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Action:Bringing Robert Potchen to Justice

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Page first featured December 14, 2009

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Latest News

by User:2ranch

Robert "Bob" Potchen has gotten involved in a couple of interesting discussion threads that included Bob Boyce as a participant.

Mr. Potchen has claimed that he taught Bob Boyce how to design cells, as well as that Bob Boyce did not contribute to the design of Potchen's "The Cell".

He has provided a link to a recent International Patent (WIPO) Application for a cell that looks a lot like some of Boyce's designs. He keeps referring to his Patents, although they currently appear to be just applications.

Then there was this shocker on Friday 4/16/2010. He announced that he has applied for a Trademark on the name. He seemed quite gleeful about it: "we actually own "Bob Boyce"....Tee Hee....." (punctuation his)

Good thing the US-PTO makes the "owner" of the name consent before they issue a Trademark.

Since he is threatening to sue some people that say negative things about him (including the story below, which was specifically mentioned), this page was taken down recently.

I do not know how long my revision will stay up, depends on how long it takes for the admins to notice I guess.

To see the full discussion, go to : The most interesting part is around page 10-12 in my opinion.

The now-closed thread that preceded it, and began the Boyce/Potchen discussion is at:

I have everything archived in case it later disappears.

- - - -

Noted by someone else on June 2, 2010

Also, for what it's worth:

Potchen's factory/office is now in foreclosure. Summons has been issued.

His house is in foreclosure as well. Has been for over a year.

- - - -

by Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan

Pure Energy Systems News

Image:TheCell Potchen 125.jpg

Bob Potchen, of Precombustion Technologies Inc. (PTI), was initially working with Bob Boyce to commercialize Boyce's hydroxy technology wherein a super-efficient onboard electrolysis system generates hydroxy gas which is added to the air intake of a vehicle to improve its mileage -- by as much as double in some cases.

Boyce said that Potchen made many modifications to Boyce's system so that rather than improve mileage, the resulting product actually diminishes mileage. It was early in the realization of this tendency that Boyce removed his involvement with and endorsement of Potchen's device.

I've spoken with at least six former associates of Potchen, all of whom verify Boyce's assertions about the technology being degraded by Potchen. Boyce says that a university laboratory tested Potchen's device in November, 2009 on a dynamometer, documenting that it reduced a truck's mileage from 13 mpg to 10 mpg. They are willing to publish their results. (Pending.)

Potchen tells dissatisfied customers that they are the only ones who have complained, while in fact there are at least a hundred who have complained, according to former associates, who hear of the complaints directly from the customers seeking remedy.

Furthermore, Boyce says that Potchen never licensed the technology from him, and that he has no right to be selling the device, which still includes some of Boyce's exclusive intellectual property.

It was while Boyce was at Potchen's facility in early April, 2009 that Boyce first noticed what turned out to be a VeriChip implanted in his right shoulder without his permission or knowledge, which turned out to spur the formation of a tumor there, which then metastasized into what Boyce's doctors called a "terminal cancer." Potchen is former military intelligence, and would thus likely have the ability and access to inject and track such an implant.

It would seem that Potchen's actions are not merely a function of incompetence but of willful sabotage. In either case, he has been giving the industry a bad name by selling a lemon product, and he needs to be brought to justice.

On Sun, Dec 13, 2009 at 11:14 PM, Bob Boyce wrote:

: "[...] A couple of days ago, Bob Potchen threatened to sue the dealers that dare to go against him and speak out about him.

: "He needs to be stopped in his crusade of ripping off the public. We need to get the word out in a big way. We want all of his former customers and dealers to file complaints with the Attorney General in their home states, and with the Attorney General of the state of Florida, about the past and ongoing fraudulent actions and behavior of Bob Potchen.

: "A group of dealers have come out with a proven working unit that is built exactly to my design, and Bob Potchen has threatened to sue them to prevent it.

: "Bob Potchen never followed up with me to obtain a license agreement, so he does not have ANY legal rights to my design whatsoever. Despite his use of electropolished plates, the basic layout of his cells is still according to my series cell design, in violation of my published allowance of non-commercial, personal only use without license."

I personally am anxious to get more concrete evidence for the following reasons:

# to be able to have a defense against Potchen should he take legal action for Bob's sake and for mine

# to convince others that this really did happen

## to prove that highly sophisticated, targeted, and well-funded suppression does happen

## to prove that the VeriChip does pose a cancer risk, thus giving people a reason to reject human microchip implants for health reasons, not just moral reasons.

This page has been created to compile the evidence against Potchen as it comes in. If you are a customer or dealer, please feel free to update those sections below with any actions you have taken regarding obtaining remedy in this matter. This is a publicly editable page, so you can log in and update accordingly. A record is made of all changes made, and the page can be reverted to earlier version in the case of abuse.

Background Information

Potchen's Official Websites - Precombustion Technologies Inc. (PTI)

Other Potchen-Relevant Links

Google > Bob Potchen PTI

Google Dictionary: poach

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Key Grievances Against Bob Potchen

Key Subspect in Implanting Two VeriChips in Boyce's Shoulder

Potchen is the key suspect in implanting two VeriChips in Bob Boyce's shoulder, which caused malignant tumors that nearly killed Boyce. At a minimum, this is electronic harassment. But it could also go to "attempted homicide". Potchen's response has been to deny that he did any such thing, but he has never offered to help find out who is responsible for doing this while Boyce was at Potchen's facility.

Boyce writes: I do not know why he has not admitted to being shown the bump on my right shoulder when I saw him later that morning. There would be no admission of guilt by him to acknowledge seeing it, but his denial sure makes him suspect. Since we have no physical evidence (yet) that ties him to the chip itself, all we can do is make the case that it happened while I was there working with him. This is a matter of testimony only, of my word against his about the drugging of me with the Mountain Dew [laced]. It all goes to credibility, and this is where we have him. His multiple actions against me prove his intent towards me. Just take a look at the date on his trademark application for, it shows that he had started actions against me prior to my departure from his facility!

Selling Lemon HHO Product

Potchen is selling a demonstrably lemon HHO product, which is giving the HHO industry a bad name. All his modifications from Boyce' design have moved away from efficiency improvement toward actually decreasing efficiency.

Boyce writes: The original dyno results from shows Potchen fudged the numbers before posting. has the printouts of the dyno results. He had test results that showed that a Potchen built trucker unit with freshly flushed out cells would imrove mileage and efficiency, then degrade in a matter of an hour or less to the point that it made mileage and efficiency worst after the Potchen added contaminants would leach out into the electrolyte. Also, take a look at Potchens current products, with efficiency so bad that he had to add radiators to keep them cool.

Many Disatisfied Customers

Potchen claims to have nothing but satisfied customers, when in fact most of his customers have complained, and have received no recovery for their losses.

Boyce writes: and can supply names and emails. of ..., they are a former customer that never received all of the units they paid for, and never got any money back. He had emails from Potchen as well. So did Bro Andrew, as a former dealer of TheCell. All of the emails I had read were through the company email server while I was there, and also phone calls that started pouring in from customers and dealers. I have quite a few emails in my Potchen Legal folder as well, I archived everything that I had come in since I left Potchen's facility

Has Tried to Steal Boyce's Intellectual Property

Potchen has repeatedly tried to steal and claim as his own, intellectual property that originated with Boyce.

Boyce writes: ...Lots of documentation there. I worked with at the end of 2007 to develop a prototype flow-through cell. archives everything we work on together by having drawings notorized. I have attached photos of notorized drawings of the cell design that we worked on many months prior to me ever being contacted by Potchen via emails relayed through the Hydroxy Group moderator . has independently archived all of the emails that he passed between myself and Potchen prior to us ever emailing each other directly. This proves the beginning time line of our first interaction. Records of Potchens attempts to register my claimed trademark and name for himself are public record here: ["Hydroxy"]

and ["Bob Boyce"]

Posts as Bob Boyce, Detrimental Impersonating

Potchen has repeatedly posted as Bob Boyce, impersonating Boyce, to the detriment of Boyce's reputation.

Boyce writes: We can refer to a few threads on the forum, where he posted as me when responding to others. When challenged, he finally admitted to some of it and edited posts to reflect that. Then he went back and deleted almost all of his posts in the threads that were not locked. Here is a locked thread that he was unable to delete his posts from. - [relevant posts are later in the thread]

: Here is a prime example of him posting as me. Potchen posted from TheCell account as Bob B. , then deleted all of his posts when he got caught. The other members reply shows Potchens original content where he posted as me.

: He removed his posts in this thread but some can be read in the replies of others.

: Here are a batch of 99polls that he registered in the name bobboyce00

: He just loves to use my name

Has Purchased Hundreds of Boyce Domain Names Redirects to His Site

Potchen has bought up over a thousand domain names including variations of the name Bob Boyce, forwarding them to his own site. Some of those thousand plus domains are variations of his own name and company, which is somewhat logical, except when you consider the unlikelihood that many of them would ever be considered valuable.





































Note, when Boyce retaliated by purchasing and redirecting it to the NSA website, Potchen published a story about it on his site, saying "Boyce was then kind enough to forward it over to the, Bob Potchen’s old stomping grounds"

Other Grievances

# Potchen He is stirring up contention in the HHO community, wittingly or unwittingly fitting the profile of "divide and conquer".

Foreclosures Info

Here are the Potchen foreclosure links

Court filing

Court Docket

His home Court filing

Court Docket


Regarding product that does not perform anywhere near what the manufacturer (PTI/TheCell) alleges, usually decreasing in mileage rather than increasing, and PTI not providing remedy for the same.

Instructions for Reporting Grievances

If you have a serious grievance with Bob Potchen in regards to The Cell, either as a customer, dealer, associate, or investor, here are the steps you need to take:

# Call your state Attorney General (AG)

# File complaint with the Divisions of Consumers Services (DCS)

# File complaint with Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

#The DCS and the FTC want to see a pattern, then they will investigate. The DCS will go to the Florida State AG and show the pattern and get an investigation.

# Report Potchen to the EPA.

# Inasmuch as The Cell has failed CARB, PTI could be could be fined $1,000 to $10,000 per day for every truck with one of PTI's units on it. "Now that's got some teeth, and Potchen was informed of it by Andrew in Oct. Bob Potchen knows he is violating EPA by tuning the big trucks with his interface controller, and they will shut him down and fine him for every unit in the US." - Mike

# If the PTI-modified vehicle is in California, the violation can be reported to CARB.

To file your complaint at the state level, please contact the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (DACS), which administers the Florida Sale of Business Opportunities Act. The DACS also serves as the consumer complaint clearinghouse and offers a voluntary mediation program to assist individual consumers. You may reach this agency at:

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Division of Consumer Services

2005 Apalachee Parkway

Tallahassee, Florida 32399

Telephone: (850) 488-2221

Toll-free within FL: (800) 435-7352


: "On behalf of the people that have been ripped off by Bob Potchen...I want to thank you for your help. There is strength in numbers." -- A former Potchen associate

Dealers On Record Against Potchen

list here

Customers On Record Against Potchen

list here

Filings with Attorney General's Offices

list here

Please include information such as as: date of filing, state, general nature of complaint, person filing complaint.


list resources in defense of Potchen

Potchen's Attorney

On Dec. 9, 2009, Potchen's attorney contacted regarding Sterling's story. They pulled the story until more evidence is available linking Boyce's implant and Potchen.