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No Conspiracy

On December 26, 2009, Harry van Trotsenburg in the Netherlands wrote:

Come on, Sterling.

You can't be serious ; "global warming a conspiracy"....

You can only reach to the conclusion that: "temperatures have actually been decreasing in recent years" when you fraud statistical figures.

As far as I'm concerned, I don't believe in a conspiracy. It is a (practical) scientific fact. Glaciers are melting, the ice ont the poles is melting, moving faster and getting thinner over a smaller area, reefs are dying, people in the South sea actually have to move because of the rising of the sea level....

It is not science (scientist) wanting to rule the world, but big oil / big capital who wants to stay in control.

Wake up please.

Rebuttal to Trotsenburg

On Dec. 26, 2009, Sterling replied

Did you watch the segment?

How do you account for the conflict of interest of the promoters of global warming making billions in related transactions?

I've heard them talk about using global warming as an impetus for establishing a New World Order. It's on tape from George Hunt, who snuck into one of their meetings. I have a copy of that recording in my basement.

Climate change is real. It's cyclical and natural, based primarily on Sun cycle.

Humans should not pollute, but neither should they use bogus claims of global warming to herd people into a world socialist government controlled by them.

Climategate has global warming pushers admitting that the science does not always support their agenda. It has them plotting to intimidate, discredit scientists with opposing views; and it has them plotting to fudge the information to support their conclusions. That is a conspiracy.


Cap & Trade Conspiracy

On Dec. 27, 2009, Matt Imber wrote:

Good write-up you have on the Ventura conspiracy on lobal Warming. This subject (of the conspriacy) is extrremely confusing, and I fear that Jesse's segment muddies the water a lot more and will cause inaction unless the proper solutions are talked about - such as the mass release of ZPE technology to the world.

I always thought cap & trade was a bad idea, but this policy is exactly what the conspiracy is centered around - -how to posture industry to maintain the status quo of fossil fuel-driven industry and their monopoly/hegamony upon the world and look like they are doing something about the problem, while they rake in trillions and continue to pollute, limit resources and supress ZPE technology.

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