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Tales of Supression from G.K.

On March 20, 2010 1:48 PM; G.K. wrote:

Sterling, In 1936 a guy designed and tested a hydraulic bumper on his very heavy 4 door Cadillac. He drove it into a brick wall at 60 miles an hour! Unhurt, he walked over to the boss at Cadillac and immediately sold his patent. "If people aren't afraid of dying in a car accident, how will we ever sell the insurance?" said the insurance underwriter!

1976 two biochemists developed 2627 hexafloural calcytrisol. It boosts Dalton Protein in the bone marrow 300thousand times allowing for maximum absorption of calcium and mass production of red cells......All the side effects were natural occurring body chemical reactions ( Harmless) Where did it go?

1977 A device was shown to Ford motor company that would stop Pinto from blowing up and catching on fire by cutting off the electric current when an accident occurred. The device cost was $24.00 per auto, installed at the factory. Ford had hundreds of law suits from people burning in their cars and trucks, but said the cost of the device was too high!

1983 A system of noise cancellation was built and put into use that prevents noise pollution. It works on sounds as small as a bird chirp to a 747. So far, the only place it might be used is on the giant triangle shaped "Quiet" UFOs.

1975 an enzyme was discovered that would totally prevent cavities. One treatment was usually enough, maybe two over a life time. Guess who killed that one?

1974 A friend of mine put a small twenty dollar screen in his fuel filter he had coated with platinum and almost doubled his gas milage. He drove the car for another fifteen years with the same results.

1980 An engineer next door to our shop in Costa Mesa had a pill about the size of an aspirin that cost fifty cents to make. He put it in a five gallon bottle of tap water and used it to run his car and lawn mover. It put out huge plumes of steam and made the engine rev up due to the excessive combustion. He dissappeared after a scheduled meeting in L.A. with the Atlantic Richfield Company! His family came looking for him a few weeks later asking if we knew anything? We had warned him not to go to that meeting.......... More to come later.

Dennis Lee Suppressed or Fraud?

On June 12, 2006, User:Rock nj wrote:

Should Dennis Lee really be on this supression list? I've been folling Lee for about 12 years and he appears to have nothing but hot air. He has made wild claims about free energy that never came true and has missed many many self-impossed deadlines. His track record stinks and he appears to be a snake oil salesmen and con man. Your list should not include the criminal element in free energy like Dennis Lee. Is Patrick Timothy Kelly also on this list?

Not Always Suppression

On Nov. 5, 2008, a New Energy Congress member wrote:

I could write a book on all the systems I have evaluated that do not do as what is claimed. This falls into the following.

  1. Delusional: where the inventor believes his invention actually works but has misread the data
  2. Ego Driven: where the results are misread, fabricated or not fully disclosed to ramp up ones reputation with peers. This is not restricted to just backyard inventors but occurs in industry and universities.
  3. Fraud: where claims are made to rip of people either selling products that do not perform or to raise capital from investors.

I have dealt with many in the latter category. In fact I saw one this week that raised a companies value by many millions of dollars. Time will eventually sort that one out.

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