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Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies (more)

PESWiki covers the spectrum of clean energy technologies. While we address conventional methods such as solar, wind and geothermal; we specialize in unconventional or "exotic" modalities such as cold fusion, overunity electromagnetic motors, magnet motors, gravity motors, and vortex technologies. Here are five of the best exotic technologies we've found so far, which are closest to the market.

  1. Top 5: Nuclear > Cold Fusion >
    Andrea A. Rossi Energy Catalyzer (E-Cat) - Italian inventor, Andrea Rossi's E-Cat produces useful power from a clean/safe nuclear process involving cheap and ubiquitous hydrogen and nickel at relatively low temperatures and pressures, with no residual radiation. The acquisition of E-Cat by Industrial Heat LLC, affiliated with Cherokee Investment Partners, was announced on January 24, 2014. (PESWiki; [updated February 7, 2014)
  2. Featured / Best Exotic FE: Nuclear > Cold Fusion > Defkalion
    Hope from Athens found in Cold Fusion - On the heels of the riots and building burning, I landed in Athens to visit Defkalion and was able to see a demonstration of their test set-up for the upcoming seven testing groups. I was also impressed by the team working with the technology that could help bring remedy to Greece, Europe, and the world. (PESN and BeforeItsNews; February 13, 2012)
  3. Featured / Top 5: Solid State Generators > Batteries / Capacitors > EEFG >
    Breakthrough Solid State Generator - We have finally been given permission to discuss this technology that we consider to be at the very top of our list of emerging clean energy technologies. Solid state, low (for now), continuous power, commercial in maybe 24 months, cheap, high power density, no radioactivity, no existing physics laws broken. (PESN and BeforeItsNews; July 23, 2011)
  4. Featured / Best Exotic FE: Noble Gas Engines > PlasmERG / Inteligentry >
    Inteligentry and Manufacturers Gearing Up for Noble Gas Engine Roll-out - In a 1.5-hour interview, John Rohner describes the latest progress in their technology and in their business plans to bring the technology to market, perhaps by September. Within three years, the 2 cylinder engine that produces 400 HP (300 kW) could cost as little as $275. (PESN; April 15, 2012)

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As a solution to today's economic woes...

    "We need a productive capacity; and the best way that we see it is with alternative energy -- not wind, solar, geothermal, biofuel, but something much bigger." -- Gerald Celente, Trends Research, Apr. 14, 2010

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