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Page first featured March 15, 2009

Energy from the Vacuum

Multi-part Series

by Energetic Productions LLC

Executive Producer Anthony J. Craddock
Director of Photography William Gazecki

Parts 1-27, now available, feature Tom Bearden as well as John Bedini, Walter Rosenthal, Deborah Chung, Howard Johnson, Peter Lindemann, Daniel Sheehan, Sparky Sweet, and T Henry Moray.

"A cubic centimeter of empty space around us (about the tip of one's little finger in volume) has so much raw energy in it that, if condensed into matter, there would be more matter than is observable in the universe through the largest telescope! So even a tiny efficiency of tapping could and will extract all the energy anyone could wish."


Official Website

Video Series

Part 1: Overview

  • Preview - This disc covers Tom Bearden's early years and background, and leads into an illustrated lecture by Tom about the vacuum and the secrets of engineering and extracting its boundless energy. After this, Tom discusses his patented Motionless Electromagnetic Generator (the MEG), which he co-invented with several other colleagues. Tom, John Bedini, Walt Rosenthal, and Peter Lindemann then conduct a brief historical overview of the history of free energy devices, going back to the late 1800s.
  • Order

No Trailer available.

- - - - -

Part 2: John Bedini

Trailer for Part 2

(2.25 Minutes)

  • "Energy from the Vacuum" Documentary Series -Trailer - Part 2 - Trailer for Part 2 in the "Energy from the Vacuum" (TM) Documentary Series featuring Tom Bearden and John Bedini. Produced by Energetic Productions LLC in 2007. Filmed by Oscar-nominated Director William Gazecki. DVDs in the Series are available from Part 2 highlights how John Bedini captures and uses negative energy, which has been hidden from public view, and engineered out of electrical circuits since the time of Tesla. The harder a negative energy device is worked, the less current it draws! (YouTube; May 27, 2007)

- - - - -

Part 3: The Chung Experiment; Dr. Deborah Chung

Trailer for Part 3

(4.0 Minutes)

  • "Energy from the Vacuum" - Doc. Series - Trailer - Part 3 - Trailer for Part 3 in the "Energy from the Vacuum" (TM) Documentary Series featuring Dr. Deborah Chung. Produced by Energetic Productions LLC in 2007. Filmed by Oscar-nominated Director William Gazecki. DVDs in the Series are available from In Part 3 Dr. Chung demonstrates her apparent negative resistor in the lab. at the University at Buffalo, NY. (YouTube March 2, 2008)

- - - - -

Part 4: Howard Johnson: Pioneer—Magnetic Exchange Forces

Trailer for Part 4

(1.53 Minutes)

  • "Energy from the Vacuum" Sci. Series -Trailer - Part 4 - Trailer for Part 4 in the "Energy from the Vacuum" (TM) Science Series featuring the late Howard Johnson, Magnetic Exchange Force Pioneer. Produced by Energetic Productions LLC in 2008. Filmed by Oscar-nominated Director William Gazecki. In this 2 hour film, Howard Johnson discusses his life's work researching and harnessing magnetic exchange forces and gives us a conducted tour of his research laboratory. (YouTube; March 16, 2008 )

- - - - -

Part 5: Tom Bearden: Hidden Electrodynamics and The Final Secret of Free Energy

Trailer for Part 5

(1.55 Minutes)

  • "Energy from the Vacuum" Science Series -Trailer - Part 5 - Tom Bearden gives the Science Lecture you never got in school or College, showing where the free energy is hidden. (YouTube; July 27, 2008 )

- - - - -

Part 6: John Bedini: Inside Radiant Energy

Trailer for Part 6

(6.18 Minutes)

  • "Energy from the Vacuum" Science Series -Trailer - Part 6 - John Bedini talks about Radiant Energy. (YouTube; September 24, 2008 )

- - - - -

Part 7: John Bedini: Tesla's Impulse Technology

  • Preview & Order - In this film, John Bedini meticulously teaches us the missing technology on the blackboard, while demonstrating it on the bench........AND adapting it to charge batteries, something no-one has ever done before.

No Trailer

- - - - -

Part 8: Professor Daniel Sheehan Ph.D.: Challenging the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics

  • Preview & Order - University of San Diego physics professor Dr. Daniel Sheehan who co-hosted two conferences [regarding the 2nd Law], gives us a tour of the field as seen through the mainstream eyes of an honest seeker of the truth.

Trailer for Part 8

(7.13 Minutes.)

  • "Energy from the Vacuum" Series - Trailer - Pt. 8 - Challenging the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics with Professor Daniel Sheehan Ph.D., Physics Professor, San Diego University, California.(YouTube; February 27, 2009)

- - - - -

Part 9: Tom Bearden: The Early Years: Moray, Sweet and Anti-Gravity

  • Preview & Order - Tom proceeds by reviewing his early attempts to resurrect the Moray devices with Henry Moray's son John, before moving on to share details of his long association with the legendary Floyd Sweet. The discussion then turns to the celebrated anti-gravity experiments, about which Tom spares no details. And of course the use of negative energy—sadly missing from our textbooks—is an ongoing theme throughout the piece. Of particular interest is Tom's discussion about how Floyd Sweet conditioned his magnets.

Trailer for Part 9

(8.16 Minutes.)

  • "Energy from the Vacuum" Series - Trailer - Pt. 9 - Tom Bearden discusses the Early Years. Moray, Floyd Sweet and the Anti-Gravity Experiment. And much more. The full DVD runs 90 minutes, available from energyfromthevacuum dot com (YouTube; March 07, 2009)

Part 19: Cold Heat from Canada

  • Suppression / Videos > Energy from the Vacuum series >
    Cold Heat from Canada (Trailer) - In 1968, Designex Inc. in Toronto, Canada, was powering the refrigerator, lights, radio and other appliances in their offices with a device of their own design that was self powered by cold negative radiant energy. Toronto Hydro, the local power company, sent a crew out, who removed all Toronto Hydro power meters, fuse boxes, and wiring in an attempt to shut the power off, but to no avail. (Energy from the Vacuum; Disc. 19; July, 2010)

Trailer for Part 19

  • A wide-ranging 1973 interview with Ieuan Thomas, Chief Engineer of Designex Inc. in Toronto, Canada in the 60s and 70s, whose team invented and developed a revolutionary Cold Heat Energy System. (YouTube; June 29, 2010)

Part 20: The Cejka Files

  • Radiant Energy > Energy from the Vacuum series >
    The Cejka Files -- DVD number 20 in the "Energy from the Vacuum" series - Like John Bedini, John Cejka had been an electrical prodigy from an early age. He also had an encyclopedic knowledge of the “free energy” scene—not only its history, but also its secret technologies, its inventors and its pioneers. And he had the documentation to support this prodigious knowledge. Documentation that was not available to the general public: and insights that were clearly privileged. (ZP Energy; Sept. 5, 2010)

Part 21: Backstage

  • Link - Documentary by Cynthia Conti-Boulanger; The November 2010 Renaissance Charge Conference

Part 22: Bedini 16GT Monopole Motor Debut

  • Link - Tech review with John Bedini

Part 23: Bedini 16GT Monopole Motor Debut

  • Link - Tech review with John Bedini (cont.)

Part 24: Monopole Motor Master-Class 1 Currentless Charghing

  • Link - Dialogues with John Bedini (60 mins.)

Part 25: Monopole Motor Master-Class 2 Currentless Charghing

  • Link - Dialogues with John Bedini (82 mins.)

Part 26: Tom Bearden

  • link coming soon - Round Table discussion on Dark Energy with David Clements PhD

Part 27: Crystal Battery Basics

  • Link - with John Bedini (72 mins)

Part 28: Stair step charging for Monopole Motors

  • Link - John Bedini lecture at the Renaissance Charge Conference 2011 (59 mins.)

Part 29: Crystal Battery Lecture

  • Link - with John Bedini and Chuck Hupp (102 mins)

Part 30: Sweet Memories

See also PowerPedia:Floyd_Sweet

Part 34: Bedini-SG Machine

  • Bedini-SG Machine: DVD series (Part 34) available - Not only are a number of the details from the previous private session fleshed out in even greater detail, but a lively Q & A with the audience in the packed auditorium will give you answers to probably some of the questions that you personally might have wanted to ask. (Free Energy Blog; December 7, 2013)


In the News

  • DIY / Electromagnetic > Plans >
    Energy from the Vacuum is stylin' - Jeane Manning writes: "When a serious hands-on experimenter wants to build non-conventional energy converters and asks where to get how-to information, I usually recommend the online Energetic Forums and also the Energy From the Vacuum series of DVDs. Tony Craddock, executive producer for Energetic Productions Inc., has filmed interviews on various topics beginning with the theories of Tom Bearden." (Changing Power; August 23, 2011)


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