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Features scientific theories that attempt to explain the nature of physical reality, from the smallest particle to the form of the universe.



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Shouldn't the links be incorporated into the page title, rather than provided as a separate number? --volantis 16:03, 12 Jun 2006 (EDT)

Bernard Rementilla

  • Grand Unified Theory: The New Natural Perspective in the Mathematical & Scientific Unification of 4 Forces of the Universe - Bernard Rementilla.

A New GUT Scientific & Mathematical Configuration - The Riemann-Rementilla Non-Euclidean [Vector Duality <Energy & Force> Field Hyperdensity Matrix] Mathematics! - Bernard Rementilla

<<Pls see below UPDATE GUT Section 2011. This new development in GUT & TOE re-solves the parameter obstacles presented in the following text(s) on GUT. This new discovery by Bernard Rementilla (according to him it is not from him but it comes from Natural Phenomena, from Nature, that extends the mathematical principles of Positive Non-Euclidean Geometry of GF Bernhard Riemann. This is a very good sign to finally present a Final Law, as predicted by the great physicist, Steven Weinberg, in His book: Dreams of A Final Theory.>>


The New Mathematical Approach to Correct & Consistent GUT: The Riemann-Rementilla Vector Field HD Matrix [Non-Euclidean] Mathematics

This New Perspective of GUT [Its New Mathematical Configuration <Internal Formulation> & Scientific Structuring <External Configuration>] as figured out briefly in this UPDATE Section, reconstructs the mathematical & scientific knowledge of current GUT Perspective into a complete, new Mathematical & Scientific Perspective(s) of a true GUT as exactly extracted from hidden laws of natural phenomena. The result is Theory of Everything (TOE). How? What? Why?

That is, this GUT & TOE combined scientific & mathematical works termed as Nature's Blueprint by Bernard Rementilla, a research mechanical engineer & thermodynamics professor in the Philippines. This Nature's Blueprint, according to him, is basically a reconstructive, technical quantitative approach to extend GF Bernhard Riemann's Positive Non-Euclidean Geometry into a Vector Field (Hyperdensity N-dimension of Dual Function) Matrix Mathematics that can extra-polate a 52-dimension Nature's space-time-energy of the whole Cosmos, which is the key to extract 2 fields of the Universe: Energy Field & Force Field & the NEW HIDDEN 13 field <unifying> constants, respectively: 13 Field Constants of Energy Field & 13 Field Constants of Force Field, totaling new 26 Vector Field Constants. Nature has these hidden new 26 Constants merged & harmonized into a 52-dimension Universe of dual complex hyperdensity space-time-energy; and so on.

By Duality Law of Nature, these two major vector fields of Nature, & the 26 hidden new constants are the key to the correct path to the true GUT & TOE. The new extended version of GF Bernhard Riemann's positve Non Euclidean Energy, termed the Riemann-Rementilla Vector Field (Hyperdensity-N-Dimension Dual Function) Matrix Non-Euclidean Mathematics, is what makes it technically, scientifically, & numerically possible by which the accurate formulation of the true Grand Unification Theory, & the exact configuration of the Theory of Everything are consistently integrated in the mathematically combined Energy Field & Force Field - embracing the totality of the Universe's 52 dimensions that put life into every fundamental equation of Physics, Chemistry, & Biology. All of these are found & explained in the Nature's Blueprint.

This new Grand Unification Theory <Mathematical & Scientific> Perspective is only & solely based on Rementilla's new configuration of the Theory of Everything he termed "Nature's Blueprint" & is mathematically possible <<w/out conflicts with equally established Einstein's Relativity, Planck's Quantum Theory, Electro-weak Principle by Salam, Glashow and Weinberg, & the existing, established mathematical models of QED/QCD>> on account of this Blueprint's 26 new unifying field constants, mathematically integrating both energy field & force field - the result is the unification of four (4) forces of Nature: gravity, weak & strong forces, & emf.

Why Scientists & Mathematicians Fail to Configure the Correct GUT?

According to Rementilla, it is the complete absence of the Energy Field & Force Field <of the natural operating phenomena> & their combined NEW Nature's 26 unifying constants in the works of the scientists & mathematicians that make them hardly see the accurate configuration & formulation of nature's GUT, hence, they have failed.

What is the Value of this Nature's Blueprint? Again, why all these new Perspective Approach to Understand a true GUT? Why?

It is the complete key to SOLVE the climate change phenomena on Earth. The Final Law is what is needed to SOLVE Climate Change & save us all from imminent 6th Global Mass Extinction on Earth ... - BBR.

Not sure what you mean

What do you mean by "incorporated into the page title"?

Walter Russell's two-way universe cosmology

one very important one is missing. Russell was lecturing in 1939 about Space and the Hydrogen Age, he demonstrated transmutation of Distilled H2O into Nitrogen, Helium, Hydrogen etc, and his cosmology from 1927 was sent to 80 of the world's top scientists. he spent the rest of his life drawing scientific diagrams, lecturing on the russell two-way universe, and explaining it to everyone in books "Secret of Light" "The Universal One" "Russell Genero-Radiative Concept", "A New Concept of the Universe" "Home Study Course of Universal Laws, Natural Science and Living Philosophy", whilst at the same time creating sculptures for Thomas Edison, Mark Twain, Philip Sousa, hob-nobbing with Nikola Tesla (who agreed with Russell's depiction of the nature of electricity).. and functioning as a lecturer at the IBM inc. for marketers + managers of the company. He spent 1921 - 1963 explaining his cosmology and drawing it out, which included a whole new outlook on what gravity, electricity, magnetism, light etc are - all based on a new explanation, sent intuitively/inside/inspirationally, to himself through the Light of all knowing. his chemical table of elements is still not in use, even tho it predicted deuterium, tritium, uranium and plutonium and many other things that we are only now becoming aware of. please add it.

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