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Joe's Wild Goose Chases

"By his own admission Joe has put out some bovine scatology [b.s.] in his time. I used to know this sailor and he would enter one-man races. If he would win he would deliberately alter his rig as he landed so that his competitors would all make a mistake in the next race...
"Joe will tell you that he sometimes has fun with us, spilling a detail here and there that he knows full well isn't right, leading us off on a a wild goose chase, or explaining something that is so far beyond the average user that it is as good as wrong. This is not me saying so, he has admitted that he does this. You must remember Joe has had a gun stuck up his nose too. The implication here is that each of Joe's outputs needs to be weighed pretty carefully before it is accepted." -- Adrian (Apr 21, 2006) [1]
Not so -- Peter Stevens (Apr 21, 2006) [2]


Will someone fix up this article- it's biased and incorrect. Who would actually think to call it an electrolysis cell, for example?

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