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Video:Sterling Allan:Evaluating and Open Sourcing Clean Energy

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Below is an embedded video of Sterling Allan's presentation at the Gnomedex conference in Seattle on Aug. 11, 2007 talking about screening the best technologies, and using the open source model to break the log jam on exotic, disruptive energy technologies.

Allan was invited to give the "captone" (their spelling -- blogger thing?) presentation at the conclusion of the conference as a way of saying, "here is one of the reasons we have all this internet technology . . . to help technologies like this advance faster than they would otherwise."

The PowerPoint presentation that accompanied the lecture is available for download, to view along with the video, which only shows Allan, not the lecture hall screen.



35 minutes

Note: The video begins about 10 minutes into the 45-minute presentation.

  • Open Sourcing Free Energy Technology - (Posted by lockergnome / Chris Pirillo to YouTube; Sept. 15, 2007)
"Sterling D. Allan, CEO of Pure Energy Systems Network, and founder of the New Energy Congress, gives the captone presentation on Aug. 11, 2007 at the Gnomedex conference in Seattle. He speaks about the process of screening for the best clean energy technologies, and suggests the open source approach for breaking the logjam on some of the more revolutionary technologies. He defines "free energy" as referring to energy modalities that harness energy that does not have to be paid for, including conventional methods such as solar, wind, geothermal, and tide; as well as the exotic approaches, including cold fusion, zero point energy, and magnet motors. He expects that some of these more exotic forms could bring the price of energy down several-fold, while also being clean and renewable. He recommends the open source method for quickly disseminating the technology once it is mature enough."

Lecture Notes

About Lecture

  • New Energy to Culminate Gnomedex Conference (Aug. 9-11) - The organizers of an annual Internet media conference asked Sterling Allan to conclude the conference with a presentation on Top 100 Energy Technologies and open sourcing of exotic energy technologies. (PESN; July 17, 2007)

About Gnomedex

Gnomedex is an annual conference for bloggers. This was the seventh conference held. It is organized by Chris Pirillo.

Image:Chris Pirillo Ghomedex Aug11 2007.jpg Image:Gnomedex auditorium Aug1 2007.jpg
Chris Pirillo outside the conference hall. The hall was filled to overflowing with lap-top toting internet gurus.


Image:SterlingAllan booth Gnomedex Aug11 2007.jpg Image:SterlingAllan cruiseship Gnomedex Aug11 2007.jpg
Allan's booth at Gnomedex displayed the Bedini SG motor he built, demonstrating a radiant energy technology which some who have replicated this in an open source project at PESWiki, have claimed to be getting more energy out than what is put in. Outside the conference hall was a cruise ship.


Image:Hailee Aubrie EmileeAllan in rain 350.jpg
"It didn't rain while I was in Seattle, but we did get a big downpour
a few days later in Eagle Mountain, with 1/2-inch hail stones."


  • Revenue Potential of Open Source Energy Projects - PES Network, Inc is glad to work with inventors to bring their technology forward via an open source method. We are confident that there are several revenue centers that can be tapped to make this path worth while.
  • What You Can Expect Open Sourcing Energy Technology - Sterling Allan describes how an ideal open source energy technology might roll out from beginning -- even before it is publicly posted -- through the time of early replications, to end when it spreads throughout the earth to bless mankind. (PESWiki; July 13, 2008)

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