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HydrAlco - Hydroxy and Alcohol

HydrAlco The original name of the Gian Badraun process developed in New Zealand

"HydrAlco" is a process by which Hydroxy gas is enriched with alcohol vapour. The addition of a few alcohol molecules to the Hydroxy gas has several effects :

- It slows down the flame front which means there are no changes required to the timing of an ICE.

- It allows an ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) to be powered with a modest volume of Hydroxy. (In my case, 3 L/m)

- The "bubbling" of 3 L/m of Hydroxy gas through alcohol allows me to run a self powered 1.5 KW generator, with 500 W going to the hydroxy reactor and 1 KW left over to do useful work.

- The Alcohol does get consumed in the process at a rate of about 200 mL/h.

- This system facilitates the generation of power in a rural or third world situation from renewable biological resources (fermenting starch or sugar and then distilling it to make high purity alcohol).

The following photo shows the current hydroxy reactor with the primary bubbler.


-The first video shows one of my hydroxy boosters on a Suzuki Vitara 4wd -The second video shows the engine/generator which is now running on Hydralco: (Note this vide depicts the engine running on pure, freshly distilled 85% Alcohol). -The third video shows hydroxy gas bubbled through petrol used in a welding torch.

Please have a look at the videos at my site: at the picture gallery or

click here [1]


Warning: This process is dangerous. The Alcohol bubbler must be contained in an explosion containing vessel. In the case of a flashback the bubbler housing will blow to pieces and burning alcohol will be sprayed everywhere. You will get injured and you may burn down your workshop and your house! (NOT a good look with your wife).

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