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Free energy is about freedom

On January 29, 2010 1:08 PM Mountain, John Jankowski wrote:

It's encouraging to see the commentary on the connection between global governance, taxation schemes and the postulated AGW.

Most of us seeking improved power sources, devices, methodologies and 'free energy' do so to liberate, not control, our fellow citizens and the nation, although many who visit us along with many in the political and activist class are no doubt intent on achieving the latter.

We desire to free people from power grids, gas pumps and such, not to enslave and further trap the general populace in ever more imposing and costly bureaucratic snares. We seek to increase individual independence, not eradicate it, and we are certainly not seeking to bolster the megamaniacal desires of politicians, despots and the like. Quite the opposite.

It is a comfort that those of similar mind speak out against those who do not prefer to expand freedoms, but rather to curtail or eliminate them altogether, under the guise of saving the planet or any other such flippant nonsense.

It is always important to remember that it is we who do this not merely for ourselves but for the lasting benefit of our posterity.

Ensuring their freedom is imperative, given that 'The highway is fraught with marauders.' who would do or say anything to squelch that posterity under their thumbs.

Free energy, therefore, is foremost about freedom, without which nothing else much matters.

-Best Regards

PS- I am also curious as to how much funding and how many grants environmental groups, with their billions in resources, have ever advanced towards that goal.

As far as I am aware, despite their 6 and 7-figure salaries, the answer is zero. At some point, one must question what their objectives really are and to whom or what they pay homage. Their motives, as well as scientific accumen and generosity, remain suspect.

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