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Still Deep in R&D

On March 4, 2008, New Energy Congress member, Sepp Hasslberger wrote:

As much as I hope cold fusion will one day evolve into a useful energy production technology, the cold fusion tech of JET Energy (and any others, for that matter) is still deep in research. If there is an excess of heat, it is too tiny to drive any useful machinery.

Why I Rank it High

On March 4, 2008, New Energy Congress member, Sterling D. Allan wrote:

The reasons I ranked this technology so high in the Top 100 include:

- Jim Dunn recommended that I interview Mitchell

- I was very impressed in my interview with him yesterday. Not only does he have impressive credentials, but he is obviously a skilled scientist and a demonstrated and respected leader in the cold fusion industry.

- He is several generations beyond an initial working prototype, and well on the way toward coming up with a practical energy generation device.

- His work has been witnessed by hundreds of scientists who have confirmed his conclusions.

- He sees this in its maturity as a plausible replacement for fossil fuels. Because it is 24/7, it is superior to solar, which some visionaries tout as the energy of the future.

- Though it is further out time-wise from other technologies, the above factors are so strong they override to a large extent the wait that the technology entails. I would like to see the technology featured in the T100 as a visionary technology that deserves Manhattan Project type support.

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