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Done It

A working magnetic motor

On August 18, 2008, an anonymous poster wrote:

Hi, I've been working on the magnetic motor for years. I started in 1998, and I have pretty much perfected this device.

Despite what modern science says, it does indeed work and will work great.

I live in America and have dated documents on my design. This design you see here in your news section will not work correct. They have not yet discovered the errors.


Selfgoing motor . . . like the solar system

On August 22, 2008, Besim of Sweden <besim.beqiri {at}> wrote:

Hello Guys,

I thought I was alone, friends said I was crazy.

I too believe that the energy which can be found in a magnetic field can be used for a selfgoing motor.

Have done some tests, but I’m no fysician, I’m an accountant but have a lot of spare time and ideas. My motor looks different from the one you designed, unfortunately I can’t get it on paper. I can see it.

I strongly believe that with magnets we can create a selfgoing motor, otherwise the theory about the solarsystem the earth rotating around the sun and so on… is NOT true.

Please reply for a discussion!

Non-Proven Ideas

Dietmar Wehr Motor Idea

On August 30, 2007, Dietmar Arthur Wehr <dwehr {at}> phone: 905-935-1744 writes:

Diversion of permanent magnet magnetic flux between two alternate paths with resulting induced current.

No prototype has been built. This idea should be considered open source and in the public domain.

Two identical units will electrically stimulate each other. Each unit consists of; one permanent magnet, two soft iron rods, two long iron bars.

The long iron bars are placed horizontally (top and bottom). The permanent magnet is touching both iron bars at one end (let's say the far right end).

one of the short iron rods touches both bars at the opposite (far left) end. The second iron rod touches both bars somewhere in the middle. The magnetic flux from the permanent magnet will flow from the north pole along the bar and down the middle rod (rod A) and then back along the other bar to the magnet's south pole. This represents the shortest path.

A copper wire is wound around Rod A and has a rectifier attached so that current can only flow in the direction that would generate an electro-magnetic field that is parallel to the permanent magnet ie. the north poles of both are pointed in the same direction. When a current is sent thru this coil (input coil), the generated field will block the permanent flux from it's usual path and it will divert to the other rod (rod B) ie. the long way around. If Rod B is wound with two coils, each with a rectifier that allows current flow in opposite directions, then the diversion of the permanent magnetic AND the electro-magnetic fluxes thru rod B, will induce a surge of current thru one of the output coils (coil A). When the current thru the input coil is stopped, the decreasing flux thru Rod B will induce a surge of current thru the other output coil (coil B).

If the output coil B of unit 1 is directly connected to the input coil of unit 2 and vice versa, then once the process has been initiated, unit 1 will stimulate unit 2 which will then stimulate unit 1, etc. The current from both output coil A's can be combined and used for useful purposes (battery recharge, etc.)



(1:40 Minutes)

  • Permanent magnet motors do NOT create free energy - Many folks out there are trying to create clever and sophisticated systems to make a perpetual motion engine out of only permanent magnets. I show here the results from numerical simulations that use the forces encountered in these systems. ... (YouTube; February 28, 2008)
This video only addresses the Sprain type design (and that not completely, as modeling programs only approximate reality), and is hardly comprehensive in addressing the numerous designs that have been proposed, not to mention the dozens of claims to actual working prototypes. -- SilverThunder 12:43, 1 Mar 2008 (EST)

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