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Latest / There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] > There was an error working with the wiki: Code[2] - Young Delaware inventor, Chris W. Brown, thinks he has come up with a way of harnessing aetheric energy through an ultra simple coil arrangement. Yesterday he said he powered his TV for nearly 7 hours using a new arrangement comprising less than $100 in off-the-shelf parts. (PESWiki April 15, 2009)

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Topic: Chris W. Brown's KML Coils -- Super Simple Harvesting of Aether? ( April 15, 2009)

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Added: April 16, 2009 -- Battery is Exide - Cutting Edge, Lawn & Garden Battery.

Specs on website suggest range within 165-300 CCA. --ImZane

Added: April 16, 2009 -- I'll bet your power inverter outputs a modified sine wave as do most inverters. You might do better to find a pure sine wave inverter like Wagan, Go Power, or AIMS. They are more expensive but you will get a much better quality wave form that might draw in more energy from the aether. The modified wave form (Square, jagged wave) probably is not giving you the smooth flow you need for sustainability. --Jamie

Added: April 18, 2009

i dont believe in aether, i think the kml coils are performing the same function as the coils beside the DeQing diode in tesla circuits. placing one between an inverter and a DC device such as a computer/laptop (crt monitors is AC) may lower power requirements, a core would increase a coils capacity (one rated for your frequency).

The exact parts are listed here but you can sue what ever you want :) and get the results your looking for.

This was for testing


Kawasaki Heavy Duty 800 Watt

DC to AC 840124

Black and Decker 2/4/6

VEC 1086BBD Smart Charger

Exide Cutting Edge Standered 235 CCA @ 0.F

Type GT-H Group Size U1

This was used only for testing and to go for evolution beyond this

Increasing the VOLTS will over come the amp load over all.

usign better battery chargers like Imoteps and decreasing the volts yanked off by the inverter

as well as using AC voltage doubler will help as well.

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i dont believe in aether ?

Yeah I guess everyone else is just nuts.


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