they want $200K just to walk through their lab) and if you look on their website they state: “If you don't have much money, quantum energy is not for you…”.

: What has WITTS done with this technology that they have been sitting on for at least 20 years? We took it to the next level. The most important thing here is that Free Energy has been freely given to the people. We aren’t selling QEGs, we're making them accessible to people that don't have a lot of money.

Ecklin-Brown Generator

Ecklin Brown generator information ( July 09, 2006)


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