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Planes, branes and automobiles.

Paranoia, conspiracy theories and the truth about free energy.

“In this house we obey the laws of thermodynamics!?

-Homer Simpson

There have been many sightings of a so-called over-unity phenomenon. These may vary greatly, according to the contemporary world of physics.But one thing all scientists, and even Homer Simpson agrees upon is the law of Thermodynamics. This one states that the amount of energy/matter that exists within a system cannot be greater or lesser than what we put in earlier.But somehow it seems there were some ‘experiments’ that fell through the cracks. Like the supposed car running on water. Well, I’ve never heard of such a ridicolous thing. Or have I?

In fact I had heard of such a thing. Here’s how it breaks down: water (H2O) doesn’t burn, unless it gets broken down into its parts first.This is simple science. There are already running, fabricated cars running on burnable hydrogen(gas). This approach hasn’t really taken off, because as you know, you have to first use energy to get hydrogen. Whatever chemical, biological or nuclear reaction you use, you first have to put a lot of energy in, to get usable hydrogen(gas).

There is also another burnable gas you can get from water, Oxyhydrogen. Now, this is the good stuff. This is a metastable gas, meaning because it is by definition electrically charged, and it will fall apart, and form water again, if the charges are gone. If you leave it near a magnetic object like some metal placings: gone! If you burn it: gone! Or better, turned back into water.

There are two different ways to seperate water and this last burnable gas. There are also two distinctive verified “car running on just water? stories. One common way to seperate is to use electrolysis with electrodes at each end. This story, since 2001, is about a Australian engineer Joe, that uses his electrolysis fuel cell to power a normal car-engine. He is also getting great mileage. But he says, he doesn’t have to charge the water initially. He made a special coil and the result is a mobile bubbler. The coil is made of thin non-conducting diamagnetic metal tubes, in a circular shape, and using water as a resistor. (Joe Cell) Resist against what? What was this water resisting against? And why did this not jive with the law of Thermodynamics?

On the other hand, a more illusive way to seperate gas from a substance, but nearly as easy, is zapping it with a spark; like a thermal lance, with an arc at the end. When zapped with this arc a ‘plasma’, a sun-like substance, is created at a very high temperature and rearranges the whole molecular state.This zapping since recently also happens with garbage. The result is a bit of rubble and a lot of the same burnable gases you’d get from electrolysis.The first real ‘cars on water’ were using this technology. The E.V. Gray Engine and the Geet Processor both use a spark to superheat into combustibles. Here the exhaust would be water. But you still have to light the spark don’t you? Yes. So what is all the fuss about?

But there is however one problem with how this abundant molecule acts. And also how the subsequent parts, it falls apart in, act. In the first ‘Joe Cell’ example the resisting water could be bubbling by itself. And in the second example, this electrically charged magnetic gas or magnegas in short, gives out more energy when burned, then was needed to light the spark. The verified efficiency rates can go from 160% in normal cases and up to 300% if the heat is accounted for. They even had to make a new, controversial physics theory just to explain the particles, called hadronic mechanics (from Greek hadros heavy). The particles themselves are therefore called magnecules and it already reclassifies the standard model of physics. It does however not point to the reason for this purported over-unity.

But how do the inventors themselves, of all the over-unity devices try to explain their work? They think space is full of electric radiation, that moves through everything. They call it ambient radiation or aether. But this was never measured and cannot function in physics because there is no particle or wave that gives away free energy. In this house we obey the law of thermodynamics.

So these car engines on water(gas) do as a matter of fact seem to be able to display the so called “over-unity? symptoms talked about. And as we always say, in this house we obey the laws of physics. So you can’t sell, distribute, or invest in a technology that cannot possibly exist, now can you? This is in fact the reason why those cars never made it in our homes. Thankfully meanwhile garbage vaporisation (or should we say magnegas-isation) is going full steam ahead. The biggest economic breakthrough there was the inception of ‘hadronic mechanics’ physics, which allowed for this special oxyhydrogen variant to help with garbage reduction and fuel demands in garbage dump-sites near you. (hopefully not too near)

It doesn’t mean that because contemporary physics uses a working model of reality (non-local realism to be really accurate), that there cannot be another, distinguished model of our world that works equally or better (local, mechanical realism). And all of the current ‘non-local’ theories seemed to end in endless problems with particle measurements and definitions. ‘Non-local’ actually just means there are particles at a distance distinctively related with the particle you are measuring. This all boils down to mathmatic principles held by the creators of the atom theory, way back when. The mantra in current physics “No local realistic theory is possible? is even in itself a paradox, for one cannot make such a conclusive metaphysical claim with mere physical experiments. (Duhem P.,"The Aim and Structure of Physical Theory.") Reality is thus big enough for the two of them.

Which brings us right back to the times of Einstein, who died in 1955. He was one of the last great local realists, along with the rest of the pre-dating historic physicians. Back in the day journalists and fans would stalk him for interviews and quotes, anxiously awaiting explanations for how the whole world worked. His theories were more farfetching than anything they had previously read. For it included, postulate after postulate, reasoning behind the sky and the stars, and even light itself. He theorised time passes in 3-dimensional space and even introduced a new fourth dimension, time. The whole of the standard model of physics is still based on his 4 dimensions. He called his theory ‘relativity’ because as a localist, he believed that everything had a relation with the frame you are in.

The last attempt in modern times to explain the world within relativity is the invention of ‘curvature’, wich says that the world and the universe is intrinsically curved. This can be derived from physics and mathmatics, and astronomical evidence even suggests some kind of curvature to space and time.

"But how does this all relate to the smallest forms, the ones we can combust in our cars, your molecules and your magnecules," you may ask. All these over-unity sightings required some kind of electromagnetic theory. But where some current explanations were embedded in old ‘ambient radiation’ theory, this could not be permitted by physicists and quantumphysicists around the world, more specific because of an 1887 Michelson-Morley experiment wich says some things about light, the observer thereof and subsequently does deny any moving ‘aether’, where light itself is not part of the electromechanics.

Now lets travel back to 2006. A scientist named Mark Fiorentino, publishes his theory on what light really is, on the internet and invents a new electromagnetic dimension in the proces. His theory of a ‘solid not moving’ aether, this space being twisted, and inverted, is his life’s work and he does have some great credentials. He got awards at IBM for being such a great trouble-shooter. As a software-engineer he is familiar with every kind of model. He takes the curvature of space-time and fabricates it into the effective twisted dimension that really does exist, and this 5D accounts for all the nuclear and electromagnetic forces, and gravity. But he only seeks science, not fame so he keeps working on his mechanics, obstaining from publishing such a ‘radical’ local theory in the journals that should by nature publish him.

There is however a light at the end of the tunnel. Mr. Fiorentino is currently using the so called ‘invariance mechanics’ to mathmatically determine his 5th dimension and to answer the unanswered question from e=mc², the speed of light. (“Energy equals mass times speed of light/squared?). This is a breakthrough not thought of since Einstein’s e=mc² itself. The paper will be out by the end of 2008. The entire 300-page equivalent “Super Relativity’, the book, will come out in the end of 2009.

Let us hope that the world can come together in recognizing there is no free energy flying around, but the answer lies in the fact of a matter that we are all connected in this solid ‘5D’ world, where our better understanding of it gives open access to all sorts of exciting hopes and possibilities.

Benny Creemers,

Communication Scientist

VUB Brussel

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