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Peak Oil Skepticism

Posted Aug. 28, 2008

As I work in Alberta’s oil and gas industry as a mechanical engineer I can tell you that more and more landowners are placing a clause in their oil company contracts regarding the origin of the hydrocarbon. They are adding the kicker that if the oil or gas is not from organic matter they will retain their mineral rights and not hand them over to the “Crown?. I think I emailed you before as to what the Berith Iysh “Crown? is, a committee of 13 who govern the “City? the inner 1 mile square of London.

With the International Alchemy Conference upcoming in Las Vegas and more and more scientists waking up to the reality of the ether, transmutation and overunity are no longer impossibilities.

Thanks for directing readers to discussions regarding the 1787 theory of fossil fuels that we still follow in the mainstream today. Even though this notion is ridiculous.

To follow a “discussion? on Abiotic Oil Origins between a geologist and another fellow please visit:

Darren Walker Senior Engineer O'Rourke Engineering Ltd.

"Peak Oil" mostly hype; serves alt energy purposes

On April 10, 2008, New Energy Congress member, Sterling D. Allan wrote:

There has been too much hype regarding peak oil, propagated and encouraged by the oil barrons who reap proundly from the paranoia and hiked prices that result (and can be "justified" because of the perceived scarcity).

In truth, there are huge, barely tapped oil resources on the planet. Furthermore, renewables are going to be making a bigger and bigger dent in replacing the need for oil.

An upside of this "scarcity" mentality is a push toward renewables, which truly are abundant and inexhaustible.

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