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Father Himalaya and is Pyrheliophor

Where do you guys think the this historic news should be put?

He was a great man that didint had the luck to be in the rigth time to make a diference. In 1905 was the start of the first big boom of petrol. --Konda 08:59, 9 Aug 2008 (EDT)

Should we add a section on Solar dishes?

If I remember correctly in addition to Stirling solar their are both dish focused PV systems and dish focused water / liquid heaters. If I remember I'll try to find some links.

2 technologies

2 other technologies should be included: one is a rollable ("mat"-type) solar panel array for flat roofs and another are really large, single piece solar panels. See the Here Comes the Sun-documentary for representation and info; no time to look it up myself at the moment. Sol focus btw is another intresting innovation, could be made from recycled waste plastic.

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