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'Julius Huang's Report of Directory:Acetone as a Fuel Additive Effect on Mileage and Performance'



make & model of car: Nissan March, 1998

ratio(s) of acetone used (oz / 10 gal): ~1 oz/gal

number of miles tested: about 780km

other observations (power, idle, exhaust): great response time (from padeling to acceleration), good acceleration, stable idle.

Individual Reports

November 30, 2005

Decided to start the acetone test. On the day there should be about 25L in my gas tank. I added 20ml of acetone to make it near 1oz/gal, and start the test driving. The first thing I noticed is that the acceleration is improved, and I really enjoyed it.

By the way, my car is ranged from 10.4 KM/L (mostly city) to 15.4 KM/L (highway), with averaged 13.26 KM/L.

December 3, 2005

Time for a long travel from Taipei to Tainan, about 650km round trip. I will drive on the highway for most of the travel, which is constantly 90~110km/h. With about 1/3 tank, I drove about 200km than gas up to full tank. The gas added was 25L, and 25ml acetone is added. At the gas up, the fuel consumption is at 13.30KM/L, which is about equal to the average level.

December 4, 2005

I really enjoyed the travel because of the fast response time of the engine, which made it possible to change lane fast and accelerate at the same time. I did not dare to do it before adding the acetone. Usually my car will not easily accelerate above 110KM/H, but this time the acceleration seems to be a piece of cake. After I came back to Taipei and gas up the tank, I got 14.86KM/L at this time. I have to say I only got an OK result (-3.5% compared to the best record, +12% compare to the average), but the driving pleasure uncovered by acetone will be a strong reason for me to use it.

Probably I will add some more to see the results.


email: nesthuang at ms21 dot url dot com dot tw

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