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This Tasks index is where recommendations can be made as to what projects should be tackled, and what topics should be addressed, and other matters relevant to a triaged approach to populating the vast field of breakthrough clean energy.

First priority should be given to documenting technologies for which working prototypes exist or for which such is claimed to have existed.

See also Congress:Tasks


New Content

  • Post incoming news items to the News:Inbox. If they are well formatted, you'll also want to post them to the relevant directory page(s) as well.
  • Create a feature page on a breakthrough energy technology.
  • As pages get large, split off larger subsections into pages of their own.


  • Watch the Special:Recentchanges page to see that all modifications are in keeping with site intent, style, etc.
  • Welcome newcomers, help them get oriented.


  • Add continuation links in all the Latest:Archive pages, similar to how it is done in the News:Archive pages. One link at the beginning goes to the more recent archive page. One link at the end goes to the less recent page than the present one.
  • The header/footer links to previous/following need to be added on the Latest:Archive pages from 2006 backward. Add the following header: {{Template:Latest footer}} and footer: {{Template:Latest header}}, as done in earlier Latest archive pages.

Medium Tasks

  • Make sure the items listed at DIY also appear in the specific energy genre directory pages.

Major Tasks

Progressive List

From beginner to pro, at a glance.

  1. Get yourself a username by logging in (upper right-hand corner)
  2. View a few pages in "edit" mode to get a general idea about how formatting is done.
  3. Build a few simple news or directory bullets
  4. Create a brief bio page for yourself by clicking on your username at the top of the screen. (e.g. see User:SilverThunder).
  5. Build a new topic of technology feature page.
  6. Select an area of interest to help develop and monitor.
  7. Become a Sysop, after proving yourself.

Welcome to the PESWiki team.

IT Tasks

  • Develop Flash drop-down navigation menu
  • Subscriber-based site and/or newsletter

Largely Done

See also

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