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    Stan Deyo and The Millennium Ark - Stan Deyo, famous for his research into Earth Changes, is a fascinating author and lecturer, with insights into Aether physics while also promoting an awareness about conspiratorial forces undermining freedom in the world. He is an alternatives expert on solar cycles, emergency preparedness, and end time predictions. (PESWiki; March 6, 2010)


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Great Antigravity Stuff

On March 1, 2010, Matthew Imber wrote:

I only have heard one other interview with Stan Deyo, where he talks about some very interesting adventures in Australia (where he goes into some guy's compound who's building a star gate or some sort of toroidal eenrgy decive), and of course I saw the videos from the conference in Roswell where he discloses the designs of UFOs (ARVs) he's worked on. He seems like the real deal to me and explained the science and history of the esoteric science of antigravity. I love his explaination and of gravity. I keep thinking that I need to build a list of the hidden science, such as voltage being possibly instandt or at least the speed of light by an exponetial factor of 8. Gravity is also instant, and faster than light speed

It's the things hidden that he expains and fills in the gaps. That experiment of the wedding cake design of the coils was pretty cool too. I suppose I'd have to read and investigate a lot more to summarize his work. He was working for Teller (the H-Bomb father).

Some of Stan Deyo's work seems to overlap into torsion fields:

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