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We have to get it where we can, right?
We have to get it where we can, right?

Directory of technologies related to water, including methods of obtaining potable water, using water as fuel, gray water recycling, etc.



  • Renewable Energy Brings Water to the World - In addition to providing pumping stations in remote areas, every day solar and wind energy systems are saving billions of gallons of clean water around the world and the opportunity exists to save much more water. (Renewable Energy Access; Aug. 23, 2005)


For Health

Water as Fuel



  • H2O Batteries and Products - e.g. Tango Group product line utilizes a water-powered battery that consists of two electrodes made of special alloys, which, when immersed in water, the resulting chemical reaction produces electricity. Simply refill the battery as the water evaporates - typically every 2 to 3 months. The battery has a minimum continuous life of 2 years.


Also: Directory:Running Vehicles on Water

  • Scientists Discover How to Make Robots Bounce on Water - One of the fastest moving insects in the world, the water strider, which can travel up to 100x its body length in one second, distributes its weight over a large surface area, but until now science has been baffled about how they jump onto water without sinking. (Environmental Graffiti; Dec. 9, 2007) (See Slashdot)
  • Water Car- Builder of the World's Fastest Amphibious Vehicles - Fiberglass amphibious vehicle, styled after the 2002 Convertible Camaro body style, and powered by a Turbo charged 2.5 Liter 300 HP Subaru engine, goes 125 mph on land, and 45 mph in the water.

Drinking Water Technologies

In addition to the sub-categories listed below, see also:

Water from Air

See: Directory:Water from Air - Methods of extracting water from air. (separate index page at PESWiki)

Image:Air to H2O 95x95.jpg Image:AirWaterCorp 95x95.jpg Image:Wataire_95x95.jpg Image:Whisson WO2006017888 crop 95x95.gif Image:XDOBS renewable cooling 95x95.jpg


  • Cleaning up the laundry industry - The Xeros polymer pellets act like a magnet, and they draw the soiling and the dirt out of a small amount of water. The technology has already been proven in controlled lab experiments and has also been tested in commercial scale dry cleaning facilities. (CleanTech; June 9, 2008)
    • Nearly Waterless Washing Machine to Debut in 2009 - A new washing machine that uses just a cup of water, a pinch of detergent, and about 1,000 small plastic chips to clean clothes may be available for consumers in the UK next year. (PhysOrg; July 29, 2008)
  • Aquanotion - TwoFlush dual flush system converts the standard North American style toilet in to a water conserving, money saving TwoFlush toilet: a small flush for liquid waste and a big flush for solid waste. The system is an inexpensive, proven design that has been used in Europe and all over the world for years.
  • Conservation > 'Air shower' set to cut water use by 30 per cent - Scientists have developed a simple 'air shower' device which, when fitted into existing showerheads, fills the water droplets with a tiny bubble of air. The shower feels just as wet and just as strong as before, but now uses much less water. (LiveScience; Nov. 10) (See manufacturer CSIRO)
  • Air Conditioning Waste Water Recovery - Stiffler Scientific is undertaking a research project is to determine the feasibility and practicality of recovering waste water from residential air conditioning systems that would otherwise be discarded in a sewer system. (OSEN; Dec. 30) (See


  • Slow Moving Water, Inc. - Company presents a floating barge with turbines around the perimeter to harness the energy of the water flowing by. Rather than try to enter the electricity utility business, they produce electricity by-products, such as hydrogen and distilled water.
  • - SolAqua offers Solar Water Distillation products. These systems are sized for applications ranging from individuals to communities.
Kamalesh K Sirkar
Kamalesh K Sirkar
  • Better way to desalinate water discovered - Membrane distillation process uses waste heat or inexpensive fuel to heat the water forcing it to evaporate from the salt solution. The cleansed vapor then travels through nano-sized pore in the membrane to wind up condensed in the cold water on the membrane's other side. (PhysOrg; Feb. 9, 2006)


See Directory:Desalination - separate page

Image:Deluge_Desalanization_ModelC009_95x95.jpg Image:Izumi_sp_river_pump_installation_95x95.jpg Image:Forward_Osmosis_Yale_95x95.jpg Image:Cluffandsaltskid_95x95.jpg Image:Water_cones_95x95.jpg


See: Directory:Water Filtration - separate index page

Image:Lifesaver water filtration 95x95.jpg Image:Parc-water-purifier 95x95.jpg Image:Aquaduct three-wheel water filtration transport 95x95.jpg Image:LifeStraw_Water_Purifier_95x95.jpg


See Directory:Water Purification - separate index page

Image:Solaqua solar-water-purification 95x95.jpg Image:Watreco vortex generator 95x95.jpg Image:Mobile maxpure 95x95.jpg Image:AquaClean_water_purifier_95x95.jpg


  • Avantis - "Water facility efficiency is drowning in severe budget cuts, intensified regulation, health and quality concerns, as well as outdated equipment and an aging work force. Fortunately, there’s Avantis -- today’s most effective enterprise asset management solution that can reduce the risk of implementation with pre-defined work processes and best practices."
  • Testing the Waters - Sensicore is using lab-on-a-chip technology to test water quality rapidly. (MIT Technology Review; Aug. 31, 2005)

Water Heaters


Water Softeners

See Directory:Home Generation:Water Softener

Gray Water

  • Grey water recycling by Brac Systems - Collects water from shower drains, bathtubs and laundry, then filters and pumps it through a dedicated supply line to the toilet tanks for flushing, reducing average household water consumption by a third. It is designed into the plumbing of new construction and existing residential homes.
  • Energy Recovery - The PX Pressure Exchanger™ recovers energy from the high-pressure waste stream of seawater desalination reverse osmosis systems at up to 98% efficiency. It provides the most energy cost savings in the market -reducing power costs by up to 60%. (Thanks Daniel Bowers)
  • Waterwall Solutions - The Waterwall is a modular rainwater storage system for urban areas that can be connected to make the most of your valuable space, made from stabilised food grade plastic. It can be used as a fence, a feature, an under-eave tank or purely as water storage in a narrow out of the way space.


  • Charity:Water - charity: water funds a range of water solutions. These solutions include hand-dug wells, deep wells (boreholes), rehabilitations, spring protections, rainwater harvesting schemes, and biosand filters. In 2008, charity: water added projects in India, Bangladesh and Honduras.


  • SODIS - Solar Water Disinfection links.
  • - Journal for decentralized wastewater treatment solutions.

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