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About Rick

Rick Friedrich is an editor and publisher of old religious and philosophical classics found at He also has always been interested in electronics, engineering, and saving people money. He has worked as an auto mechanic specializing in European vehicles, and has done custom work like converting gas motored cars with diesel motors. He has successfully used alternative energy from wind generators and solar collectors, as well as solar heat absorbers, hydrogen fuel cells, and radiant energy. Since 2004 he has built over 200 proof-of-demonstration Bedini Radiant Energy Motor Generators that have been salvaging and supercharging several useless batteries of all types and sizes. He has moderated several John Bedini Yahoo email groups since that time where he has taught thousands of people about Bedini technology. In 2007 he helped found Renaissance Charge, LLC., to sell Energenx battery chargers on and also began selling various Bedini Motor/Energizer educational kits on He frequently writes on the Bedini Monopole3 list.

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