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Shape power deal with the nature of energy and how it is associated to the gravity, electricity and magnetism. It was developed by Dan Davidson. Shape power deal with the geometrical shapes and it's relation to gravitational forces. The term "Shape Power" originate in the book "Energy:Breakthroughs to New Free Energy Devices".



"Shape power" is the quality of being able to control the "aether" via multi-dimensional, natural and man-made, shapes. The aether (or zero point energy (ZPE)), the space energy field which permeates all space and time and which carries electromagnetic and gravitic forces, manifests the virtual particle into matter. The geometry of the atomic and sub-atomic, somtimes symmetrical, helps mold the universe. The natural forces at work produce these shapes and are brought to correct resonance with these natural forces as they are a part of the forces. Geometrical shapes can influence the aether.

Practical uses

  1. Tuned pattern development
  2. Field filters
  3. Energetic medicine
  4. Energy shunts
  5. Matter manipulation

Dan Davidson

Davidson has conducted research in gravitational physics, free energy, and electrical medicine. Davidson has assembled a Joe Parr gravity wheel device and gravity field sensors. He is currently developing a grand field theory. Davidson has investigated the non-hertzian energy and developed a detection systems for non-hertzian energy conversiojn.

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