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Of all the legends about Nikola Tesla, one of the most intriguing is about a Pierce-Arrow electric autombile that he ran on a little black box, extracting energy freely somehow from the wheelwork of nature, requiring no petrol. Eventaully, it would be nice if we could replicate the accomplishment.



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Similar to work done by T.H. Morray

On July 14, 2006, Bryan Pappas <bpappas {at}> wrote:

You just ran an article about "Tesla's Pierce-Arrow". It described a box that he used to power the electric motor in the vehicle. It is interestingly similar to T.H. Morray's work. He to developed a box that was capable of producing about 50 KW ( close to the 80 HP of Telsa's ride) and it was mobile. We usually read about how Morray had to ground his system, but in later versions he was powering up a bank of lights while driving in the backseat of a car. It wasn't powering up the vehicle, but it could have. He used tubes that used a colomeration of materials that he called the "Swedish Stone". This is what he said the secret to his device was. Tesla inserted "two metal rods" into the box that powered the Pierce-Arrow. Perhaps a similar substance? Also T.H. Morray was a student of Tesla. Possibly a lot of coincidence, but it is intriguing none the less.

Similar to Radio Receiver

On October 25, 2009, Daniel Alvarez Arribas wrote:

It reminds me of a radio receiver.

Tesla worked on the idea of wireless energy transmission (see his Wardenclyffe tower).

Radio receivers can convert radio waves into electricity. This is evident e. g. in crystal radio receivers - which do not have any additional power source, but yet produce sound.

Tesla did actually build radio receivers for the purpose of receiving energy from radio waves, e. g. in one his experiments in Colorado Springs, were he used one to power a light bulb.

The device in the Pierce Arrow could have been as simple as a powerful radio receiver hooked up to an AC/DC inverter and then to the AC electric engine. All he would have needed is a powerful radio transmitter within receiving range. Which is what he was continuouly working on anyway.

By the way, classic crystal radios were built of a coil and something called a Cat's whisker detector, the key element of which is a semiconducting galena cristal. Galena occurs naturally mostly in central and northern Europe. Maybe galena is what T. H. Morray referred to as the "Swedish stone".

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