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Review:Magnetic Current by Edward Leedskalnin

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Page first featured April 22, 2009

Resources and reviews of Edward Leedskalnin's book: "Magnetic Current", Rock Gate, October 1945.

Ed Leedckalnin is famous for the Coral Castle he built in Florida in the 1920's, which contains similar mystique to the pyramids in terms of the question of how such a small man could build such a large structure by himself. The lovesick inventor said he discovered secrets of gravity. The castle was constructed of ~30 ton blocks.

Leedskalnin is also famous for his unusual theories on magnetism. The castle featured an unusual motor contraption that may have ran on magnetic forces alone, though T Lee Buyea wrote: "I have seen this motor a couple times in person. It is only 20 miles from me. It looks more like it was a hand-cranked or windmill-powered generator than a motor."

Al Witherspoon says that Leedskalnin apparently was a neighbor to Howard Johnson for a while, and may have strongly influenced Johnson's thinking about magnetism.

This book, Magnetic Current, by Leedskalnin may help explain the workings of Mylow's replication of Howard Johnson's all-magnet motor, as well as other magnet motor claims.

Wes Crosiar thinks that once people understand how Mylow's motor works, they will be able to get John Searl's anti-gravity generators to work as well, inasmuch as it works off the same core principle, involving pole switching in the magnets, or spintronics.


Sources for Obtaining the Book

Publisher: Mokelumne Hill Pr (June 1988)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0787305499
ISBN-13: 978-0787305499
Product Dimensions: 8.3 x 5.4 x 0.3 inches
Shipping Weight: 3.2 ounces (View shipping rates and policies)

Book Excerpt

The following is the commencement of reproducing Ed's book here at PESWiki, complete with text and images. Feel free to assist in the task if you are so inclined:


This writing is lined up so when you read it you look East, and all the description you will read about magnetic current, it will be just as good for your electricity.

Following is the result of my two years experiment with magnets at Rock Gate, seventeen miles Southwest from Miami, Florida. Between Twenty-fifth and Twenty-sixth Latitude and Eightieth and Eighty-first Longitude West.

- - - -

Now I will tell you what magnetic current is.

Magnetic current is the same as electric current. Current is a wrong expression.

Really it is not one current, they are two currents, one current is composed of North Pole individual magnets in concentrated streams and the other is composed of South Pole individual magnets in concentrated streams, and they are running one stream against the other stream in whirling, screwlike fashion, and with high speed.

One current alone if it be North Pole magnet current or South Pole magnet current it cannot run alone.

To run one current will have to run against the other.

Image:Leedskalnin Mangetic Current-diagram-spin bf3.gif


  • Spintronics & Mylows magnet motor - Wes Crosiar came up with the idea that magnet polarity flipping in the magnet is part of what makes magnet motors and electromagnetic overunity systems work, such as what Bedini has in his motor. Wes also conjectured that the reason the MIB are trying to trip up Mylow is that once people understand how his motor works, they will be able to get John Searl's anti-gravity generators to work as well, inasmuch as it works off the same core principle. Al Witherspoon wonders if maybe lay lines might be part of the equation here -- that the motor would work better in some places than others, or perhaps not at all in others. (Mylow_Magmo; Apr 22, 2009)
  • Leedskalnin Magnetic Currents - Monsieur Bonheur's experiments and discussion regarding Magnetic Currents, a book written in October 1945 by Edward Leedskalnin, the famous builder of the enigmatic Coral Castle. (PESWiki)


Ed Leedskalnin Magnet

(2:49 minutes)

  • "This is one of the experements the book says to play with. Here we are making an electromagnet into some kind of permanant magnet and then turning that back into electricity. Dont ask me how this works, i find it interesting." (YouTube by codygillespie; March 19, 2009)

Ed Leedskalnin Magnet 2

(3:24 minutes)

  • Thank you sepheroth for that double LED idea, it has proven usefull for many things. (YouTube by codygillespie; March 19, 2009)

Ed Leedskalnin 3

(3:41 minutes)

  • Showing another way to opperate the device without a battery by using a magnet. Also showing a strange effect where supplying a flip flop dc signal(ac) and pulling off the steel bar between each phase appears to use less energy going in(turn on switch) than what is coming out(pull bar off). The led dosnt light when i turn it on, suggesting that little power is going through the circuit, however the led lights when i pull the bar off, suggesting that energy is still coming out. Strange (YouTube by codygillespie; March 20, 2009)


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