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Admin:Kevn Tasks

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Image:Greenrhino kevn.gif

A prioritized list of tasks for Kevn Lambson, Graphic Artist for PES Network, Inc. since July 21, 2008.



dress up the link from the T100 page over to the "complete list" page. (see 8/28 email) :

A medium priority project I'd like you to tackle would be to dress up the "Complete List" link section on the main T100 page.

We list the top 20, then have a heading for the "complete list" with a link to a separate page where all 100 are listed, followed by a heading for "recently added".

Because the "complete list" section is so brief, I'm afraid many people might have a hard time seeing/finding the link over there.

One possible solution I've thought of is to manually create a table to replace the auto table at the beginning of the page, so that if a person clicks on "complete list" from there, they are taken to that page directly, rather than to the section below with that heading, to have to then click on another link to get to that page.

Meanwhile, I though you could do some things with fonts, spacing, graphics to guide people to the proper place to click to get to the complete list.

Image Requests

list highest priority first remove when done

Feature Image Requests

A thumbnail will also usually be good to include that matches the feature image.

Highest Priority
Medium Priority

Do a 95 and 300 for each of the T100 technologies, starting at the top, and moving down, until they are all done. Goal: 1/weekday.

Lower Priority
Thumbnail Requests

''For off-site news bullets. No 300 px needed.

Sysops can post requests here''

Intermediate-Size Tasks

High Priority
Moderate Priority - redo page

NEC profile photos

Very Low Priority

"Scam" icon for some Directory:Buyer Beware pages. (Use template function)

Major Tasks

High Priority

Any open source projects that come along

Moderate Priority
Image:All-conventional-renewables-graphic jp70.jpg

Overview images See email from Dec. 25, 2008 - we should be able to add to these and edit them from time to time.

Main overview


Solar see Template:Solar footer

Wind see Template:Wind footer

Hydro see Template:Hydro footer

Galactic Sea of Energy see Template:Galactic footer

Waste-to-Energy (need to make footer)

Fuel Efficiency see Template:Fuel Efficiency footer

Nuclear see Template:Nuclear footer

Batteries see Template:Batteries footer

Hydrogen see Template:Hydrogen footer

Storage (need to make footer)

There will be more

drop-down menus

help develop captchas

focus on (primarily) submitting material from our site and 2) (lower time) keeping an eye peeled for relevant news/developments that we should cover. ~30 minutes/day on average

create graphic to represent rfp idea: Classifieds:Energy RFPs:NineSigma Requests For Proposals

top20 brag graphics

Lower Priority

interactive flash for home page of PESWiki

improve feedback/comments features to encourage participation

cycling/rotating image in upper left with link to feature page

build great profile pages for all active NEC members

booth support materials - at-a-glance T100 page

3d printing services...affilitate links to existing services? include cad services directory, other graphics support

T100 annual publication

YouTube PESN promo videos

Ongoing Tasks

Ad tracking, banner upgrades

opening images on most popular pages [goal: 1/day, not including new pages]

graphics to explain new concepts [goal: 1/week]

format newsletter

post occasional news bullet [goal: 3/week]

other key pages look/feel [goal: 1/week]

original kevn art (satire/humor pages...eventual calendar/book?) [goal: 1/month]

article series on invention documentation [goal: 1/month]

Identify new products that might sell well and build good looking sale pages (after establishing vendor relation) [goal: 1/month]

Kevn-initiated, new feature pages on DIY projects, including straw-bale lessons


See Talk:Admin:Kevn Tasks

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