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'Apologetics: Responding to Critics of Bearden's Book: Energy from the Vacuum. By the Academy:Bearden Energy from the Vacuum'

Answering Eric Krieg

Eric's Contention

Dec. 4, 2004

I really think Bearden's stuff is just gibberish that uneducated people pretend to understand. See if you can find me even one Bearden follower who can explain it to me over the phone. I've had this open offer for 2 years now.

I honestly feel (as do many who are inclined to believe in FE) that Bearden's stuff is "the emporers new physics" and causing a vast number of FE seekers to waste incredible amounts of time. Bearden has faked credentials and is said to have stolen the MEG design (which I can find no good evidence of working).


Response to Eric

This statement is of now scientific value. Bearden's claims have been abundantly verified. I can only speak for what he says about John Bedini's work. I am not in a position to properly judge whether his theory is the best way to describe the phenomena that manifests, but it seems to be a fairly honest dealing with these wonderful results that John has shown the public for many years on the bench.

Eric, if you have a better theory as to the actual facts that do manifest then why not give it instead of these attacks against character. This is all a distraction. It really doesn't take long for anyone to prove to themselves on the bench that there is something increadible taking place in these various setups. You guys can never explain the free mechancal in these systems, but just ignore it.


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