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Try This?

On Oct 1, 2011 at 8:40 PM; D. H. wrote:

hi, been intriged w the buzzsaw. i was wondering if u all ever tried this;

 -only use 8 weights
 -only use the original small gear
 -line up 8 slots (w the 8 weights in) and clamp or bolt inner and outer wheels so they stay together(but allow some play)
 -rotate in direction so weights close to axle go up,& farthest from axle go down
 -start rotation slowly and gradually get faster

my theory is; after a certain speed, the weights get to rolling on their axles and so they speed up the tranfer.

in other words the weights get to be always spinning in the same direction of wheels and (even at the ends of the slots( from centrifugal force)wile they are being raised or lowered.

they would be always fighting the opposites, and they would be slamming hard into ends of slots- but looks like always heavier on one side. (may hav 2 use some axle grease) and they would go like a galloping horses head.

i wonder if there is holes, like to bolt the inner & outer wheels together? if so i think it could be,

do this make sense to you? im n sc. u can email back, thanx daniel

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