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'"To Do" list page for the Bearden Academy:Bearden Energy from the Vacuum'


Setting up core pages

Before we begin the study we have to produce the following pages:




Gathering student Participants

We need people to study this book (who will obviously have to buy it) and help to list the difficult concepts on the working workbook pages. We also need them to do what research they can to try and answer or explain such concepts. That will mean going back to earlier unanswered concepts in the working workbook index and filling in the blanks when such people think they have the answer. If enough people help in this way then the process will go much faster. Such students may share their perplexities and discoveries on the email list and the web site. They may also share their experiences.

Inviting advanced Physics students and teachers to help in this study

We need people to explain the most difficult ideas and possibly give us examples or draw diagrams. These people will also be able to tell us about resources they use and those that are considered authority. There is no textbook on physics today that is consistent with Bearden's theories, nor is there a primer. Therefore these textbooks will be useful for giving an opposite perspective. As Bearden's book quotes and critiques popular physics it will be useful to consult such books to understand what they really mean by such terms and ideas. Skeptics or advanced physics students believing popular physics may then help us understand their theories by making them simple with illustration, etc.

Find and list printed and online resources

This Academy:BeardenBook:Resources is to list printed and online physics text books and materials that may help in this study. These can be either for or against the theories in Bearden's book.

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