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UFO Documentation Compendium

by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor


Dying CIA Agent Reveals to Richard Dolan (National Security State)

'Area 51/S4 Eisenhower Alien Contact (Corroborates Robert Scott Lazar)'




William Rutledge - Wendelle Stevens - Jack Kasher verify Extraterrestrial Presence above the Earth's airglow, contact in Switzerland and a crash landing site on the back side of the Moon. All of which is documented on Video and saved for posterity. Robert Scott Lazar - aka Bob Lazar, provides information regarding Element 115, and a propulsion system used by UFOs.


The Danish (Denmark) UFO Documentation:




Site:LRP:Astronomy and Optics

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Site:LRP:Evidence of Intelligent Extraterrestrial Life Discovered

:'Four (4) Mile Long Extraterrestrial (UFO) Cigar Shaped Vehicle Discovered - Estimated to be over a Billion Years Old - Found on the Backside of the Moon - [Video]'


Site:LRP:UFO Research Documents/References

Eight (8) US Soldiers Disappear Removing 5000 yr old Flying Machine from Afghanistan Cave

UFO Videos - Vintage Film

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US Air Force Admits They Have Starships

'This commercial was scripted by the US Air Force and at about the 8 seconds mark, they admit they have “Starships.” To watch, click on this link:'

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'From Jacques Vallée to Bernard Haisch serious and significant attempt has been and is still being made to decipher the meaning, message and methodology of the UFO experience. The UFO Evidence is legion and yet still remains elusive to most research analyzers leading many to suspect manipulation and subterfuge. While the evidence appears genuine, significant and sanguine, some believe that the truth hidden in both broad daylight and nightly starlight is mere deception by powerful forces determined to alter the public’s perception of reality facts.'

Documentation: 'The Twining Memo: a. The phenomenon is something real and not visionary or fictitious......'

'Unidentified Flying Objects Briefing Document - The Best Available Evidence - by Don Berliner'

'UFOs are Real - But What Are They?'

'Physician (Jesse Marcel Jr.) Who Told of Handling Roswell Debris Dies'



Wendelle Stevens & Robert O. Dean (S4 Vol 1&2)


UFO Hypotheses - S4 Informers Volume Three (01 of 18)
















Site:LRP:The UFO Documentation

Site:LRP:The Billy Meier UFO Documentation

'''Site:LRP:Whistle-Blower Gary McKinnon UFO Documentation

Site:LRP:The Elements 113, 115 Added To The Periodic Table

Site:LRP:The Roswell Legacy/The First Accidental Contact

The Roswell Proof - General Roger Ramey Memo photographed in his hand

Site:LRP:Philip J. Corso: Day After Roswell

Site:LRP:Our Moon: The Hidden Anomalies Exposed

Site:LRP:MARS:The Hidden Truth

Site:LRP:The Crop Circle Ship

The Science of Crop Circles

Message of the Crop Circles

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Site:LRP:Current Anomalous UFO Sightings


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