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Page first featured October 22, 2008

"Make a citizens video that will push the candidates to hear our voices and commit to the Pickens Plan!"

Vote from among the top six entries


Official Websites

The Pickens Plan


"Each of the 5 finalists will receive a signed copy of Boone's latest book, "The First Billion is the Hardest." The overall winning video will be featured on the Pickens Plan website in the week leading up to Election Day."

(1.02 Minutes) Sign the "Whats Your Plan?" Petition

  • Sign a petition telling Senator Obama and Senator McCain to adopt the Pickens Plan - or tell us what their plan is - before Election Day.(YouTube; October 16, 2008)

Original Invite (EXPIRED)

To submit your entry, use your personal YouTube account to upload a video and submit a "video response" to the "Pickens Plan Citizens Video Contest" video message. Entries are due by Midnight EDT on October 25, 2008.

"We want you to be creative with music, video and pictures, but be respectful. The video should be no more than 60 seconds long."

On Monday, October 27, the Pickens Plan site will announce 5 finalists to be voted on by the community. The winner will be featured on the Pickens Plan website in the week leading up to Election Day.

"Hurry up, make your video and send the Presidential candidates a message directly from you!"

Some Competitors

Can you do better? - View all video response.

(1:04 Minutes)

  • Pickens Plan Army Video - Mojo Presents The Pickens Plan Video. (YouTube; October 24, 2008)

_ _ _ _

(1 Minute)

  • We Can Do This - Turned out better than I expected, no matter what, I think it is pretty good for a 15 year old. I worked really hard on this video and would appreciate any feedback you may have to offer and would very much enjoy it for you to vote for me in the contest (not sure on the details yet). (YouTube; October 22, 2008)

_ _ _ _

(4.34 Minutes) Just another bug on the windshield of Life

  • Copyright 2008, John Powell. This is a song I wrote. I know its longer than 60 seconds but I have been listening to yalls BS for 2 years, surely you can listen to me for 3 minutes. Pass it on. Wake Up America! (YouTube; October 21, 2008)

_ _ _ _

(1:01 Minutes)

  • Players for Pickens Plan - This Song was written and performed by Award winning songwriters Jonathan Moore and Tedi May and performed by their group, Players for Pickens Plan. We are committed to American energy independence and sustainability. Please contact your elected officials and enroll them into creating and supporting policies to ensure American Energy Independence by supporting the Pickens Plan. (YouTube; October 23, 2008)

_ _ _ _

(1:01 Minutes)

  • Picken's Plan Video Contest - Peter Brush's Submission to the Picken's Plan video contest (YouTube; October 21, 2008)

_ _ _ _

(3.05 Minutes) Middle Class America

  • A country music video about Washington and Wall Street outsourcing the good jobs. (YouTube; October 21, 2008)

_ _ _ _

(1.41 Minutes) PickensPlan ^ Gem ^ Congress Act Now !

  • T. Boone Pickens, the PickensPlan Army, & Gem Technologies are an extreme force of individuals dedicated & committed to safe, clean & renewable energy plans. (YouTube; October 20, 2008)

_ _ _ _

(8.26 Minutes) The Energy Zone, T. Boone Pickens

  • T. Boone Pickens' Energy Plan...The Twilight Zone? Hardly. Rod Serling Introduces The Pickens Plan. (YouTube; Sept. 2, 2008)

_ _ _ _

(1.0 Minute)

  • We The People - (YouTube; October 21, 2008)

_ _ _ _

(1.0 Minute)

  • Energy Independece Day - A few moments about the upside of energy independence. The re-industrialization of the United States (YouTube; October 17, 2008)

_ _ _ _

(1.0 Minute)

  • Obama/McCain: Foreign Oil? BEAT IT! - We are the Pickens Plan New Energy Army: Senators Obama and McCain show us your energy plans before we vote on 11-4-08. (YouTube; October 23, 2008)

_ _ _ _

(2.08 Minute)

  • Mag Wind Turbine - This is a description of a wind turbine from Enviro-Energies and Mag-Wind. (YouTube; October 23, 2008)

_ _ _ _

(1.0 Minute)

  • Re: PICKENS PLAN CITIZENS VIDEO CONTEST -"Isn't it time we clean up our act" Carbon dioxide and global warming by Robyn (YouTube; October 23, 2008)

_ _ _ _

(1:00 Minute)

  • Pickens Plan Kids - Nine year olds promote Pickens Plan. (YouTube; October 23, 2008)

Free Energy Enthusiasts who have Profile Pages at Pickens Plan

In the News

  • Editorial: Pickens' energy defeat - Californians overwhelmingly turned down three clean-energy ballot measures this week, including a T. Boone Pickens-backed proposal giving residents rebates to buy natural-gas and other alternative-fuel-powered vehicles. (Dallas News; Nov. 6. 2008)
  • Credit crunch puts crimp in Pickens' energy plan - T. Boone Pickens' $10 billion wind farm – the cornerstone of his plan to build thousands of wind turbines from Texas to Canada – is about to be downsized, because the oil tycoon can't raise money in the current credit crunch, the billionaire confirmed to the Observer. (Charlotte Observer; Oct. 31, 2008)
  • Featured: Videos > Wind / PAC >
    Pickens Plan Video Contest - Former oilman, Billionaire T. Boone Pickens, invites you to 1) sign a petition telling Senator Obama and Senator McCain to adopt the Pickens Plan to break our oil addiction, 2) come up with a < 60 sec energy ad to push the candidates to endorse the Plan. Deadline: Oct. 25. (PESWiki; Oct 22, 2008)
  • Proposition 10: Oilman Pickens drives measure on alternative energy - Pickens' natural gas fueling company, Clean Energy Fuels Corp., is the chief sponsor of a Nov. 4 ballot initiative that authorizes a $5 billion bond to fund alternative energy development and provide rebates up to $50,000 for buyers of vehicles that run on natural gas and other nonpetroleum fuels. (Venture County Star; Oct. 22, 2008)
  • Pickens' natural gas idea picking up steam - The former oil tycoon has put $58 million into touting his "Pickens Plan" in TV ads, YouTube videos, town hall meetings and media interviews to get people talking about boosting wind power for electricity and using the nation's natural gas supply for the next auto fuel. (MSNBC; Oct. 21, 2008)


  • Pickens Plan: Boon or Boondoggle? - The problem with the Pickens Plan is that there is too much Pickens and not enough Plan. It is a simple approach, but the simplicity leaves many gaps. (OpEdNews; Nov.7, 2008)
  • Undecided on CA Prop 10? Out-of-Stater Who Knows Californians? Read & Forward - Though it's opposed by practically every environmental group and newspaper editorial board, all the TV ads are on one side. The October CA Field poll showed 49% for, 39% against, 12% undecided. The name, "Alternative Fuel Vehicles And Renewable Energy," makes it sound great! Who will win? (CalCars; Nov. 4, 2008)


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