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Solar Photoantennas

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Wave Energy Propeller Engine

generator air fliter AH1101 generator air fliter AH1101 cummins renewal part air fliter,generator air fliter for towing boat diesel , generator air fliter use for post boat cummins , generator air fliter of Marine Equipment engine

AF25812 air fliter of cummins diesel engine

AF25267 air fliter of cummins diesel engine

AF872 air fliter of cummins diesel engine

AF928 air fliter of cummins diesel engine

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are used for the following engines:

cummins air fliter AF25813

auto air fliter AF35267

Construction air fliter AH1100

generator air fliter AH1101

engine air fliter AH1103

diesel air fliter AH1106

air fliter AH1135

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Wave Energy Driven Ship

The present device concerns an engine of Navigation. Navigating on a sea, lake, ocean or any water surface shaken by waves, undulations, streams, etc. The device according to the invention, aims at supplying a means of Navigation appropriate (clean), easy to use; it can be an additional means of navigation. The device according to this invention allows navigation. By converting the kinetic energy of movements, the oscillations, right-left an/or front-back or high /down to a uni-directional one-way horizontal push. These energies are free, renewable but still undeveloped yet in navigations . They have an uncomfortable incidence. (sea sickness) This device doing the conversion, a part of the oscillations. (Friction, Vertical Level variations), to a (one-way) horizontal push. In fact, any variation of the boat level is attenuated and converted to a one-way horizontal push. This device converting the bi-directional kinetic energy (up/down),or any variation immersed /emerged area to a horizontal kinetic energy (one-way) push . A similar device has been successfully used in aviation for a century, but in opposite applications. Aircraft manufacturers, the power developed by the engines and reactors pushes the air-plane forward. The arrangement of the wings ,flaps and the position of the ailerons, convert part of this power into a vertical push . Gliders also convert the current of the ascending air(sight) and or while losing of height to a uni-directional horizontal push . This device has been experimented on a prototype (at a reduced scale) and it works perfectly. We can do a demonstration. Navigating waves energy propeller engine . ( a model set video available) Wave is the most abundant source of renewable energy in the world. The usefulness of available wave energy has no longer to be proved. The average the most economical, the most profitable and the most practical is to use this energy on the spot that mean on board of a vessel, ship, boat, platform or any floating element which needs to move on the ocean or sea, without any need of transforming, transporting and/or stocking. The energy converting device uses the principle of an oscillating (frequency different) Boat / Water. This device converts the bi-directional (up/down )of the Boat's (kinetic energy ) to a uni-directional horizontal power push Because Navigating with wave energy needs ,requires no access roads, infrastructure . Wave energy devices are quieter and much less visually obtrusive than wind devices, which typically energy devices can be integrated in Boat producing power exactly where it is needed; When constructed with materials developed for use on Boat, Ship, Vessel, ocean wave power navigating devices (which contain few moving parts) should cost less to construction and maintain than... ( photos& video clip on request) .. ]

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